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Author: Laxman Burdak IFS (R)
District map of Satna

Satna (सतना) is a city and district in Madhya Pradesh. It is Satna is a border city of the state and is touched by the borders of state of Uttar Pradesh.

Tahsils in Satna district

Origin of name

Satna got its name from Sutna or Satna river flowing in its vicinity. It is said that this river got its name from the name of popular rishi called "Suteekshna Muni" of ancient times of Ramayana period (ref. "Satna Nagar" written by Shivanand).


A long history is associated with places in Satna district. In Ramayana Era Lord Rama is said to have stayed in the region of Chitrakoot, half of it is in the outskirts of Satna district, shared with Uttar Pradesh, which contains the rest.

Nearby, at Bharhut, there are the remains of a 2nd century BC Buddhist stupa, first discovered in 1873 by Cunningham.

Lord Shiva Temple at Birsinghpur is also a famous and old temple in the region.

Maihar is an important pilgrim.

The early Buddhist books (including the Mahabharata) link the Baghelkhand tract with rulers of the Haihaya, Kalchuri or Chedi clan, who gained sufficient importance in the 3rd century CE. They had their capital at Mahishmati, identified by some with Maheshwar in Khargone District, from where they seem to have been driven eastwards. They had acquired the fort of Kalinjara (a few miles beyond the border of the district, in Uttar Pradesh), and with that as base, they extended their dominious over Baghelkhand.

During the 4th and 5th centuries, the Gupta dynasty held sway over the area. The feudatory chiefs of Uchchhakalpa (Unchehra in Nagod tehsil) and the Parivrajakas of Kot (in Nagod tehsil) held their own. The chief stronghold of the Chedi clan was Kalinjar, and their proudest title was Kalanjaradhishwara (Lord of Kalanjar).

The Kalchuris received their first blow at the hand of Chandel chief Yashovarmma (925-55), who seized the fort of Kalinjar and the tract surrounding it. The Kalchuris were still a powerful tribe and continued to hold most of their possessions until the 12th century.

The chiefs of Rewas were Baghel Rajputs descended from the Solanki clan. Vyaghra Deo, brother of the ruler of Gujarat, made his way into northern India about the middle of the 13th century and obtained the fort of Marpha, 18 miles north-east of Kalinjar. His son Karandeo married a Kalchuri (Haihaya) princess of Mandla and received in dowry the fort of Bandhogarh (now in the tehsil of the same name in Shahdol district), which, until its destruction in 1597 by Akbar was the Baghel capital.[1]

In 1298, when Ulugh Khan drove the last Baghel ruler of Gujarat from his kingdom. It caused a considerable migration of the Baghels to Bandhogarh.

Until the 15th century the Baghels of Bandhogarh were engaged in extending their possessions and escaped the attention of the Delhi kings. In 1498-9, Sikandar Lodi failed in his attempt to take the fort of Bandhogarh. The Baghel king Ramchandra (1555–92), was a contemporary of Akbar. After the death of Birdhabra, Ramchandra's son, a minor named Vikramaditya acceded to the throne of Bandhogarh. His accession gave rise to disturbances. Akbar intervened and captured and dismantled the Bandhogarh fort in 1597 after a seize of eight months. It is after this that the town of Rewa started gaining in importance.[2]

In 1803, after the treaty of Bassein, the British made overtures of alliance to the ruler of Rewa, but the latter rejected them. In 1812, during the time of Raja Jaisingh (1809–35), a body of Pindaris raided Mirzapur from Rewa territory. Upon this Jaisingh was called upon to accede to a treaty, in which he acknowledged the protection of the British Government, and agreed to refer all disputes with neighbouring chiefs to their arbitration and to allow British troops to march through or be cantoned in his territories.

At the mutiny of 1857, Maharaja Raghuraj Singh helped the British in quelling the uprisings in the neighbouring Mandla and Jabalpur district, and in Nagod which is now a part of Satna district. For this, the king was rewarded by restoration to him of the Sohagpur (Shahdol) and Amarkantak parganas, which had been seized by the Marathas in the beginning of the century.

