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Dr. Karuna Karan Choudhary (Isharama)

Isram (इसराम) Isharama (इशरामा) Isharam (ईशराम) Israwa (इसरावा) is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.


Jat clans as described by Megasthenes include this clan people mentioned as Isari: From the chain of Emodus are the Isari (Isram), Cosyri (Kasya), Izgi (Igia).

There were 4 Isram gotra Jats who died for protecting trees out of 363 Bishnois became martyrs.

Villages founded by Isram clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Barmer district

Bheemra, Isramon Ka Tala, Nand, Undoo, Vandara,

Villages in Churu district

Chhapar Churu (5), Jaleu Ratangarh, Kharia Churu, Lalgarh,

Villages in Jaisalmer district

Bhiyan (भीयाण),

Villages in Sikar district


Villages in Hanumangarh district

Daidas, Nimla Nohar

Villages in Nagaur district

Chau, Kitalsar Nagaur,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Vidisha District

Israwa Jats live in Vidisha.

Villages in Harda District


Villages in Khandwa district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district


Notable persons

  • Dr. Karuna Karan Choudhary (Isharama) - MEDICAL OFFICER, Date of Birth : 20-February-1964, Present Address : FATEHPUR ROAD NEAR PINK HOUSE Sikar, Resident Phone Number : 01572-259222, Mobile Number : 9414036663
  • Khiyaji Israwa - Indore, Mob:9617231915[2]
  • Krishan Kumar Isram - Prop M/S Krishna Logistics Service Gurgaon, from village Modakhera, Dist. Hissar, Mob: 9958900827

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