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Bajar (बाजड) Bajad (बजाड़)[1][2] Bazaad (बजाड़)[3] Bazad (बज़ाड़) Bazzad (बज़ाड़) gotra Jats are found in Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra and Delhi. Bazid clan is found in Afghanistan.[4]


According to H.A. Rose Bajar (बजाड़) is also a Gujar clan (agricultural) found in Amritsar. [5]

James Tod on Bazar and Tak

Mention of Tak - James Tod writes that This incidental mention of the race of Tak in Annals of Jaisalmer, and of its being in great consideration on the settlement of the Yadus in the Punjab, is very important. I have given a sketch of this tribe (Vol. I, p. 93), but since I wrote it, I have discovered the capital of the Tak, and on the very spot where I should have expected the site of Taxila, the capital of Taxiles, the friend of Alexander. In that sketch I hesitated not to say, that the name was not personal, but arose from his being the head of the Takshac or Naga tribe, which is confirmed. It is to Babar, or rather to his translator, that I am indebted for this discovery. In describing the limits of Banu, Babar thus mentions it : "And on the west is Desht, which is also called Bazar and Tak ;" to which the erudite translator adds, "Tak is said long to have been the capital of Damān." In Mr. Elphinstone's map, Bazar, which Baber makes identical with Tak, is a few miles north of the city of Attoc. There is no question that both the river and city were named after the race of Tak or Takshac, the Nagas, Nagavansi, or 'snake race', who spread over India. Indeed, I would assume that the name of Omphis, which young Taxiles had on his father's death, is Ophis, the Greek version of Tak, the 'serpent' The Taks appear to have been established in the same region at the earliest period. The Mahabharata describes the wars between Janamejaya and the Takshacs, to revenge on their king the death of his father Parikshita, emperor of Indraprastha, or Dehli.[6]

Rajatarangini[7] tells....The king Uchchala (b.1070,r.1101–1111) of Lohara family was pleased with the services of Bhogasena and though he was without follower or a house, the king made him the governor of the Rajasthana (palace). He had seen Bhogasena's valor in the battle on the day of Indradvadashi when Gaggachandra, though he had a large army under him, fled from the engagement. The king raised Saḍḍa, Chchhaḍḍa and Byaḍḍasa, sons of Sadda, a common soldier, to the post of ministers. (p.16-17) (SaḍḍaSadh, ChchhaḍḍaChad, ByaḍḍasaBajad)

Distribution of Bazar Jats in Rajasthan

Villages in Sikar district

Dhani Bajaran, Jakhla,

Villages in Ajmer district


Villages in Bikaner district


Villages in Churu district

Neeman, Sujangarh (1),

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Aadampur Dadi(आदमपुर दाडी), Sui (सूई), Baliyali (बलियाली),

Villages in Rohtak district

Makrauli (मकड़ौली) Makrauli Kalan, Makrauli Khurd

Villages in Sonipat District


Distribution in Delhi

Hirnki, Nithari, Jia Sarai, Ber Sarai, Humayunpur

Distribution in Maharashtra

Villages in Nasik district


Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district

Notable persons from this gotra

Arun Kumar Bazad Raghubir Singh DSO

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Bajar village

  • Bajar is the name of a village in tehsil and district Bundi in Rajasthan.


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