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Sarang (सरंग) Saarang (सारंग)[1][2] is Gotra of Jats found in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Sarhang clan is found in Afghanistan.[3]


Saranga (सरंग) have originated from Nagavanshi mahapurusha Saranga (सरंग)


Bhim Singh Dahiya identifies them with Rigvedic Tribe - Sarangya : A king, Daivavata, of this tribe, is named in RV l/27/7,4/15/4,7. Also the charity of Prastoka Sringya is mentioned in Rigveda. They are to be identified with the Sarangh clan of the Jats, and also with the Sarangai of the Greek authors and Sarank/Zarank of Iranian history.

अयं यः सर्ञ्जये पुरो दैववाते समिध्यते |
दयुमां अमित्रदम्भनः || (RV 4/15/4)

Parthian Stations by Isidore of Charax[4], is an account of the overland trade route between the Levant and India, in the 1st century BCE, The Greek text with a translation and commentary by Wilfred H. Schoff. Transcribed from the Original London Edition, 1914.

The Parthian Stations of Isidore of Charax, fragmentary as it is, is one of the very few records of the overland trade-route in the period of struggle between Parthia and Rome. As the title indicates, it gives an itinerary of the caravan trail from Antioch to the borders of India, naming the supply stations, or, as they would now be called, the caravanserais maintained by the Parthian Government for the convenience of merchants. We find mention of city named Sarang at S.No.17:

17. Beyond is Zarangiana (the Sarangians of Herodotus III, 93), 21 schoeni. There are the city of Parin and the city of Coroc. (See Nimruz - Zaranj is an ancient historic city which was known as Sarang in Sanskrit during Hindu times and later came to be known as Zarang and now Zaranj).

James Tod mentions the exploits of Bhatti Chief Deoraj. Under their leaders, Tejsi and Sarang, they protected the mock Dhar, and were cut to pieces to the number of one hundred and twenty. Deoraj approved their valour, and provided for their children. Being thus released from his oath, he proceeded towards Dhar, reducing those who opposed his progress. Brij-bhan defended Dhar during five days, and fell with eight hundred of his men; upon which Deoraj unfurled the flag of victory and returned to his late conquest, the city of Lodorva. [5]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Badayun district


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Sarang (सरंग) Jats are found in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh.

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Dhamottar 3,

Notable persons

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