The rulers of Rewa State bore the title of 'His Highness' and "Maharaja" and received a salute of 17 guns. Most of the Raghuraj Nagar and entire Amarpatan tehsil of the present Satna district were in the Rewa State prior to the formation of Vindhya Pradesh.[3]

Places of historical importance

Chada Yakshi (Chanda Yakshi) Bharhut, 2nd century BCE. Indiam Museum Kolkata
  • Bharhut: Also in Satna district is the ancient city of Bharhut, a center of Buddhist culture, whose archeological treasures have been gifted to the major museums in the country and the world. The Bharhut stupa may have been established by the Maurya king Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE, but many works of art were apparently added during the Shunga period, with many friezes from the 2nd century BCE.
  • Chitrakoot : Chitrakuta is a town of religious, cultural, historical and archaeological importance, situated in the Satna district in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh; bordering the Chitrakoot district is Uttar Pradesh, India. It is known for numerous temples and sites mentioned in Hindu mythology. Chitrakuta’s spiritual legacy stretches back to legendary ages. It was in these deep forests that Rama, Sita and his brother Lakshmana spent eleven and half years of their fourteen years of exile. The great sage Atri, Sati Anusuya, Dattatreya, Maharshi Markandeya, Sarbhanga, Sutikshna and various other sages, seers, devotees and thinkers meditated here. The principal trinity of the Hindu pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, took their incarnations here.[4]
  • Maihar: Maihar has a temple by the name of Sharda Devi situated on the top of Trikuta hill about 5 km from the center of the town. This temple is known for its stairway of more than 1,000 steps. Millions of devotees throng to the temple throughout the year. There is a 3.1 mn tn cement factory near Maihar (Maihar Cement Factory) which provides an industrial touch to the holy place. The factory complex and the township are situated at Sarlanagar about 8 km away from Maihar town on the Maihar-Dhanwahi Road. Two new cement factories, KJS Cement and Reliance Cement, are also setting up their cement factories here. NTPC, the power giant of India, is setting up a thermal plant at Barethi in Maihar.
  • Birsinghpur: Birsinghpur has a temple by the name of old shiv temple situated in main market 0.5 km from Satna Birsinghpur road. Millions of devotees throng to the temple throughout the year.
  • Griddhraj Parvat: Griddhraj Parvat (Hindi: गृद्घराज पर्वत, the hill of vultures), is a hill of religious, archeological and ecological importance situated in Devrajnagar village of tehsil Ramnagar in Satna district. It is located 8 km from the town of Ramnagar. Griddhraj Parvat is of great religious importance in Hindu mythology. It was mentioned in Skanda Purana as ‘Griddhanchal Parvat’.[citation needed] It is believed to be the birthplace of ‘Sampati’, the brother of Griddhraj ‘Jatayu’ mentioned in Ramayana. The poet Kalidas mentions this place as the most sacred in his book ‘Griddharaj Mahatmya’ (Narad Uvach). He wrote that a dip in the Manasi Ganga River originating from Griddhraj Parvat, at an altitude of 2,354 feet, absolves all kinds of sins. Sons of Brahma and then goddess Parvati first saw this hill. It is also mentioned in Shiva Samhita.[citation needed] Chinese traveller Fa-hien visited this place and mentioned it.[5]

Villages in Satna district

List Of Villages in Amarpatan tahsil

Ahirgaon, Aira, Amarpatan, Amin, Amjhar, Anand Garh, Bachhara, Bareh Bada, Bela, Bhadara, Bhadawa, Bhiesampur, Bichhiya Khurd, Bidhui Khurd, Bigoudi , Chorkhadi, Deua, Dewari, Dhaurahara, Dhobhat, Dinapur, Dithoura, Doma, Ghinna, Ghuisa, Gora, Itama, Itama Kothar, Jamuna, Jhiriya Kopariyan, Kakalpur, Kakara, Karahi Lami, Kataha, Kemara, Khajuri Sukhnandan, Kharamseda, Khutaha, Korigaon, Kotar, Kumhari, Lalitpur, Lalpur, Madha , Madhi Beerdutt, Madhie, Magraj, Mahudar, Majhagawan, Mouhari Katara, Mouhariya Lalan, Mouhat, Mukundpur, Nougaon, Overa, Pagara, Paipakhara, Pale, Papara, Parasiya, Paraswahi, Pathara, Podie Kala, Raikwar, Ramgarh, Ruhiya , Sannehi Bada , Sarabaka, Semariya, Silpari, Suaia, Tala, Tyondhara N2, Tyondhari, Umari Shivraji,

List Of Villages in Maihar tahsil:

