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Bhagel (भगेल)[1] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh. [2] Bagal stands for Bhagela, Solanki, or for Bhagel, mercantile Rajput in Afghanistan.[3]


This gotra started from their ancestral person named Bhagel Singh. [4]


Raja Bhatti succeeded his father Raja Baland. He conquered fourteen princes, and added their fortunes to his own. Among his effects, he reckoned twenty-four thousand mules laden with treasure ; sixty-thousand horse, and innumerable foot. As soon as he mounted the gadi, he assembled all his forces at Lahore preparatory to the teeka-dour destined against Beerbhan Bhagel, lord of Kanakpur. Beerbhan fell in the battle which ensued, at the head of forty thousand men. With Bhatti, the patronymic was changed, and the tribe thenceforth was distinguished by his name. [5]

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