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Dusyanta or Dushyant or Dushyanta (दुष्यन्त or दुष्‍यंत) was a great king in classical Indian literature and mythology. He was the husband of Shakuntala and the father of the Emperor Bharata. He appears in the Mahabarata and in Kalidasa's play "The Recognition of Sakuntala" (अभिज्ञानशकुन्तलम्) (c. 300 CE).

Jat Gotra

Dushyant Jat Gotra is found in Nagla Jangali village in Mat tahsil in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. P.O.Sonai (Raya Mathura). Notable persons: Er.Rajendra Singh - Retired from IOCL Mathura Refinery, Mob:09411853128

King Dushyant

According to the Mahābhārata, Dushyanta is the son of Ilina and Rathantara.[1] Dushyanta is said to have ruled, either directly or through his governors, from Gandhara (present day Kandahar in Afghanistan and the Gandhara valley in Pakistan) to the Vindhyas, and from Sindhu, (present day Pakistan) to Vanga, (present day Bangladesh).

Dushyanta had by his wife Sakuntala an intelligent son named Bharata who became king. Bharata gave his name to the race of which he was the founder.

According to James Todd[1] One great arm of the tree of Yayati remains unnoticed, that of Uru or Urvasu, written by others Turvasu. Uru was the father of a line of kings who founded several empires. Virupa, the eighth prince from Uru, had eight sons, two of whom are particularly mentioned as sending forth two grand shoots, Druhyu and Bhabru. From Druhyu a dynasty was established in the north. Aradwat, with his son Gandhara, is stated to have founded a State : Prachetas is said to have become king of Mlecchhades, or the barbarous regions. This line terminated with Dushyanta, the husband of the celebrated Sakuntala, father of Bharat, and who, labouring under the displeasure of some offended deity, is said by the Hindus to have been the cause of all the woes which subsequenty befell the race. The four grandsons of Dushyanta, Kalanjar, Keral, Pand, and Chaul, gave their names to countries.

Association with present Jat gotras

Ram Sarup Joon[2] writes ... Many names in the Genealogical tables of Yayati are associated with present Jat gotras. Some examples are Ushinar, Shishu Bhadra, Tak or Takshak, Satoti, Krishan or Kushana from the Yadhu branch; Dushyanta, Bharat, Bhardwaja, Hasti, Ajmirh, Kaushik, Gadh and Vishwamitra of Puru branch; Seth, Arh, Gandhi, Gaindhu and Gandhar of the Ardas branch.

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