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Makar (माकड़)[1] Makad (माकड़) Gotra Jats live in Rajasthan. Also found in Punjab. They were a integral part of Chauhan Confederacy. They were supporters of Bhati Confederacy. [2] [3] [4]


They are probably descendant of a King named Makada (माकड़). XXVI Sanchor Stone Inscription of Pratapasimhadeva of year S.V. 1444 (1387 AD) mentions about king named Makada. The verse-1 of it says that there was one Virasiha of Karpuradhara, that his son was a king named Makada, and that the son of the latter was Vairisalya. (Line-23. [म]वर्षो आसीन्नृपो माकडनामधेयस्‍तन्नंद - See:Sanchore)

Mention by Panini

Makari-Prastha (मकरीप्रस्थ) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [5]


Makran (मकरान) is a semi-desert coastal strip in the south of Sindh, Balochistan, in Iran and Pakistan, along the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.

Sub divisions of Bhati Confederacy

According to H.A. Rose[6] Jat clans derived from Bhatti are: Lahar, Sara, Bharon, Makar, Mond, Kohar, Saharan, Isharwal, Khetalan, Jatai, Khodma, Bloda, Batho and Dhokia.[7]

In Ramayana

Ramayana Yuddha Kanda Sarga 78 mentions that Ravana orders Asura Makaraksha, son of Asura Khara, to proceed to the battle-field with an army and to kill Rama, Lakshmana and the Vanaras. Makaraksha, surrounded by his army of demons, set out for the encounter.

Yuddha Kanda Sarga 79 mentions that When Makaraksha rushes towards Rama to fight with his fist, Rama hurls a mystic missile from his bow and kills him on the spot. The other Asuras get frightened and run away to Lanaka.

In Mahabharata

Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 mentions all the kings an Kshatriyas who came to that ceremony for investing Kartikeya with the status of generalissimo. Makar is mentioned in shloka 75. (IX.44.75)

मनुष्यमेष वक्त्राश च सृगालवदनास तदा
भीमा मकर वक्त्राश च शिशुमार मुखास तदा (IX.44.75)

Shanti Parva Mahabharata Book XII Chapter 29 mentions about Makaras ib shloka 24, 25.

कूर्मान कर्कटकान नक्रान मकराञ शिंशुकान अपि
नथीष्व अपातयथ राजन मघवा लॊकपूजितः (XII.29.24)
हैरण्यान पतितान थृष्ट्वा मत्स्यान मकरकच्छपान
सहस्रशॊ ऽद शतशस ततॊ ऽसमयत वैतिदिः (XII.29.25)

Vana Parva, Mahabharata/Book III Chapter 170 mentions about Makaras in shloka 44. (III.170.44)

गृध्राणां गरुडानां च मकराणां तदैव च
पिशाचानां सयक्षाणां तदैव च सुरथ्विषाम (III.170.44)

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Hanumangarh Jn.

Hanumangarh - Housing Board Colony,

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Chitrakoot,

Villages in Jodhpur district

Falaudi, Dedavera,

Villages in Hanumangarh district

Hanumangarh, Nagrana, Ratanpura, Sangariya,

Villages in Barmer District

Garal (10),

Villages in Nagaur District

Banwarla, Dholerao Kalan (150),

Villages in Jhunjhunu District


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district


Villages in Sirsa district

Distribution in Punjab


Notable persons

  • Anil Makar - APP (Prosecution), Date of Birth : 5-August-1971, Permanent Address : 2/7,Housing Board Colony,Hanumangarh Jn.,Raj. Present Address : D-6/80, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Phone: 9829402001, Mob: 9983130003
  • Gp. Capt.R.K. Makar - Retd. Joined PHHL, Defence, D-10, Kiran Apptts. GH-79, Sec 56, Gurgaon Haryana Ph: 0124-2577002, 9811738910 (PP-249)
  • Mr. Ram Karan Makar - Pvt. Service Group Captain (Retd.), Jagson Airlines, 13 Vandana Building, New Delhi-110001, New Delhi, D-10, GH-79, SEC-56, Gurgaon (Haryana)- 122011, Gurgaon Haryana Ph: 0124-4112408, 9868890809, Email: (PP-772)


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