Ajwain, Amatara, Amdara, Amiliya, Amiliya Kala, Amuwa, Arkandi, Badera, Bansipur, Bara Khurd, Barahi, Barahiya, Barethi, Bathiya, Beldara, Berma, Bhadanpur Ne, Bhadanpur Sn, Bhainsasur, Bhamraha, Bharouli, Bhatigawan, Bhatura, Bhenda, Bihara Kala, Budheruwa, Chapana, Choupada, Dandi, Delha, Dewara, Dewari, Dhanedi Khurd, Dhanwahi, Dhanwahi Kala, Dharampura, Dhatura, Dubehi, Ghorwai, Ghunwara, Girgita, Goraiya, Goraiya Kala, Gowari, Gugadi, Hardaspur, Hardua Kala, Harnampur, Hinauta Gajgauna, Hinauta Kala, Itama, Ithara, Jamtal, Jariyari, Jeetnagar, Jhanjhwari, Jhukehi, Jora, Jowa, Judawani, Kakara, Kalyanpur, Kanchanpur, Kanhawara, Kansa, Karaiya Dewari, Karaundi, Karaundi Kap Nadan, Karondiya, Kartaha, Karuwa, Kewalari, Khaira, Kherwa Kala, Kherwa Sani, Kudawa, Kusedi, Kutai, Kuthilgawan, Latagaon, Luthoti, Madai, Magraura, Mahedar, Maihar, Majhgawan, Mantolwa, Matwara, Maudha, Nadan Shardaprasad, Nadan Shivprasad, Naktara, Naraura, Naugawan, Pahadi, Pakariya, Pala, Palouha, Parsokha, Patehara, Patharhata, Pipara Barband, Pipara Kala, Pondi, Raigaon, Rigara, Riwara, Rohaniya Khurd , Sabhaganj, Sadhera, Salaiya, Sarang, Semara, Sonwari, Suhaula, Tighara Kala, Tighara Khurd, Tilora, Tinduhata, Udaipur, Umari Fifari, Vineka,

List Of Villages in Majhgawan tahsil:

Amiliya, Amiriti, Arjunpur, Badera Kala, Badkhera, Bahakan, Bairahana, Bairahana Bandhi, Bamhouri, Bandhi, Banka, Bara, Baraha, Barou, Baroundha, Bathawa, Beerpur, Bhargawon, Bhiyamou, Bramhipur, Chitahara, Chouhai, Chuwaon, Dewara, Dewlaha, Domahai, Galwal, Godgawa, Gopalpur, Gujhawa, Halawon, Hardi, Hardua, Hariharpur, Hiroundi, Jamuyani, Jawarin, Jhakhoura, Jhari Nakaila, Jharie Jaitwara, Jhonta, Kailaspur , Kalawaliya, Kandar, Karie Gohi, Karoundi Kala, Kelhoura, Khadoura, Khanch, Kharaha, Khodari, Khohie, Khutaha, Kitaha, Kouhari, Lalpur, Lalpur Padari, Machkhara, Mahtian, Majhgawan, Majhgawan Ghari, Majhgawon, Malgousa, Marawa, Mehuti, Nakaila, Nardaha, Nayagawon, Pachali Kala, Pachhit, Padari, Paduhar, Padwaniya Jageer, Pagar Kala, Pagarkhurd, Paldew, Patana Kala, Patana Khurd, Pathar Kchhar, Patwaniya Pet, Pindara, Pipari Tola, Pratap Pur, Putari Chhuwon, Ranipur, Rimari, Sada, Sahpur, Sejwar, Seloura, Singhpur, Sujawal Khurd, Sukwah, Telani, Tighara, Turra, Vitama,

List Of Villages in Nagod tahsil:

Aama, Akouna Sathiya, Amiliya, Amkuie, Atroura, Babupur, Bachwai, Bamurahiya, Bandi, Barapathar, Basudha, Bela, Belgahana, Beloundha, Bhaihai, Bhajikhera, Chandkuiya, Chhinda, Chunaha , Damha, Datunaha, Dewari, Dhourahara, Dudaha, Dureha, Durgapur, Dwari Khurd , Gangwariya, Ghingodar, Ginjara, Hadha, Harduwa Kala, Hiloundha, Itama, Itama Uwari, Itoura Kala, Jadavpur, Jaso , Kachanar, Kachloha, Kalawal, Kalpa, Katkonkala, Khaira, Khakhroundha, Khamhariya Khurd, Khamrehi, Kodar, Koni, Kota N-2, Kota No1, Kpuri, Lalpur, Mada Tola, Madai, Madhie Kala, Maghgawon, Maghgawon Khurd, Maghiyari, Mahtain, Mauhari, Mugahar, Nagod, Nauniya, Nawasta, Nonagara, Panagara, Pasie, Patawara, Pawaiya, Pipari, Rahikwara, Rajarwara, Rampura, Reura Kala, Reura Khurd , Riechhul, Round, Runehi, Sahapura, Semari, Semarwara, Shivrajpur, Sijahati, Singhpur, Sitapura, Surdaha Kala , Surdaha Khurd , Ujnehi, Umari Brij, Umrahat, Umriha, Urdan, Usarar,

