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Bhari (भारी)/Bharwar (भरवार)[1][2] Bharwaria (भरवारिया) Bhidi (भिड़ी) gotra Jats are found in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.


Bharwar is included in Agnivanshi Chauhan Kshatriyas. Bhari and Bharwar are the names of the same gotra.[3]


Bhari is an ancient clan originated from Nagavansh. We get inscriptional evidence about Bhari clan from Bharhut. Bharhut is located in Madhya Pradesh, Central India, known for its famous Buddhist stupa. Bharhut stupa is one of the earliest extant Buddhist structures and due to the presence of dedicatory inscriptions, it was patronized by almost exclusively by monks, nuns and the non-elite laity. The Bharhut stupa may have been established by the Maurya king Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE.

An Inscription on Rails in S. W. Quadrant of Bharhut stupa mentions about the donation by one Bharini Deva:

59. Siriya-putasa Bhārini Devasa dānam. = " Gift of Siri'son Bharini Deva." [4]

According to Jat historians Bhari clan gets name after place Bharwar (भरवार).[5] Bharwal is a village in Sanchor (सांचोर) tahsil in Jalor district in Rajasthan.

According to the Bards after the fall of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, two brothers Khinwa and Bhinwa moved from Ajmer and went to Dadrewa in Churu side. The descendants of Khinwa are known as Khalia and those of Bhinwa are Bhari. Bhari people settled in various villages of Churu district in Rajasthan.

Dr Ompal Singh Tugania's book 'Chahuan vanshi Lakra Jaton ka Itihas' gives in Chapter 32 some common origins regarding certain Jat gotras arising out of Chahmans or Chauhans. Bharwar is included in Chauhans.

In Rajatarangini[6]We find mention of a poet named Bharikolavata, who used to get two thousand dinnaras as his salary from Shankaravarman, the king of Kashmir.

Villages founded by Bhari clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Sikar district

Chachiwad Bara (10),

Villages in Jaipur district

Chandma Kalan (5), Chandrapura Chandma (4),

Villages in Churu district

Abadsar (Ratangarh), Charla (Sujangarh), Chhajusar (Ratangarh), Chhapar Churu (1), Ginari Tal, Ratnadesar (20), Kodasar Jatan (Sujangarh), Kolasar (Sujangarh), Pabusar, Ratangarh, Sujangarh (5), Udasar (Sujangarh),

Villages in Hanumangarh district

Doongrana (t.Bhadra), Dudali, Durjana (t.Nohar), Kharakhera, Ratna Desar (t.Rawatsar), Sangaria,

Villages in Nagaur district


Villages in Tonk district

Aranya Bassi (20), Devpura Piplu (1), Mungoda (4), Raghunathpura Parli (2),

Villages in Jodhpur district

Bhari Nagar (t.Osian), Dhanari Kalan,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Bharwari is Villages in Nawalgarh tahsil of Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan.

Villages in Barmer district

Bhariyon Ki Basti,

Villages in Bikaner district


Villages in Pali district

Hunawas Kalan,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Bharwaria (भरवारिया) Bharwar (भरवार) Bhari (भारी) gotra Jats live in Sehore, Harda, Mandsaur and Nimach districts in Madhya Pradesh.

Villages in Sehore district

Bhari Jats live in: Chhapari Sehore‎‎ , Nasrullaganj (Sehore),

Villages in Harda district

Bhonkhedi , Dhani Tajpura, Dudi Dhani, Harda, Sonkhedi (Harda),

Villages in Mandsaur district

Molyakheri, Ralayta (Multanpura),

Villages in Dewas district

Bichkuwa, Deola, Khal, Kothmir, Nimasa, Piplani,

Villages in Nimach district

Bharwar (भारवर) Jats are there in Khor Vikram (3).

Bharwaria (भरवारिया) Jats are found in: Amlikheda (1), Fatehnagar (2), Luharia Jat (3), Khadawda (2),

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Karnal district

Villages in Karnal district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Agra district

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

Villages in Kaushambi district

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Fatehgarh Sahib district

Villages in Ludhiana district

Villages in Patiala district

Villages in Sangrur district

Distribution in Gujarat

Villages in Banas Kantha district

Deesa, Laxmipura, Sherpura, Yavarpura,

Notable persons

  • Bhagirath Chaudhary (Bhari) - AGM, Punjab National Bank, Chandani Chowk, Delhi. Mob - 08800496672, mob-0914452364
  • Smt Rekha Bhagat Bhari - Ward Member Harda


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