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Khalia (खालिया) Khaliya (खालिया)/(खलिया)[1] Khaliye (खालिये)[2] is a jat gotra found in Hanumangarh ,Jaipur, Jhunjhunu &Sikar districts in Rajasthan. [3] Khali (खालि)/Khalil (खालिल)/Khallya clan is found in Afghanistan.[4]


According to the Bards after the fall of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, two brothers Khinwa and Bhinwa moved from Ajmer and went to Bikaner side. The descendants of Khinwa are known as Khalia and those of Bhinwa are Bhari Jats. Bhari people settled in various villages of Churu district in Rajasthan.

H.A. Rose[5] writes that In Bahawalpur the Chauhans have three clans : — Khalis ; Hamshira [found mainly in Uch peshkāri — they claim that Muhammad Husain, their ancestor, was Akbar's foster-brother (hamshir), but others say they are Hashmiras not Hamshiras] ; and Khichchi, who claim to be descended from Khichchi Khan, ruler of Ajmer 700 years ago, and say their ancestor founded Shergadh in Montgomery. Few in number they are confined to the kārdāri of Khairpur East, where they are carpenters and khatiks by trade, though in Multan they are well-to-do landowners.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

C-Scheme, Vidyut Nagar,

Villages in Sikar district

Bibipur Chhota, Rinau, Rinu, Tajsar

Villages in Churu district

Ginri Patta Rajpura, Hamusar (20),

Villages in Hanumangarh district


Villages in Jhunjhunu district


Villages in Nagaur district

Dodiyana Nagaur, Khivtana (1), Mithariya, Sukhwasni, Soopka,

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Kapurthala district

Rampur Khalian,

Notable persons

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