Hardeo Singh Patusari

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Hardeo Singh Surajmal Patusari

Hardeo Singh from village Patusari (Jhunjhunu), was a leading Freedom fighter who took part in Shekhawati farmers movement in Rajasthan.

The incidence of Patusari village in 1939 is worth mentioning. Patusari village was in Mandawa thikana of Sikar Jagirdar. The Jagirdar was levying excessive taxes on the agricultural produce. He had also threatened to evacuate the villagers. The villagers collectively decided not to pay any taxes. Hardeo Singh Patusari and Balu Ram took a lead in this movement. The Jagirdar attacked the villagers but the villagers resisted peacefully. Village was evicted by the Jagirdar, crops were burnt, cattle were killed but the villagers did not heed to the Jagirdar and did not pay levy. This was unique example of entire village being evacuated. [1]

जीवन परिचय

सन 1925 में पुष्कर सम्मलेन के पश्चात् शेखावाटी में दूसरी पंक्ति के जो नेता उभर कर आये, उनमें आपका प्रमुख नाम हैं [2]


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