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Location of Garibdesar in Bikaner district

Garabdesar(गारबदेसर) (Garibdesar:गरीबदेसर) is a village in Lunkaransar tehsil in Bikaner district in Rajasthan, India.




As of 2001 census its population was 4945 out of them 1554 are SC.

Jat Gotras



It was one of the districts in the republic of Godara Jats in Jangladesh, whose chief was Pandu having 700 villages in his state with capital at Shekhsar. The districts included in his state were Shekhsar, Pundrasar, Gusainsar Bada, Gharsisar, Garibdesar, Rungaysar, Kalu

....Beeka died in S. 1551 (a.d. 1495), leaving two sons by the daughter of the Bhatti chief of Poogul, namely, Noonkurn,who succeeded, and Gursi, who founded Gursisir and Ursisir. The stock of the latter is numerous, and is distinguished by the epithet Gursote Beeka, whose principal fiefs are those of Gursisir and Garibdesir, each having twenty-four villages depending on them.[1]<ref>

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