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Badrain (बदरैण) Budhrayan (बुधरायण) Budhrain Badhran (बधराण) Badrahn (बधराण) Gotra of Jats are found in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. It is a sub gotra of Goyat and Chopra.


Badrain Jat gotra originated from person named Budha in Goyat clan from village Kapadon.

Baduri village


The gotra was named by people who migrated from Kapro village near Uchana Mandi (Jind) to Karnal. The gotra is found in Karnal and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana. Chopra or Chopda (चोपडा) is gotra of Jats and is related to Badhran/Goyat. They are found in District Jaipur, Ajmer, Chittorgarh and Tonk in Rajasthan. There are about 14 villages in Hapur distt in Uttar Pradesh.

Budha and Khatta were two brothers from Kapro Village. Budha stayed in Kalsaura village and Khatta went Muzaffarnagar area. Descendents from Budha came to be known as Budhrayan and from Khatta as Khatiyan.

Local tradition tells that the Jats under leadership of person named Budha (बुधा) (from Kapro Village in Hisar) used to come to this reɡion of Yamuna river to ɡraze their cows and buffaloes every year. Some elderly people say this incident dates back to eleventh century. They used to ɡo to a baniya in the villaɡe to buy ration. Once when Jats went to baniya, he started crying in front of these Jats. When they asked the reason he told about that muslims livinɡ in the villaɡe torture the baniya and were asking him to host a feast. He said that he had just lost his only son and could not host a feast. The Jats told him to invite all the muslims in the villaɡe on a pre-decided day. When the muslims had arrived, the jats attacked and killed all of them. So the baniya asked the jats to settle in the villaɡe and this is how Budhrayan Jats settled here.

Jats of this villaɡe still worship that baniya as kheda (kshetrapal) in this villaɡe which is located in centre of Kalsaura villaɡe. Budha's descendants are called Budhrayan (बुधरायण) and these people also settled in other villaɡes in Indri reɡion. Budha's brother was Khatta. Khatta moved across Yamuna into Uttar Pradesh area. Khatta's descendants are called Khatiyan (खाटियान/खाटियाण)

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Karnal district

Kalsaura, Shergarh Tapu, Shergarh Nathori, Shekhpura Suhana, Sikanderpur near (Kalsora).

Villages in Kurukshetra district

Badshami, Hansu Majra, Ladwa ( 30 families),

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

The village Lachhera in Muzaffarnagar is the place where Khatiyan gotra is prevalent amongst Jat inhabitants. The people from this village are spread over not only in the nearby areas but to the international destinations too. The Khatiyan gotra villages are:

Lachhera, Pindora, Tigri, Karheda, Oon, Muzaffarnagar,

Notable persons

  • Sher Singh Badshami Ex MLA,INLD,Ladwa Kurukshetra
  • Ch. Rampal Budhrayan S/O Ch. Rati Ram Retd. Development Officer,Karnal Co-Op Bank.
  • Ch. Rajbir Singh Budhrayan, vpo Kalsora, Karnal,Retd. Officer BSNL
  • Ch. Madan Budhrayan, Retd. XEN Marketing Board,Kurukshetra
  • Manoj Budhrayan S/O Ch. Mange Ram, vpo Kalsora, Karnal, Director,Lectalis,Winchester,Ontario Canada
  • Rakesh Budhrayan S/O Ch. Harpal Singh, Alumnus integrated M.Tech IIT Kharagpur(1998-2003), VPO Kalsora, Karnal, IBM Banglore
  • Amarjeet Budhrayan, Sikanderpur, PO Kalsora, Karnal, Ottawa Transit, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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