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For Chang village in Bhiwani district, please click Chang Bhiwani

Chang (चंग)[1][2] is a gotra of Jats found in Sindh province of Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh and in Uttar Pradesh. [3]. Chang clan is found in Afghanistan.[4]



Bahti (बाहती) term is used in the eastern, as Chang is used in the western, portion of the lower ranges of the Kangra Hills and Hoshiarpur as equivalent to Ghirth. All of them intermarry.[5]

Chahng (चाहंग), Chang (चांग), a minor agricultural Jat caste, found in the western portion of the lower ranges of Kangra and Hoshiarpur. In the Dasuya tahsil of the latter district they own some villages, but are generally tenants. The term appears to be a purely local synonym of Bahti or Ghirth. The Chang is quiet and inoffensive, diligent and a good cultivator, like the Saini of the plains. [6]

Distribution in Pakistan

Chang are found in Districts Thatta (Sindh),

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh


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