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For village in Bhiwani district see Baland

Baland is a village in tahsil and district Rohtak in Haryana.


Jat Gotras


Salbahan had fifteen sons, who all became Rajas : viz., Balund, Rasaloo, Dhurmungud, Vacha, Roopa, Soondur, Lekh, Juskurn, Naima, Maut, Neepak, Gangeou, Jugeou ; all of whom, by the strength of their own arms, established themselves in independence. [1]

Raja Baland succeeded. He had seven sons : Bhatti, Bhupati, Kullar, Jinj, Sarmor, Bhynsrecha, Mangreo. [2]

Bhim Singh Dahiya writes [3]that Interestingly enough, the Chagtai clan of the Mughals, is traceable to Chakito, son of Bhupati, and grandson of Baland, according to the following narration:

"Baland, who resided at Salbanpur, left Gazni to the charge of this grandson, Chakito; and as the power of the mlecchas increased, he not only entertained troops of that race, but all his nobles were of the same body. They offered, if he would quit the religion of his fathers, to make him master of Balich Bukhara, where dwelt the Uzbek race, whose king had no offspring but one daughter; Chakito married her and became the king of Balich Bukhara and lord of twenty-eight thousand horses. Between Balich and Bukhara runs a mighty river, and Chakito was king of all from the gate of Balichshan to the face of Hindusthan; and from him is descended the tribe of Chakito Mogals." [4]

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