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Manth (मांठ) Mant (मंट) Maant (मांट) Maanth (मांठ) Math (माठ) Manth (मांथ)[1] Math (माथ)[2] gotra Jats are found in Rajasthan. Mat clan is found in Afghanistan. [3]


This gotra originated from Nagavanshi king Mantarāja (मंटराज) of Kurūḷa kingdom who was defeated by Samudragupta (335 - 380 AD).


Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta mentions King named Maṇṭarāja (N. 1, L. 19) in the list of Names of Feudatory Kings and High Officers by Tej Ram Sharma [4], a King of Kurula, one of the rulers of Dakshinapatha defeated by Samudragupta. In this name the first part is Manta and the second is Raja. The meaning of the first part is not clear to the historians. It is clearly not a Sanskrit word. As Woolner has pointed out words with cerebrals are often non-Aryan or influenced by non-Aryan elements.[5] Another possibility is that these names show dialectal elements. We may derive it from an artificial root 'mant' to act as inter mediator.[6]

Nagpur Museum Inscription of Somesvara Saka Samvat 1130 mentions grant of revenue of village Keramarka for the temple. Lines 42 to 55 specify the names of a number of royal officers who were witnesses of the transaction. (See - Nagavanshi Inscriptions). Its (Line 42.): To this transaction, our minister Mandalika-Somaraja, the secretaries Damodaranāyaka, Manṭama-Nāyaka and Chañchana-Peggaḍa, the door-keepers Somi-Nayaka, Guddāpu Erapa-Reddi, Viluchuḍla-Prabhu and Parakoṭa-Komma-Nāyaka (were) eye-witnesses.

This inscription shows Nagavanshi lineage of Mant clan.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Math (माठ) gotra is found in Rajasthan.

Villages in Sikar district

Sikar, Sirohi,

villages in Jhunjhunu district


Villages in Nagaur district

Mathon Ki Dhani (Thanwala),

Mant village in Mathura

There is a village named Mant with PIN-281202 in Mathura district.

Notable persons

  • Bhoor Singh Maanth - He was undisputed village Sarpanch of Kari for 37 years at a stretch.


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