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Chandhari (चंधारी)[1][2] [3] Chadhari (चधारी)[4][5] Chadhar (चधार) is gotra of Jats found in Pakistan and in Uttar Pradesh. [6]


This gotra started after Maharaja Chaitraratha (चैत्ररथ), Chandravanshi King in the line of Kuru. [7] H.A. Rose writes that Chadhar (चढार), an agricultural clan found in Shahpur, Multan and Montgomery (Muhammadan) . It is classed as Jat in the two latter districts. Doubtless the same as the Chhadhar [q. v.) . [8]

Distribution in Pakistan

Chadhar is One of the bigger Jat clans, found mainly in Jhang, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sahiwal, and Toba Tek Singh. The Chadhar claim descent from the Agnivanshi Rajputs. A few Chadhar Jats were also found in Ferozepur district.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh


According to 1911 census, Pakistan had Chadhar Muslim Jat clan with population as under:[9]

  • Montgomery District (Sahiwal District) (2,283)
  • Shahpur (Sargodha District) District (4,001)


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