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Matwa (मातवा) Matwe (मातवे)[1] Matua (मातुआ) gotra Jats are found in Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


They are said to be descendants of Nagavanshi King Matila (मातिल). [2]


Tejram Sharma[3] gives details about the King Matila as One of the kings of Aryavarta defeated by Samudragupta. According to Panini, a polysyllabic name was sometime shortened in order to express affection. Thus in the case of names ending in 'ila' we find Devila being derived from Devadatta; Yajnila and Yajnadatta; Makhila from Makhadeva; Agila from Agnidatta ; Satila from Svatidatta; Nagila from Nagadatta, and Yasila, Yakhila from Yaksadatta. Similarly Matila can be formed from Matideva or Matidatta.

Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta mentions about King Matila (मतिल) in Line 21 (No. 1, L. 21) which says:

"(L. 21.)- Who abounded in majesty that had been increased by violently exterminating Rudradeva, Matila, Nāgadatta, Chandravarman, Ganapatināga, Nāgasena,Achyutanandin, Balavarman, and many other kings of (the land of) Āryāvarta;-who made all the kings of the forest countries to become (his) servants;"[4]

Villages founded by Matwa clan

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Bai Jhunjhunu, Matwa Ki Dhani (Bai),

Villages in Jodhpur district


Villages in Sikar district

Bai Birol, Chaindas Ki Dhani, Dadia, Manasi, Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Matwon Ki Dhani Sikar, Shyampura Sikar, Sikar,

Villages in Nagaur district

Gotan, Khuri Kalan, Matwon Ki Dhani, Mori Kalan, Tehla,

Villages in Alwar district

Nagla Matwa,

Villages in Barmer district

Matuon Ki Dhani (t.Sheo)

Villages in Jaisalmer district

Matwon Ki Basti,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Dewas district

Khategaon, Khudgaon,

Villages in Indore district

Pardeshipura (a locality in Indore city)

Villages in Sehore district

Jat Muhai,

Villages in Harda district

Bichhola, Devtalab, Harda Khurd, Kachbaidi, Relwa,

Notable persons

  • Rajendra Matwa - Businessman Owner of Abhimaan Institute, Address - S/o M R Choudhary (Matwa), Vill.- Matwo Ki Dhani, Gotan, Distt- Nagaur, (Rajasthan) Email- Contact - 9928487598)
  • Brahm Dutta (Matwa) - Retd. CTO, From village Bai in Jhunjhunu district.
  • Ramniwas Matwa - RTS (2009) VPO - Modi Kala, TEH.- Degana, DISTT. - Nagaur, Rajasthan, Mobile Number : 9414335594
  • Dr. Vidyadhar - J. S. (ENT) Medical & Health. Near Maroo Girls School, near N.C.C. Office, N.H.11, Sikar, Rajasthan, Phone: 01572-243999, Mob: 9829302066
  • Richhpal Singh (Matwa) - KTPS. Present Address: C-105, Thermal Volony, Sakatpura, Kota, Phone: 0744-2371178, Mob: 9413385661
  • Munesh Matwa - Inspection Engineer at IOCL, B.Tech & M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Permanent Address- S/O Shri Harlal Singh (Matwa), Vill.-Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Teh.-Laxmangarh, Dist-Sikar (Raj), Contact No.-7501395741 , & ,
  • Harlal Singh (Matwa) - Ex-Serviceman of Army, Permanent Address: Vill.- Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Teh.-Laxmangarh, Dist-Sikar (Raj)
  • Dr. Pinki Matwa - MBBS from Government Medical College (GMC) Kota, Permanent Address- D/O Shri Mamraj Singh (Matwa), Vill.- Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Teh.-Lachhmangarh, Dist-Sikar (Rajasthan),
  • Rahul Matwa - Engineer at HLS Asia, B.Tech from Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur, Permanent Address- S/O Shri Mamraj Singh (Matwa), Vill.- Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Teh.-Laxmangarh, Dist-Sikar (Rajasthan),,
  • Dr. Girish Matwa - MBBS from Government Medical College (GMC) Kota, Permanent Address- S/O Shri Harlal Singh (Matwa), Vill.- Matwa Ki Dhani, Manasi, Teh.-Laxmangarh, Dist-Sikar (Rajasthan),
  • Vikas Fageria - -Founder of SMC Education & Tech SMC. B.Tech from Govt engineering college Bikaner, Add- Vill - Manasi Teh - Laxmangarh, Dist - Sikar, contact detail - Mob- +918290618757,
  • Narayan Matwa - From Harda Madhya Pradesh, Got President's Silver Medal Award for his excellent work conducted about Census-2011. (Jat Jyoti:4/2013,p.37)

Gallery of Matwa people

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