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Location of Chohtan in Barmer District
Location of Chohtan in Barmer District

Chohtan (चौहटन) is a village in and tahsil in Barmer district of Rajasthan


The village is around 50 KM far from Barmer. It is connected via road to Barmer. The village got the importance because of proximity to Pakistan border.


There are many famous temples around this village like Viratra, Deri Dungar, Sunya mata ka mandir etc. Virata is one the beautiful temple in Chohtan. Chohtan is surrounded by hill in east and north and by desert west and south.

James Tod[1] writes that Juna Chhotan, or the ' ancient ' Chhotan, though always conjoined in name, are two [303] distinct places, said to be of very great antiquity, and capitals of the Hapa sovereignty. But as to what this Hapa Raj was, beyond the bare fact of its princes being Chauhan, tradition is now mute. Both still present the vestiges of large cities, more especially Juna, ' the ancient,' which is enclosed in a mass of hills, having but one inlet, on the east side, where there are the ruins of a small castle which defended the entrance. There are likewise the remains of two more on the summit of the range. The mouldering remnants of mandirs (temples), and baoris (reservoirs), now choked up, all bear testimony to its extent, which is said to have included twelve thousand habitable dwellings ! Now there are not above two hundred huts on its site, while Chhotan has shrunk into a poor hamlet. At Dhoriman, which is at the farther extremity of the range in which are Juna and Chhotan, there is a singular place of worship, to which the inhabitants flock on the tij, or third day of Sawan of each year. The patron saint is called Alandeo, through whose means some grand victory was obtained by the Mallani. The immediate objects of veneration are a number of brass images called Aswamukhi, from having the ' heads of horses ' ranged on the top of a mountain called Alandeo. Whether these may further confirm the Scythic ancestry of the Mallani, as a branch of the Asi, or Aswa race of Central Asia, can at present be only matter of conjecture.

Alansi in Burdak history

We find mention of he patron saint called Alandeo by James Tod in the history of Chohtan. There is need to research if this Alandeo had any connection with Alansi in the Burdak history. For reference we give here ancestry of Alansi:

Alansi (922 AD) was ancestor of Burdaks. Alan Singh constructed a temple at Mathura in samvat 979 (922 AD) and gifted a gold chhatra. Genealogy from Burdak history is as under:

Raja RatansenBiramraoSabalsiAlansi (922 AD) → Rao Burdakdeo (d.1000 AD) → Samudra Pal (d.1010 AD)

