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Kurmi (कुरमी) [1] Koormi (कुर्मी)[2] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh. [3] But Kurmi is also a separate caste found over vast areas in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


They were the people dwelling in area around Karakoram and known as Kurmi.[4]

In Mahabharata

Shanti Parva Mahabharata Book XII Chapter 29 mentions in shloka 24 :

कूर्मान कर्कटकान नक्रान मकराञ शिंशुकान अपि
नथीष्व अपातयथ राजन मघवा लॊकपूजितः


H.A. Rose[5] writes that Folk etymology derives Ghirth from ghi, because Shiv made them out of ghi. In Hoshiarpur Ghirths are called Bahti. In Hindustan they are called Kurmi. Chang is the Punjabi name, and Ghirth the Pahari word. For details see - A glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province By H.A. Rose Vol II/G, Ghirth: p.288

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