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Jinj () was son of Raja Baland and grandson of Salivahana (S.72 = AD 16).[1]

Genealogy of Jinj

Hukum Singh Panwar[2] has given the ancestry of Bharatpur rulers starting from 1. Yadu. Shini is at S.No. 38, Krishna at S.No. 43 and Vajra at S.No. 46[3]. From Naba at S.No. 47 onward we follow James Tod[4] who has based on records of Brahman Sukhdharma of Mathura.

1. Yadu → → → → 34. Andhaka → 35. Bhajmana → 36. Viduratha → 37. Shura → 38. Shini → 39. Bhoja → 40. Hardika → 41. Devamidha → 42. Vasudeva → 43. Krishna → 44. Pradyumna → 45. Aniruddha → 46. Vajra

47. Naba → 48. Prithibahu → 49. Bahubal (w.Kamlavati Puar) → 50. Bahu → 51. Subahu → 52. Rijh → 53. Raja Gaj (founded Ghazni in Yudhishthira 3008= BC 93) → 54. Salivahana (S.72 = AD 16) → 55. Raja Baland → 56. Jinj

Originator of Jat Gotras


For detailed History starting from Yadu you may see Raja Baland.

James Tod[5] writes that here is a decided confirmation that the Hindu colony of Ghazni preserved all their original manners and customs even to Babar's day. The tribe of Jenjuheh beyond a doubt, is the tribe of Johya, so celebrated in the region skirting the Sutlej, and which will be noticed hereafter.Tod had presented a small work entirely relating to their history, to the Royal Asiatic Society. As Babar says they are of the same family as the Juds, they are probably the descendants of Jinj, the brother of Raja Bhatti, who changed the family patronymic from Yadu to Bhatti ; and thus it appears, that when the elder branch was driven from Ghuzni, they retreated amongst their relations of the hills of Jud. Babar was quite enamoured with the beauty of the hill of Jud, which, with its lake and valleys, he describes as a miniature Kashmir. — P. 266,

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