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Nand Ram (r. 1645 -1695) (नन्द राम) was a Jat Ruler of Mursan in Uttar Pradesh. His Gotra was Thenua.

Variants of name


Mursan (Thenua) Rulers family tree

Genealogy of Mursan rulers was as under: Makhan SinghNand Ram (r. 1645 -1695) → Jalkaran SinghKhasal SinghPuhap SinghBhagwant SinghTika RamKunwar Kisan PratapGhan Shyam Singh


After Shahjahan, Makhan Singh's grandson Nand Ram again organized the Jat power and became strong by merging Porcha Raja of Dariyapur with him. When Aurangzeb became the ruler of Delhi he could not ignore Nand Ram and awarded him the title of Faujdar and handed over Tochhigarh tahsil to him. Nand Ram ruled tactfully and bravely for 40 years and died in 1695. [1]

Nandram had 14 sons out of them Jalkaran was eldest. Second son was Jai Singh, seventh son was Bhoj Sing, 8th son was Churaman, 9th son was Jaswant Singh, 10th Adhikaran, 11th Vijay Singh. Churaman ruled Tochhigarh. Jaswant Singh ruled Bahramgarhi. Jalkaran died before Nandram. His able son Kushal Singh became successor.

Jats fortified the garhis

Dr Girish Chandra Dwivedi[2] writes.... Meanwhile, the troubles had been brewing up in the trans-Yamun paraganas of Mahaban Jalesar and Sadabad. Nand Ram Jat had built a strong fort at Jawara (2 miles to north-east of Mursan) and surrounded it with a network of small garhis, Kihrari (6 miles to the north of Mahaban), Jagsana (2 miles to the north of Kihrari) etc. Fraternizing with the Nohbar Jats of Noh (6 miles to the north-east of Jalesar) he plundered the above parganas and created lawlessness there. The emperor ordered Bishan Singh and Hari Singh to crush Nanda and other Jat miscreants. The Raja, however, submitted that in the event of Itiqad Khan retaining the faujdari of Mahaban the responsibility of the re-bails rested with the Khan and not with him. but these procrastinations proved futile. The Kachhawaha troops crossed the Yamuna and capturing Anore garhi Kihara and other garhis laid siege to Jawara (1st week of March 1695) Hari Singh , was, however, killed (5th April) while leading an assault. Thereupon Bishan Singh assumed command and through the efforts of Gaj Singh, Jawara was captured (2nd week of May) but Nanda's sons escaped. 74. VIII

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