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Shahpur Jat (शाहपुर जाट) is a Jat Village in South Delhi. Shahpur-Jat is Delhi in its hybridised best. Ensconced between two of south Delhi's most upmarket areas, Asian Games Village and Hauz Khas, this tiny piece of urban village has missed the trendy touch of city architecture, yet has managed to capture the essence of a city life like no other.

Walking through the narrow streets of Shahpurjat, one is surprised to chance upon shops housed in dilapidated buildings, selling exclusive products in innovative designs, everything from shoes and jewellery to clothes and books. Hence, it’s small wonder, that this little corner of south Delhi has become a popular haunt among Delhiites who love to shop.

Famous for its boutiques offering designer clothes, the market is divided into three broad categories, clothes, accessories and home decor.


Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes...At present, there are five villages of Takshak Jats in this area viz. Mohammed Pur, Manirka, Shahpura, Haus Khas and Katwaria.

According to the elders of the village, some 10,000 years ago (8000 BC), some Hindu king founded the area where present-day Shahpur Jat is located. There was a fort and palace here, however 5000 years back when ‘Pandavas’ built Indraprastha; they took the stones of that fort. The excavations in the Old Fort area confirm the belief that Purana Quila was built on the site of Indraprastha, the capital of Pandavas.

Tomar (Hindu Jat Clan) ruled Delhi In 11th century AD, in 12th century AD, Prithviraj Chauhan was the ruler until his defeat later that century replacing Hindu rule by a Muslim. Allauddin Khilji founded SIRI -the first Muslim city of Delhi in 1303. It was fortified, beautiful and prosperous, but the later rulers devastated it by taking the building material of Siri for the new structures they got built. Today, only parts of its walls, havelis made with lime and mortar, mosques and some historical remains present in village. About 900 hundred years ago, Dagar clan from Indri – a village, now in Haryana shifted to Shahpur Jat area. The fertile land and their agriculture skill helped them accumulate wealth in no time, attracting Panwar clan and other castes to the area which by then was called Shah (wealth) Pur (Colony) Jat (a clan), meaning by locality of the rich Jats and had acquired the name Shahpur Jat.

About 300 years ago, one man and his four sons went to Ber Sarai from Shahpur Jat village in south Delhi. There are only Panwar jats in this village. The agricultural land of this village was acquired by Delhi Government about 50 years back. Ber Sarai village was founded by Choudhary Nain Sukh Panwar.

Geography and Population Stastics

  • Total Area - 4.5 Km. Sq // Inhabited area - 1.75 Km. Sq//Area per house hold- 40 –200 Sq. Mt. //
  • Parks 8( open area – 20% , green area .1%)
  • Schools – 3 (Nagar Nigam Prathmik Vidyalaya Boys, Nagar Nigam Prathmik VidyalayaGirls, Sarvodaya Co-ed. Higher Secondary School, students 3,000 //
  • Govt –dispensaries or health centre- none./ /Private clinics 11( allopathic- , homeopathic- , Arruvedic- , Quakes- )
  • owners- 15000//
  • Jats households about- 300 ,
  • Harijans/ Balmiikies- 100, Badhai, Baniya, Kumhar, Nai- 250//
  • Non owners- 15000// Householders per house- 46// Number of Households- 650//

Jat Gotras

Notable persons

Dalip Singh - MP Outer Delhi 1972


Shahpur Jat village in Pataudi Tehsil, Distt. Gurgaon

Shahpur Jat is also the name of a village in Gurgaon district of Haryana, under Pataudi Tehsil.

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