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Khowde (खोवडे), Khobde, (खोबड़े) Khabra(खाबड़ा) [1] is Gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. Moreover, Khwaedad Jat clan is found in Afghanistan also.[2]Perhaps it is same as Khabra (खाबड़ा), which gets name from Khabur River. According to other source this gotra originated from people who were rebellious in nature hence called Khowde.[3] At the jathera they have a Naga statute. This indicates their Nagavanshi origin. There are many villages which have Khabra as there name like Khabra, Khabra Khurd, Khabra Kalan and they are found in Uttar Pradesh,Punjab, Haryana, Rajsthan and Bihar.


Tribe originated from Khabur River which is the largest perennial tributary to the Euphrates in Syrian territory.

According to Paul Gill[4] from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this Gotra, like Khabra, is said to get name after Khabur River. Khabras have a Naga statute at their jathera which indicates their Nagavanshi origin.

According to other source this gotra originated from people who were rebellious in nature hence called Khowde.[5]

Khabra Got has J1- Z1853* Y-Dna lineage, it is a sub-branch of P58 branch which is considered to have its origin in the Northern Mesopotamia, the area is also known as Khabur triangle and many ancient settlements are found in this area. Now, it is not known if Khabur River is named after Eber or the Eber is named after Khabur River, but this much is clear that Hebrew is based on Eber.

In the Ancient times, when there was no such city as Kabul, there was a city named Kabura on the Silk Road, next to the present day Kabul, and then there is the Khyber Pass, which pretty well sums up the migration route of ancestors of Khabra Jatts, from Khabur River > Tarim Basin > Kabura > Khyber Pass> India.

Khabra ancestors perhaps joined the Guti (Gutians) from Zagros Mountains who basically were R1a1a and ended up in Tarim Basin where Guti were known to the Chinese as Yuechie.

There is a distant genetic relative of Khabra Jatts who is of Oghuz Tribe and his family is known as Yetis Family. It appears that he belongs to a Jatt family whose ancestors were separated from YueZie and were assimilated into Oghuz Tribe in north west of China in ancient times.


They were the first to fight in wars in Afghanistan and Punjab.

Oirat are the westernmost group of the Mongols whose ancestral home is in the Altai region of western Mongolia.

Although the Oirats originated in the eastern parts of Central Asia, the most prominent group today is located in the Republic of Kalmykia, a federal subject of the Russian Federation, where they are called Kalmuks—the correct pronunciation and spelling of the name. The Kalmuks migrated from Dzungaria to the southeastern European part of the Russian Federation in the early 17th century.

Historically, the Oirats were composed of four major tribes: Dzungar (Choros or Ööled), Torghut, Dörbet, and Khoshut. The minor tribes include: Khoid, Bayads, Myangad, Zakhchin, Baatud.

This description about Oirats includes Dzungar (Jangar), Khoid (Khowde) and Baatud (Batar), Khoshut (Khostwal) which are presently found in Jats.

There is a matter of research if Kalmuks mentioned above are the same people as Kalamukha (कालमुख) of Mahabharata (II.28.45)[6]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jodhpur district

Khabra Kalan, Khabra Khurd are villages in Osian tahsil in Jodhpur district in Rajasthan.

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Sirsa district

Khabra is village with Khyalia Gotra.

Villages in Hisar district

In Khabra Kalan (खाबड़ा कलां) Mainly you can find Bainda Gotra in Hisar Distt.

Villages in Fatehabad district

Khabra Kalan, Khabra Khurd are villages in Fatehabad tahsil and district in Haryana.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

  • Chandeli Gotra found are Bains, Sahota and Khabra.
  • Haluwal Gotra found are Heer and Khabra.

Villages in Rupnagar district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Meerut district


Villages in Bijnor district


Villages in Amroha district

Khowde gotra is found in following villages of Amroha/Jyotiba Phule Nagar:

Baldana, Basera, Chak Rustampur Badohiya, Dhanaura, Dhyoti, Dyodiwajeedpur, Ghosipura, Harpal Di Mandaiya, Isepur, Kala Khera, Khajuri, Khandsal, Khunpur, Koobi, Lambiya, Mandayia, Mukari, Shahpur, Tassiha, Mehmadi di Mandiya, Akhwandpur

Villages in Moradabad district

Hakeempur, Mundala,

They have many villages in various districts - Garh Mukteshwar, Ghaziabad.

Notable Persons

Piara Singh Khabra(First Sikh M.P. of Britain)

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