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Map of Mohanbari

Mohanbari (मोहनबाड़ी ) or Chhota Jhanswa (छोटा झान्सवा) is a village in Matanhail tahsil of Jhajjar district in Haryana.

Jat Gotras

  • Jakhar[1] (जाखड) is the main gautra and there are 32 जाखड villages in Salhawas constituency.


It is very near to village Jharli. Mohanbari is 1 km away from Jhanswa village. Mohanbari is official name of village but people commonly know this village by Chhota Jhanswa "छोटा झान्सवा" as it is a small village and has it's birth from Jhanswa village not many years ago. Both these villages still have their ancestral families in each other's village. Even Jhanswa (झान्सवा) and Mohanbari villages have same "paane" which are namely "Kuchhlan", "Chhaban" and "Hamman".

The nearby villages are Jhanswa, Jharli, Sasroli, Goria, Bahu Jholri, Bajitpur, Khanpur Khurd, Khanpur Kalan, Noganwa, Birohar, Matanhail, Chhuchhakwas, Akehri Madanpur, Ladain, Bhurawas and Salhawas.

This village is 35 km from Jhajjar, 58 km from Rohtak and 88 km from Gurgaon. It has around 300+ homes and almost 100 percent literacy. Each family has at least one govt. job and even girls are at par with boys in education and other fields. This village comes under Rohtak Lok Sabha constituency and under Jhajjar constituency for state assembly elections.

Also, this village has got historical importance, there are many a "stone's idols" which are unearthed from the village's land and are kept in Gurukul Jhajjar. There are certain idols which have been kept in village mandir (temple) and are worth seeing.

A Model Village

"Mohanbari (छोटा झान्सवा)" has been declared as MODEL village. Recently NTPC thermal power plant has been setup in the land of Jharli, Mohanbari and Khanpur villages, this coal based electricity plant is generating 1500 MW power.


(Data as per Census-2011 figures)

Total Population Male Population Female Population
1309 691 618

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