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Jenjuan (जेंजुअन) Jenji (जेंजी)Jenjua (जेंजुआ) Jenjian (जेंजियां) Jenjuheh (जेंजुहे) is a gotra of Jats.


They originated from person called Jinj son of Raja Baland.[1]

Genealogy of Jinj

Hukum Singh Panwar[2] has given the ancestry of Bharatpur rulers starting from 1. Yadu. Shini is at S.No. 38 and Krishna at S.No. 43 and Vajra at S.No. 46[3]. From S.No. 47 onward we follow James Tod[4].

34. Andhaka → 35. Bhajmana → 36. Viduratha → 37. Shura → 38. Shini → 39. Bhoja → 40. Hardika → 41. Devamidha → 42. Vasudeva → 43. Krishna (w.Rukmini) → 44. Pradyumna → 45. Aniruddha → 46. Vajra → 47. Naba → 48. Bahubal (w.Kamlavati Puar) → 49. Bahu → 50. Subahu → 51. Rijh → 52. Raja Gaj (founded Ghazni in Yudhishthira 3008= BC 93) → Salivahana (S.72 = AD 16) → 53. Raja Baland → 54. Jinj


B S Dahiya[5] writes: They are the Jujuan of the Chinese. In the first century B.C. the Shanyu (emperor) of the northern Huna kingdom is called Jiji by the Chinese. The Hiangs (Henga Jats) “a section of the Great Yue-che” were in subjection ot the Jenjuans, prior to that period . How they drove away the other tribes from Mongolia and how this caused the avalanche of the “ white Hunas” on the Countries from China to Rome is part of History and need not be repeated here. They now style themselves as Jenji/ Jenjua as well as Jenjuan, and are found among the Jats and Rajputs.

James Tod[6] writes that Raja Baland had seven sons : Bhatti, Bhupati, Kullar, Jinj, Sarmor, Bhynsrecha, Mangreo.

Jinj, the fourth son, had seven sons ; Champo, Gokul, Mehraj, Hunsa, Bhadon, Rasso, Juggo, all whose issue bore the name of Jinj and in like manner did the other sons become the patriarchs of tribes. Doubtless the junction of Jinj with that of Johya, another numerous tribe, formed the Jenjuheh of Baber ; the Johyas of the Bhatti annals, now known only by name, but whose history forms a volume. The sons of Jinj have left numerous traces — Jenjian on the Garah ; Jinjinialli in the desert, &c. [7] Jinja and Jinjwaria are Jat clans originated from Jinj.


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