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Location of Halena in Bharatpur District

Halena (हलेना) is a large village in Weir tahsil District- Bharatpur in Rajasthan. PIN Code-321601.

Jat Gotras


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 1224 families residing, Halena village has the population of 6830 (of which 3589 are males while 3241 are females).[1]


Badan Singh’s second imprisonment within a short time and the maltreatment at the hands of Muhkam Singh ultimately strengthened his cause. Fransoo adds that as many as 22 prominent sardars (Said [2] to be Raja Ram’s son, Fateh Singh of Ajan , Anup Singh of Arig, Ati Ram’s son, Shardul Singh of Halena , Gujars of Sihi and Helak , Purohit Kalu Ram and Lalji of Barsana and others), who loved Badan Singh for his “ good behaviour” appealed to Muhkam Singh to release his cousin but he refused . [3],

Notable persons

  • Puran Singh Halena (ठाकुर पूरनसिंह हलेना), from Halena (हलेना), Weir Bharatpur was a Social worker in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. [4]
  • हलेना में ठाकुर पूरनसिंह, सावल सिंह, और इंछा राम किसान सभा के पूर्ण हितेषियों में से हैं। तीनों सम्पन्न और समझदार आदमी हैं। ठाकुर पूरनसिंह हलेना के बड़े जमीदार हैं। [5]

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