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Kalhir (काल्हीर) or Kalir (कालीर) Kalheer (कालहीर)[1] is Jat gotra found in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in india.[2],[3]


Kalir (कालीर) people got gotra name after republic named Kalamas (कालाम), whose capital was at Kesputta (केसपुत्त).[4]

Kalamas are a people who lives in the vicinity of the town of Kesputta.[5]


H.A. Rose writes that Kalhir (कालहीर) (? Kalir) a tribe of Jats. It holds about 16 villages in pargana Indri in Karnal but describes the number as 12 (bara). Dabkauli Kalan is its parent village, and it is also the parent village of 12 Kalhir villages east of the Jumna, of 12 across the Ganges in Moradabad and of 17 villages in Ambala. The Kalhirs are divided into two clans or beong, Mandhan and Turka which cannot intermarry. Mandhan was son of Mand, and Turka of Jejal, and Mand and Jejal were brothers. Originally they came from Ajudhya, first migrating to Pamaktoda in the Dakhan or Malwa, and afterwards to Dardrehra in Jaipur.[6]


Kalheer(कालहीर) Gotra Jats live in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. There are 24 villages of Kalheer gotra in which All these villages belong to Mandhan (मंढाण) Khap (खाप) and all the villages are situated on the banks of YAMUNA RIVER in Uttar Pradesh / Haryana. The 12 villages belong to District Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh and 12 villages belong to Haryana (Distt.- Kurukshetra/Karnal).

Distributin in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Saharanpur district

Shukratal, Badhi, Kansepur, Roshanpur, Nahar Majara, Ranipur, Dalewala, Nanuwala, Sahanspur Jat, Fatehpur Jat, Dhunda Majara (Does not exist now due to flud in Yamuna River), Chhapar (Does not exist now due to flud in Yamuna River),

Distribution in Haryana

Villages Kurukshetra & Karnal district:

Dabkauli, Choganwa, Garhi Birbal, Shergarh Nathori, Haibatpur,

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