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Sihmar (सिहमार)[1] [2] Sihumar (सिहुमार)[3] Shihmar (शीहमार)[4] Sinhmar (सिंहमार)[5] is Jat Gotra in Punjab. Originally Kalhar, this gotra of Jats found in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh. Sinhmar is branch of Chauhan.


  • Sinhmar Gotra derives name from persons who killed Lions.[6]


Sub divisions of Chauhan

Bhim Singh Dahiya[7] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Chauhan when they gained political ascendancy. The Sihmar clan supported the ascendant clan Chauhan and become part of a political confederacy.[8]

Bhim Singh Dahiya[9] provides us - Clan Identification Chart:

S.No. Present Central Asian names Indian name
14. Simarchim Sihmar (Jats)

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Jind district

Gatauli, Rajana Khurd, Ujhana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Bhiwani district,

Villages in Rohtak district

Rohtak district,

Villages in hisar district

Badala, Pabra,

Villages in Yamuna Nagar district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Nagaur district,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur district,

Distribution in Punjab

Sihumar population is 90 in Patiala district. [10]

Villages in Firozpur district

Sihmar clan found in : Abohar, Fazilka,

Notable Persons

  • Nitish Singh Sinhmar - Working Professional.

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