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For the town of this name see - Basi Bagpat

Bassi (बस्सी)[1] Basi (बासी)[2] is Gotra of Jats in Punjab. Basi/Basa clan is found in Afghanistan.[3] Basa and Basok of Afghanistan are the same, and stand for the Indian Basi. [4]

Basi (बसी) tribe of Jats' forebear Tulla has a mat at Gopalpur in Ludhiana. At the birth of a son, and also at the Diwali, earth is dug there in his name. [5]


These people are mentioned by Aitreya Brahmana as Vasha. [6] They are the same as Basae of Herodotus and Vaisi of Assyria, one of the Medians tribes. Bassis are now a Jat as well as Khatri clan. Aitereya Brahmana places them in Madhyadesa. Kausitaki Upanisad places them with Matsyas; Gopatha Brahmana Shows them with the Ushinaras (Sibiyas). [7]

The Vedas mention five sub-divisions of ancient India:[8]...Vasha or Vaśa is a Janapda in Madhya-desha (Central region).

Vanshadesha (वंश) or Vasha (वश) was an ancient country. These are variants of Vatsa. [9]

Mention by Panini

Vasha (वाश) is name of a place mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi under Kashadi (काशादि) ( group. [10]

Busa (बुस), kadankara (कड़ङ्कर), straw, is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [11]

In the History of Herodotus

Bhim Singh Dahiya[12] writes that the in the period from ninth century B.C. to the fourth century B.C., roughly the time between the Manda and Van empires and Alexander's invasion, we find numerous tribes of the Jats finding a name in the history of Herodotus and others. Among the tribes of the Medians, we find:

The ruling people are called Arizanti or Arizatoi. The word Ari is a form of Arya and Zanti/Zatoi are of course the Jats, the Djati of ancient Egypt and the Guti of Sumer and China.

Distribution in Punjab, India

According to B S Dhillon the population of Basi clan in Jalandhar district is 5,700.[13]

Villages in Kapurthala district

Villages in Patiala district

Dera Bassi village is in Dera Bassi tahsil in Patiala district, Punjab.

Villages in Rupnagar district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh,India

In Uttar Pradesh Bassi Clan is found in Jyotiba phule Nagar ,Meerut,Hapur Districts

Villages in Jyotiba Phule Nagar (Amroha) District

Hapaspur, Dhakiya Bhoor, Kherki Bhoor, Bagarpur Mafi, Kumrala

Villages in Meerut District

Bilolpur,Kila Parikshitgarh

Notable persons

  • Baba Tulla (बाबा तुल्ला) - Basi Gotra

Bassi name of a village

Bassi is the name of a village in tahsil Jhadol in Udaipur District in Rajasthan.


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