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Dhorelia (धोरेलिया) Dhaurelia (धौरेलिया) gotra Jats are found in Madhya Pradesh.


Dhoreliya clan is derived from Dhaulya clan. They migrated from village Dharoli on the border of Rohtak and Narnaul.[1]

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal district

Bhopal, Kanera Bhopal, Karond, Ratua Ratanpur

Villages in Narsinghpur district

Dhubghat, Khurpa (Narsinghpur), Kukwara, Narsinghpur,

Villages in Sehore district

Itwar, Jawahar Kheda, Narayanpur Sehore, Neemtone, Sehore,

Villages in Sagar district

Jat Jalandhar

Villages in Gwalior district

Ainti, Patha Panihar,

Villages in Vidisha district

Raikhedi vidisha

Villages in Raisen district


Villages in Hoshangabad district

Dhansi Hoshangabad,


Notable persons

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