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Chandwal (चंदवाल)[1][2] Chandwar (चंदवार) Chandwa (चंदवा)[3] Chandi (चंदी)[4] [5][6] Chandrayan (चंदरायण)[7] is gotra of Jats. Chandwal, Chandi (चंदी) are in Uttar Pradesh. [8] Chandi/Chanda, Chohan clan is found in Afghanistan.[9]


This gotra started after Maharaja Chandrasain (चंद्रसैन). [10]

Mention by Panini

Chandrayana (चान्द्रायण) is mentioned as a Vishaya by Panini in Ashtadhyayi (IV.2.54.3). [11][12]


Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Sangrur district

Villages in Patiala district

Chandi population is 2,250 in Patiala district.[13]


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