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For village see Makhar Jhunjhunu

Makhar (माखर)[1] Makkhar (माक्खर)[2] Makhal (माखल) /Makhil/Makhila (माखिल) is a gotra of Jats.


Makhila is derived from King Makhadeva. [3]


Tejram Sharma[4] gives details about the kings of Aryavarta defeated by Samudragupta. According to Panini, a polysyllabic name was sometime shortened in order to express affection. Thus in the case of names ending in 'ila' we find:

Devila being derived from Devadatta;
Yajnila and Yajnadatta;
Makhila from Makhadeva;
Agila from Agnidatta ;
Satila from Svatidatta;
Nagila from Nagadatta, and
Yasila, Yakhila from Yaksadatta. Similarly
Matila can be formed from Matideva or Matidatta.

Makhar was part of Yaudheya confederacy. [5]



Makhar village is in Tahsils and district Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.

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