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For Gotra see Bhalot
For village in Jhunjhunu district, see Bhaloth
Location of Bhalot in Rohtak District

Bhalaut (भालौट/ भालोठ) , Bhalot or Bhaaloth is a famous village in Rohtak district in Haryana.


It is at a distance of 9 KM from Rohtak on Rohtak-Sonepat Road.



Notable persons

  • Rai Bahadur Lal Chand Phogat - former Diwan and leading political figure of early 20th century from village Bhalaut (Rohtak), Haryana. The village Bhalaut is the ancestral village of late Rai Bahadur Lal Chand Phogat who was one of the foremost political personalities of the 1st half of 20th century, in erstwhile Punjab. He was a contemporary of Sir Chhotu Ram and a leading social reformer. Married into a Sikh Jat family of Punjab, he died in the 1960s and was survived by 3 sons and a daughter. The eldest son late Capt. Raghuvendra Singh was the founder of the DLF Empire of Delhi and died some years ago at the ripe old age of 90 plus. He is survived by his daughters and his son-in-law Kushal Pal Singh Tewatia , who today heads the DLF. The middle son late Kunwar Shamsher Singh was an outstanding officer of the British time IP and served as Inspector General of Police (prior to DGP) in Punjab in the 1970s. The youngest son Ch. Devinder Singh is a well-known businessman of Chandigarh with interests in Punjab and Haryana. The Phogats of Bhalaut still nurture close ties with the main Phogat khap of Charkhi Dadri area in Bhiwani district from where they migrated originally to settle in Rohtak district.
  • Late Capt. Raghvendra Singh (Fogat) - son of Rai Bahadur Lal Chand and founder of DLF Empire. Native village - Bhalaut, district Rohtak, Haryana. He joined Army, his other brothers Shamasher Singh joined Police deptt and Devendra Singh started business .

  • Sant Jamnadas - फौगाट जाटों के प्रसिद्ध सन्त जमनादास भालौठ गांव के निवासी थे। आपने 40 वर्ष केवल गोदुग्ध पर जीवन बिताकर जनता को अपने सदुपदेशों से लाभ पहुंचाया। महात्मा जमनादास का स्वर्गवास वि० संवत् 1953 (सन् 1896) में हो गया।[2]

Freedom fighters

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Another Bhaloth

There is a Bhaloth village in Rajasthan with same name situated on Buhana - Mahendraghrah road in Jhunjhunu district.


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