Jat Gotras

Villages in Chohtan tahsil

Aakal, Aakora, Abdul Raheem Ka Tala, Adarsh Dharasar, Adarsh Nagar, Aginshah Ki Dhani, Ahsan Ka Tala, Aidan Ki Dhani, Alamsar, Ali Ki Dhani, Alisaron Ki Basti, Aloo Ka Tala, Ambawao, Ambedkar Nagar, Ami Mohammad Shahki Basti, Amirgarh, Antiya, Arbi Ki Gafan, Arti, Azad Nagar, Bachhla, Bachhonion Ki Dhani, Bachhraoo, Bachwal, Badha, Bajrangpura, Bakhasar, Bamarla, Bamarlader, Bamnor Ameershah, Bamnor Bhanwarshah, Banda Bera, Bandhniya, Bankalsar, Bankana, Baotalai, Bawarwala, Bawri Kalan, Beejasar, Beendoniyon Ki Dhani, Beerron Ka Tala, Beesasar, Beniwalsar, Bhabhoote Ki Dhani, Bhaduoy Ka Tala, Bhadupura, Bhakhar Pura, Bhalgaon, Bhanwar, Bhanwariya, Bhara, Bhara Gulmohmmad, Bhariyon Ki Basti, Bharon Ka Tala, Bhawanipura, Bheruri, Bhilon Ka Tala, Bhilon Ka Tala, Bhilon Ka Tala, Bhilonwala, Bhojawas, Bhojriya, Bhomasar, Bhookransar, Bhooniya, Bijrar, Birdon Ka Tala, Bisaraniya, Boli, Booth Rathoran, Borla, Borla Jatan, Budiyon Ka Tala, Buran Ka Tala, Chalkana, Champa Beri, Chandasani, Cheetradi, Chhachhi Beri, Chhota Bhojriya, Chicharasar, Chimnasar, Chohtan, Chuli Doongri, Darjion Ka Tala, Daseriya, Dedoosar, Deedawa, Deengarh, Deepla, Deluon Wala, Deopura, Devaniyon Ka Tala, Dhakon Ka Tala, Dhanaoo, Dhanoniyon Ka Tala, Dharasar, Dheerasar, Dhemba, Dhok, Dholkiya, Dhurawa, Dudhadiyon Ka Tala, Dudhwa Khurd, Dungerpura, Ekal, Erawala, Fakiron Ka Niwan, Fitkariya, Gangapur, Gangasara, Gangasariya, Ghoniya, Gira, Girdhari Ka Tala, Godaron Ka Tala, Godaron Ki Dhani, Gohar Ka Tala, Goliyar, Gomrakh Dham, Gora, Goron Ka Tala, Gorsiyon Ka Tala, Gumane Ka Tala, Hanumanpura, Hardanpura, Harpaliya, Harpuniyon Wala, Hathla, Heerpura, Hejam Ka Bhara, Hejam Ka Tala, Hemawas, Hironion Ka Tala, Hudasar, Huron Ka Tala, Husain Ka Tala, Ibre Ka Tala, Ishwarpura, Isrol, Itada, Itadiya, Jairamderiya, Jaisar, Jakharo Ki Dhani, Jakhron Ka Tala, Jakhronwala, Jaleela, Jandooyon Ka Tala, Janiyawala, Janpaliya, Jato Ki Dhani, Jaton Ki Basti, Jethmalpura, Jharpa, Jhingi Nadi, Joona Lakhwara, Kairnada, Kaloo Ki Beri, Kalyanpura, Kaprau, Kartiya, Kayam Ka Tala, Kekar, Kelnor, Khairaj Ka Tala, Kharader, Kharawala, Khari, Kharipa Der, Khempura, Kitnoriya, Konra, Kothe Ka Tala, Kottilani, Krishan Ka Tala, Kumbhoniyon Ka Tala, Kumharon Ka Teeba, Kundanpura, Lachhiye Ka Tala, Lakhasar, Lakhe Ka Tala, Lakhwara, Lakrasar, Lariyala, Leelsar, Leelsar Dakhnad, Lomrodon Ka Tala, Loombasar, Macharon Ka Tala, Madawao, Mahendrapura, Manasar, Mandasar, Mandirwala, Mandon Ki Beri, Manjhi Ka Tala, Mate Ka Tala, Meethe Ka Tala, Meethi Nadi, Meethri, Meghasar, Meghpura, Mehrangadh, Mithabera, Mitharaoo, Miyazal Ki Beri, Miyen Ka Tala, Mogawa, Moolani, Mukne Ka Tala, Nandram Ki Dhani, Nawapura, Nawatala Bakhasar, Nawatala Jaitmalan, Nawatala Rathoran, Naya Bhojriya, Neembali, Nehron Ki Nari, Netrar, Nimbala, Ogala, Ojiya, Pabuberi, Pancharla, Pandarwali, Pandhi Ka Niwan, Panoniyon Ki Dhani, Panoriya, Parariya, Pawariya, Pawdon Ka Tala, Peepli Beri, Peeru Ka Tala, Phagliya, Phagloo Ka Tala, Pingalpura, Pokrasar, Poonjasar, Posal, Prem Singh Ki Dhani, Rabasar, Ramderiya, Ramderiya Tala, Ramji Ki Dhani, Rampura, Ramzan Ki Gafan, Ranatali, Rangwali, Ranisar, Ranwa, Rarli, Rasbani, Ratanpura, Ratasar, Ratasarder, Rate Ka Tala, Rathoron Ka Tala, Rodiyon Ka Tala, Rohila, Roogpura, Sadram Ki Beri, Sadul Ki Gafan, Sagarbao, Saiyon Ka Tala, Saiyon Ki Basti, Sakriya Tala, Salriya, Sam, Samawali, Samelon Ka Tala, Samon Ki Dhani, Sanau, Sanwa, Sanwlasi, Sanwlor, Saraiyon Ka Tala, Sarla, Sarnon Ka Tala, Sarnon Ki Nari, Saroope Ka Tala, Sata, Sauwon Ka Tala, Sayed Mozali Ka Tala, Serwa, Sewron Ka Tala, Sherpur, Sherpura, Shivpura Chohtan, Shobhala Darsan, Shri Ramwala, Sinhagpura, Sinhaniya, Sinhar, Siyolon Ka Der, Sobhala Jetmalan, Sodiyar, Somaradi, Somrad, Sonri, Soorpura, Suhagi, Sujon Ka Niwan, Sukaliya, Surte Ka Tala, Surte Ki Dhani, Sutharon Ki Beri, Tajaniyon Ka Tala, Tajasar, Talsar, Tamachi Ki Gafan, Taratara, Taratara Math, Tardon Ka Tala, Tareesara, Tarla, Thathar Kader, Thoriyawala, Udsiyar, Ummed Nagar, Ummedpura, Uparla, Vasiya Ka Tala,

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