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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Purika (पुरिका) was another name of the city Pravarapura (प्रवरपुर) founded by Pravarasena, which has been identified with Pavnar village in Wardha district of Maharashtra.




Dr Naval Viyogi[1] writes that Earlier Vakatakas (250-510 AD) established their rule in Vindhya region. Bu later established authority over whole of Central India. From Vakataka inscriptions it is well estiblished that A dynasty which took its name Vakataka came into existance about a century before Samudragupta 's conquests. The first king of the dynasty was Vindhyashakti (250–270). Second king was Pravarasena I (270–330).

Dr Naval Viyogi[2] writes that Pravarasena I was son of Vindhyashakti, who not only performed four Asvamedhas but also assumed the title of Samriit.48 He had a long reign, so much so that his eldest son Gautamiputra could not succeed him, but his grand-son Rudrasena I succeeded him. Gautamiputra himself was married to the daughter of the Bharsiva king Bhavanaga. The son of this union was Rudrasena I grand son of Pravarsena I and Bhavanaga. As, there was matriarchal system of heredity among the Nagas (Chapter V pp 102-03 and VI), hence Rudrasena I became the legal heir of throne of Bhavanaga in addition to throne of his own grand father Pravarsena I.49 Rudrasena I was succeeded by his son Prithivisena I. Rudrasena II son of Prithivisena I was married to Prabhavati Gupta daughter of Chandra Gupta II born of the Empress Kubera Naga. Prabhavati Gupta ruled as regent after the death of her husband Rudrasena II, as guardian to her minor son Yuvraj Divakarsena and subsequently to another son called Damodarsena or Pravarasena.

It is obvious Vakataka dynasty took its root in Vindhya region and later extended its sways as far as Karnataka in South since Prithvisena subjugated the king of Kuntala a part of Karnataka and Kadamba kingdom. Their capitals were at Purika, Chanak, Pravarpur and Padmapur and Branches at Nandivardhan and Vatsagulma.

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Pravarasena I had become an emperor in his own right, perhaps the only emperor in the dynasty, with his kingdom embracing a good portion of North India and whole of Deccan. He carried his arms to the Narmada in the north and annexed the kingdom of Purika which was being ruled by a king named Sisuka. In any case, he certainly ruled from Bundelkhand in the north (though Dr Mirashi does not accept that he has crossed the Narmada) to the present Andhra Pradesh in the south. The puranas assign him a reign of 60 years.

As per V.V. Mirashi, it is unlikely that he made any conquest in Northern Maharashtra, Gujarat or Konkan. But, he may have conquered parts of North Kuntala comprising Kolhapur, Satara and Sholapur districts of Maharashtra. In the east, he may have carried his arms to Dakshina Kosala, Kalinga and Andhra.

The Puranas say that Pravarasena I has four sons. He married his son Gautamiputra to a daughter of King Bhavanaga of the powerful Bharashiva family, which might have proved to be helpful. However, Gautamiputra predeceased him and he was succeeded by his grandson Rudrasena I, the son of Gautamiputra. His second son, Sarvasena set up his capital at Vatsagulma (the present day Washim). Nothing is known about the dynasties set up by the other two sons.[3]

Dr Naval Viyogi[4] writes about the Re-establishment of Nagas in Kantipuri: The Bharsivas, in the later days of imperial Kushanas or about 150 A.D. reached Kantipur on the Ganges, they performed there Ashwamedha and coronations at or near Banaras where is located the place known as Nagwa, the present site of the Hindu University seems to be associated with their name. From Kantipur, they moved westwards under Virasena, who strikes coins extensively and whose coins are found from Ahichchhatra, regains Padmavati and Mathura.

Nava Naga (year 27 on his coin) was founder of the Nava Naga Dynasty (140-170 AD) of Bharsiva. Virasena (Year 34 on Coin) was founder of Mathura and Padmavati Branches. (170-210 AD). [5]

Nava Nagas Rulers at Kantipuri: [6]

प्रवरपुर महाराष्ट्र

विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[7] ने लेख किया है .....प्रवरपुर (AS, p.587): महाराष्ट्र का एक ऐतिहासिक स्थान है जो वाकाटक-नरेशों (5वीं शती ई.) की राजधानी थी। इसे प्रवरसेन ने बसाया था। इसका दूसरा नाम पुरिका भी था। संभवत: वर्तमान पौनार ही प्राचीन प्रवरपुर है।

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