List Of Villages in Ramnagar tahsil:

Argat, Babupur, Bada Itama, Badwar, Bamhanadi, Belhai, Bhamraha, Bharatpur, Bhitari, Budhaboure, Chandwar, Chhirhai, Dewara Molhai, Dewari, Dewari Kala, Dewdaha, Dhadheech Tola, Didhiya Kala, Gailahari, Gajas, Ganga Sagar, Ghinna, Gidhaila, Gorhai, Gorsari, Govindpur, Gulwar Gujara, Hardua, Harrai, Hinauti, Jattha Tola, Jigana, Joba, Judwani, Kaithaha, Karra, Khara, Khodari, Kundehri Kala, Madakara, Majhtolwa, Mankahari, Mankisar, Maryadpur, Masmasi, Mirgauti, Murtihai, Nado, Narayanpur, Nowgaon No. 4, Padami, Paipakhara, Puraina, Ramnagar, Sagauni Khurd, Sariya, Suhaula, Sulkhama, Sunadi, Tegana,

List Of Villages in Rampur Baghelan:

Aber, Adharwar, Akouna, Asrar, Atrahara, Badhoura, Bagahai, Bairiha, Bakiya Bailo, Bakiya Tiwa, Bandha, Barda Deeh, Bartie, Bathiya, Beeda, Beernai, Bela, Bihara N-2, Bihara No1, Chakdahi, Chakera, Chhiboura, Chitgarh, Chood Khurd, Chorahata, Chormary, Degrahat, Deura N-2, Dew Mou Dal Dal, Dewara N- 1, Dudaha, Gada, Gadhawa Khurd, Gajan, Gajigawa, Ghorkat, Ghouhari, Ghunghuchihaie, Golahata, Goraiya, Guduhuru, Hinauti, Itama, Itama Naditeer, Itoure, Jamuna, Janardanpur, Jhand, Kandawa, Karahi Kala, Karmoua, Karpwah Kothar, Khagaura, Khamha, Khamhariya , Kharie, Kharwahi, Khatkhari, Kheriya Kothar, Khokham, Khukhuda Kothar, Koniya Kothar, Koond, Krishngarh, Lakhaha, Lakhanwah, Loulach, Madhie, Mahidal Kala , Mahurach Kandila, Majhiyar, Malgawon, Manakahari, Marahua, Mataha, Mohaniya, Narsinghpur, Nemuwa, Padkhuri, Patna Khurd, Raghunathpur, Rajarwar, Ramanagar, Rampur Baghelan, Richahari, Sagouni, Sajjanpur, Saraya, Satari, Selhana, Shivapurva, Sidhauli, Sijahata, Sonaura, Tapa, Thathoura, Tihai, Tourki,

List Of Localities in Satna tahsil:

Adarsh Nagar Nai Basti, Amaudha Kalan, Ayshman-shakti Vihar Road, Shakti Vihar, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Bagha, Bandhavgarh Colony, Bansagar Colony, Bharhut Nagar, Bharhut Nagar Road, Bharhut Nagar, Birla Colony Campus, Chankyapuri Colony, Civil Lines, Dharmdas Colony, Dhawari, Gangapuram, Ganpat Marg, Ghanshaym Vihar Colony, Ghurdong, Jawahar Nagar, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Jeevan Jyoti Colony Road, Shakti Vihar, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Jhankar Talkies Diversion Road, Mp Nagar, Khermai Road, Pushpraj Colony, Jeevan Jyoti Colony , Kripalpur, Krishna Nagar, Maruti Nagar, Master Plan, Mp Nagar, Mukhtiyarganj, Nazirabad, North Pateri, Panna Khajuraho Road, Shakti Vihar, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Prem Nagar, Pushpraj Colony, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Rajendra Nagar, Ramtekri, Sangram Colony, Satna , Satna Cement Mines Colony, Shakti Vihar, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Sherganj, Siddhart Nagar, Sindhi Camp, South Pateri, Tikuria Tola, Tikuriya Tola Satna, Transport Nagar, Virat Nagar,

List Of Villages in Sohawal tahsil:

Ahirgaon, Babupur, Bachwai, Bamharaula, Bandhi, Barahana, Barakala, Bari Kala, Barikhurd, Bathiya Kala, Bela, Belahata, Bhaiswar, Bharjuna Kala, Bharjuna Khurda, Bhawar, Bhumkahar, Brahuli, Chorwari, Daditola, Dagdeeha, Delora, Dhaurahra, Didaundh, