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Dewas district map
Joga Fort

Dewas (Hindi: देवास) is a town situated on the Malwa plateau in the West-central part of indian state called Madhya Pradesh. It is the administrative center of the Dewas District, and was formerly the seat of two princely states during the British Raj. Today, Dewas is an industrial town, with companies like Ranbaxy and Tata International being prominent players. Tekri, a hillock, which is in the centre of the town, holds a panoramic view.

Tahsils in Dewas district

Villages in Dewas tahsil

Aakya, Achlukhedi, Agrod, Ajampur Sutarkheda, Akabarpur, Akalya, Akhepura, Alipur, Amarpura, Amlawati, Amodiya, Anandpurdungariya, Anarthiya, Ant, Antrakodi, Antraliya, Awalya Pipalya, Azizkhedi, Badamahalaspura, Badoli, Bagana, Bairagarh, Balakhedi, Baloda, Bangar Dewas, Bangarda, Banjari, Bapchagujar, Bapchanayata, Baray, Barkhedakayam, Barkhedakotapai, Barkhedi, Barkhediman, Barodi, Barodpipalya, Barotha, Bhadapipalya, Bhaisuni, Bhangarh, Bhanoli, Bhatkhedi, Bhilakheda, Bhimakhedi, Bhimsi, Bijepur, Bodani, Borkhedidhakad, Borkhediphattu, Brahmankhedi, Chandana, Chaplakhedi, Chhapri, Chhayan, Chhota Mahalasapura,, Chobapipalya, Churlaibadi, Churlaichhoti, Dabalchooki, Dakhnakhedi, Datotar, Dewar, Dewas (M Corp.), Dhabla, Dhamanda, Dhammani, Dhanora, Dharukhedi, Dudhapura, Dungariya, Durgapura, Elaskhedi, Gadashapipalya, Gaddukhedi, Gajnodkheda, Gangardi, Gogya, Gondalya, Gopalpura, Gorkhedi, Guradiya (Bhil), Haibatpura, Hapakheda, Hawankhedi, Hirapura, Hirli, Hoshyarakhedi, Hoshyari, Ishwarkhedi, Jalalkhedi, Jalodiya, Jamgod, Jamunya, Jangli(Ramgarh), Janoikhedi, Jasodgarh, Jawasya, Jiwajipura, Kaladeh, Kaneriya, Kankund, Karadiya, Karmankhedi, Karnakhedi, Kawadi, Kelod, Khajuriya, Khajuriya Parmar, Khatamba, Khatediya, Khetakhedi, Khokariya, Kishangarh, Koklakhedi, Kolukhedi, Kumariya, Lasurdiya Chhatradhar, Lasurdiya Sonda, Lasurdiyanajdeek, Laxmipura, Limboda, Lohana, Lohar Pipalya, Lohari, Mahudiya, Malendiya, Mangrola, Mareti, Mendkidhakad, Merkhedi, Merkhedi(Ankya), Mirzapur, Mochikhedi, Molay, Morukhedi, Mudka, Mukundkhedi, Mundaheda, Mungawada, Nabipur, Nagjhiri, Nagora, Nagukhedi, Nalesara, Napakhedi, Naranjipur, Narayangarh, Nariyakheda, Narkhedi, Nawdakhedi, Newari, Nijamadi, Niklank, Nipanya, Niwaniya, Padampura, Padlya, Panchtalab, Panthmundla, Panwasa, Parwatipura, Parwatpura, Patada, Patadi, Patherguradiya, Patlawada, Pawarda, Pipalyarao, Pitawala, Pitawali, Raghogarh Dewas, Rajoda, Rajpura, Ralamandal, Ranayar, Ratedi, Rewadi, Rudrawasa, Rupakhedi, Rupatta, Sabukhedi, Sadashivpura, Sajnodkheda, Salamkhedi, Sannod, Sarol, Sarola, Sarpatti, Satbardi, Sendukhedi, Shukrawasa, Silakhedi, Silawati, Sindani, Sinduriya, Singawada, Siroliya, Sironj, Siya, Sonda, Sukalya, Sulyakheda, Sumrakheda, Sunwani Gopal, Sunwani Karad, Sunwanimahankal, Sutarkheda, Sutarkheda(Marethya), Sutli, Tigariya Chhota, Tigariya Goga, Tigariya Sancha, Timarni, Tinoniya, Tolapura, Tumdawada, Tumdawada, Tumni, Tumni Mohammadpur, Upadi, Yashwantnagar,

Origin of name

The name Dewas is derived from the Devi Vaishini hill near the city. The hill has some a temple of deity Devi Chamunda. The word Dewas is also believed to be a sandhi of words Dev (deity) and Vas (Hindi for abode), thus Dewas means abode of the deity or god.


Dewas lies northeast of Indore, southeast of Ujjain, and southwest of Shajapur. The town is located on the level plains of the Malwa plateau; to the south, the land rises gently to the Vindhya Range, which is the source of the Chambal and Kali Sindh rivers that flow north through the district on their way to the Ganges. Dewas lies at the foot of the conical Chamunda Hill, on the summit of which is the Devi Vindhyavasini temple. Nagara, which is home to Jain and Hindu temple ruins, lies just south of the city of Dewas.

Dewas is located at |22.97|N|76.07|E [1]. It has an average elevation of 598 metre.


As of 2001 India census , Dewas had a population of 231,672. Dewas registered 40.1% growth in population during decade 1991-2001 which is way above indian population growth average. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Dewas has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 77% and, female literacy is 61%. In Dewas, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Industrial Connection

Dewas boasts many Industrial units providing employment to thousands of industrial workers. It has a couple of industrial areas on Indore road and also few pockets of industries on Ujjain road.

Main industries here are

Bank Note Press - Bank Note Press, Dewas, an industrial unit of Government of India, ministry of finance, Department of Economic Affairs, was conceived in the year 1969 and estiblished in 1974.

Dewas is an Industrial town of the state. It has got many mid-sized and small industries under its belt. The big wigs include Tatas, kirloskers, Arvind mills, S Kumars, Tata - Cummins, Gajra Gears, Ranbaxy Labs, Steel Tubes, Bank Note press (which prints majority of Indian currency notes. Very few people know about this outside dewas). The rapid industrialization took place in the late 70s and early 80s. But due to inadequate infrastructure, the pace is very slow since late 80s. Still there are big units churning out profits. Dewas is known as Soya capital of India. Dewas has got major share in the soyabean processing in India.

In recent years, few industries have closed their operations due to shortage of sufficient infrastructure to support growth. Main is shortage of water as water table has significantly gone down due to excessive usage in previous decades.

Due to its high location above mean sea level and at one corner of plateau, constant wind flows in the region making it perfectly suited for harvesting wind energy. MP wind farms have chosen an ideal location for planting more than 100 huge monster like wind mills on a hill some 13 km from DEWAS. It generates around 15 megawatts of power. Few private companies have financed these to get un interrupted power supply.


Dewas has got many good schools for education up to HSC level. For higher education there are few colleges but students prefer to move to Indore as it has got more advanced facilities and options for higher education and various professional courses to chose from.

Major colleges :

Govt. K.P. College affiliated to Vikram University, Govt Girls Degree College, Prestige institute of Management

Major schools:

Central School, St. Mary's Covent, Govt NVM no.1 & no.2, Chimnabai Girls School, Radhabai Girls School, Sacred Heart H.S. School, Vindhyachal Academy, Sarswati Shishu vidhya mandir(both Balgarh & Vijay nager) B.C.M JR COLLEGE


Air Connectivity

Nearest Airport is Indore (36 KM) which is well connected with Major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, Gwalior. Many service operators like Jet airways, Indian, Kindfisher, Air Deccan operates on various route giving customers flexibility to chose various levels of services. Indore Airport is one hour drive from Dewas.

Train Connectivity

Dewas Jn.(DWX), is a Standard Broad Gauge Railway Station which belongs to Ratlam Division of Western Railway (India) Zone, is well connected with all major cities of india.

Dewas Junction lies on Indore - Ujjain branch line and it has one line originating and going towards Maksi Junction which connects Nagda Bhopal WR-CR link line. Indore - Ujjain line is not electrified and diesel engines mostly WDM2/3 pull trains on this sector.

There are regular trains plying to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Patna, Trivendrum, Coimbatore, Cochin, Nagpur, Jammu and other major cities.

All trains, including superfast and express trains, stops here.

Road Connectivity

Dewas is well connected to major cities in state and Central India through extensive network of national and state highways. NH3 Agra Mumbai National highway passes through the town. NH 86 starts from Dewas and goes up to UP border passing through Chhatarpur - Hirapur - Banda - Sagar - Rahatgarh - Vidisha - Raisen - Bhopal - Sehore - Ashta.

There are regular buses, both by state run transport services as well as private operators for nearby towns.

Public transport services are not well developed and restricted to only tempos on Mumbai Agra road and few Auto rickshaws with fixed rates. It is advisable to fix the rate before boarding as they do not run on meters.

Princely state history

Dewas has always been a home of a special community named SEMAD & LAAGAR. Both have a common speciality known as HOMOLO. You can address any SEMAD community people as SEMI. For LAAGAR ones its just Laagar. Semad doesn't migrated from Dewas but Laagar people left dewas and most of them have settled in Riyadh(A famous place in Saudi). Dewas was formerly the capital of not one but two princely states of British India. The original state was founded in the first half of the 18th century by the brothers Tukaji Rao (senior) and Jivaji Rao (junior), from the Pawar clan of Marathas, who advanced into Malwa with the Maratha Peshwa, Baji Rao, in 1728. The brothers divided the territory among themselves; their descendants ruled as the senior and junior branches of the family. After 1841, each branch ruled his own portion as a separate state, though the lands belonging to each were so intimately entangled, that even in Dewas, the capital town, the two sides of the main street were under different administrations and had different arrangements for water supply and lighting. The senior branch had an area of 446 sq. mi. and a population of in 62,312 in 1901, while the area of the junior branch was 440 sq. mi. and had a population of 54,904 in 1901. Both Dewas states was in the Malwa Agency of the Central India Agency. After India's independence in 1947, the Rajas of Dewas acceded to India, and their states were integrated into Madhya Bharat, which became a state of India in 1950. In 1956, Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh state.[2]

The E.M. Forster connection

A lovely and highly informative account of life in Dewas at the eve of Independence is provided by E. M. Forster in his book, The Hill of Devi. The title of the book itself refers to the hill on which the temple to Chamunda is located. E. M. Forster was private secretary to the raja of Dewas Senior, and is perhaps best known for his far more famous work, A Passage to India, which was made into an Oscar winning movie by Sir David Lean, starring Victor Bannerjee and Sir Alec Guinness.

Jat history

Joga Fort is an ancient fort built by Jats situated on the border of Dewas and Harda districts in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in the middle of Narmada River at a distance of 8 km from a small town called 'Bai Jog Bada'. It is a beautiful tourist spot full of natural beauty and biodiversity.

This fort was built by two Jat warrior brothers Bhoga and Joga. They were contemporary of Alha and Udal warriors in the Army of Chandel rulers. Chandela rulers made them the governor of Nimar province where they ruled continuously till the rein of Mugals and Marathas. The great warrior Joga Singh Rao got constructed this fort. The elder brother Bhoga was killed in a war and Joga ascended to the throne. The folk tradition reveals that Joga loved one Gujar woman. It is believed that even after becoming the rani, the Gijari used to go by a secret route to take bath in the Narmada River and bring drinking water herself. There is a large population of Jats and Gujars surrounding the area.

The fort is still a site of unique beauty. The area surrounding the fort in a radius of about 25 km is good natural forest. It is situated on a 1000 metre high island above Narmada waters. It still reveals the history of Jat warriors even after 800 years have passed.

Jat Gotras

Jat Gotras living in Dewas district are: Benda, Bhatia, Borana, Gora, Jani, Tada, Thenua, Tomar, Meel, Mundel Punia,

  • Bisayti
  • Dondariya
  • Malik
  • Bana
  • Dagora
  • Olhan
  • Golya

Zila Jat Samaj Dewas

  • Adhyaksh - Shanti Lal Jani, Mob: 9977140404
  • Up-Adhyaksh - Hajari Lal Khurkhurdiya
  • Koshadhyaksh - Satyanarayan Varma, Mob: 9827827370
  • Sachiv - Uddhaw Patel, Mob: 981952722
  • Sah-Sachiv - Devi Lal Sundariya

Notable persons

  • Lakhan Singh jat- Rtd. Mp police
  • Laxman Jani - Jani Garments, 221-C, Kalani Bag, Dewas, Mob: 9193193153
  • Hukam Chand Benda - Ma Rewa Machinary , Dewas, Mob:9009132128 [3]
  • Dr Suresh Thakur (Meel ) - Yash Hospital, 42, Agroha Nagar, Harda, Ph:07272-242423,40335[4]
  • Satya Narayan Varma (Thenua) - Dewas, Mob:9827827370, 07272-251076
  • B.H. Bhatia - Dewas, Mob:9827379716, 9573895871
  • Nand Kishor Jat - Infront of K P College, Laxmibai Marg, Dewas, Mob: 9827827370, 9907642342
  • Jeewan Singh jat- Service- Bank note press
  • Yashwant Dagora- Govt. Service.

Jat Monuments in the district

Dewas district is the site of following Jat Monuments:

List of Archaeology Places in Dewas

Dewas District PIN Codes

Location PINCode / ZIPCode • Bagli (newas) 455227 • Barotha 455112 • Dewas Bada Bazar 455001 • Dewas Balgarh 455111 • Dewas Bank Note 455003 • Dewas Bhawani Sagar 455001 • Dewas H O 455001 • Dewas Industril Estate 455001 • Dewas Radhaganj 455001 • Gandharvpuri 455119 • Hat Pipalia 455223 • Kamlapur 455302 • Kannod 455332 • Kantaphore 455440 • Karnawad (dewas) 455221 •Khategaon 455336 • Nagda (dewas) 455178 •Nemawar 455339 • Satwas 455459 • Shipr 455048 • Sonketch 455118 • Sundrel (dewas) 455467 • Tonk Kalan 455117 • Tonk Khurd 455116 • Agrod 455116 • Agurl 455227 • Ajnas 455336 • Alri 455001 • Amlataj 455227 • Amona 455116 • Anabad 455118 • Anwalia Piplia 455115 • Arlaoda 455225 • Atwas 455459 • Babai 455118 • Bagankheda 455332 • Bagli 455227 • Bahirawad 455335 • Baijagwada 455459 • Balgarh 455111 • Balon 455116 • Bamnikhurd 455332 • Bangar 455001 • Bangarda 455001 • Baodi Kheda 455332 • Barkheda Purvaiya 455225 • Barkhedasoma 455221 • Bedgaon 455440 • Bhamori 455227 • Bhandaria 455336 • Bhesun 455440 • Bhonrasa 455115 • Bhutiyabujurg 455116 • Bijalgaon 455339 • Bijwad 455440 • Bilawli 455001 • Binjana 455001 • Bisakhedi 455118 • Burada 455339 • Chandrashekhar Dam 455440 • Chandwana 455336 • Chapda 455227 • Chaubapipliya 455221 • Chaubara Jagir 455118 • Chichli Rajor 455336 • Chidawad 455001 • Chobaradhira 455116 • Churlai Badi 455115 • Dangarkheda 455459 • Dattotar Mandi 455001 • Daulatpur 455118 • Deepgaon 455339 • Dehri Sahu 455221 • Deogarh 455225 • Deoguradia 455118 • Dewas Bank Note Press 455001 • Dewas Bhavanisagar 455001 • Dewas H.o. 455001 • Dewas Industrial Estate 455001 • Dewas Vijayganjmandi 455001 • Dokakui 455332 • Double Chowki 455221 • Eklera 455339 • Eklera Mataji 455116 • Ganora 455336 • Garhkhajuria 455118 • Ghasad 455459 • Gorba 455116 • Guradiakalan 455227 • Harangaon 455336 • Harnoada 455116 • Hatpipliya 455225 • Jamgod 455115 • Jamoniya 455116 • Jinwani 455440 • Jiyagaon 455336 • Jiyagarh 455116 • Kalma 455001 • Kalwar 455332 • Kankakhajuriya 455118 • Kankariya 455336 • Kantaphod 455440 • Karnawad 455221 • Katkut 455332 • Kelod 455001 • Khajuriabina 455225 • Khal 455339 • Khareli 455001 • Kheriajagir 455118 • Khiroda 455459 • Khokriya 455115 • Khutkheda 455118 • Kolari 455339 • Kshipra 455001 • Kusmania 455332 • Lasudiya Brahaman 455116 • Lasudiya Kulmi 455116 • Limboda 455225 • [[Loharda ]]455440 • Mankund 455225 • Matmautr 455227 • Maukheda 455225 • Mohai 455459 • Mundheda 455001 • Mundladangi 455116 • Murjhal 455339 • Nagda 455111 • Nanasa 455336 • Nandal 455116 • Nanukheda 455225 • Neori 455225 • Nipania 455001 • Nipaniya Hurhur 455118 • Omkara 455332 • Padliya 455001 • Pandajagir 455118 • Pandutalab 455227 • Panigaon 455440 • Pankua 455227 • Patadi 455221 • Patlawada 455001 • Patrani 455332 • Pipalkota 455336 • Pipalrawa 455118 • Piplianankar 455339 • Polai 455118 • Punjapura 455227 • Rajoda 455001 • Ranayal Kalan 455116 • Randankhedi 455001 • Richi 455336 • Sadikheda 455115 • Salamkhedi 455001 • Sandalpur 455339 • Sannod 455221 • Sanwarsi 455115 • Sawasada 455339 • Singawada 455001 • Siroliya 455001 • Siya 455001 • Sonkhedi 455332 • Sonkutch 455118 • Sukardi 455336 • Sulgaon 455336 • Sundrel 455440 • Sunwanigopal 455001 • Surmania 455440 • Talod 455118 • Tappa Suklia 455225 • Thuria 455332 • Tigira Chota 455111 • Tigiria Goga 455111 • Tiwdiya 455336 • Tonkhurd 455116 • Tonkkalan 455001 • Udaynagar 455227 • Zikrakhedi 455221


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