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Sarah (सरै) or Sarai (सराई)[1][2][3] is Jat Gotra in Punjab, India and in Pakistan. Sarah clan is found in Afghanistan.[4]



According to H.A. Rose[5] Kalhora (कलहोरा) or Sarai, originally a Jat tribe, also known as Dodai Lati, which gave a dynasty to Sind and is still represented in Dera Ghazi Khan. Its ancestors were darweshes or religious mendicants who followed the tenets of the Sayyid Muliammad, the Junpuri, a noted teacher, and one of them, Harmus, espoused a daughter of the Abara Jats of Sind, receiving a grant of land as her dower.

The name Sarai or Serai is borne by the notable Kalhora family of Hajipur in the Jampur tahsil of Dera Ghazi Khan. For an account of it reference must be made to the Dera Ghazi Khan Gazetteer, pp. 91 — 94, but it should be noted that the statement therein made that the Daudpotras are descended from Jam Junjar and therefore akin to the Kalhorasis repudiated by the Abbassi or Daudpotra tribe, though it was accepted by Raverty.

Distribution in Punjab

This clan is mainly to be found in areas around Anahadgarh and Karmgarh and it claims to have founded the villages of Kalanwali in Sirsa and Kaleke near Dhanaula.[6] A Jat last name who also claim descent from Bhattis, although there is doubt about this…since the Central Asian town of Sarai-Birke was famous even up to 1300-1400’s where the Chengis Khans entered. Found chiefly in Sialkot and Gurdaspur though also other areas such as Jullundar. Some of them say they are related to Sandhus.

According to B S Dhillon the population of Sarai clan in Jalandhar district is 3,000.[7]

Sarai have a population of 5,574 in Amritsar.

In Firozpur district the Sarai population is 12,900. [8]

Sarah or Sarai (सराई) population in Patiala district 19,800

Distribution in Pakistan

Sarai - The Sarai claim Bhatti ancestry. They are found throughout central Punjab, mainly in Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sargodha, Shaikhupura and Faisalabad districts.

Notable persons


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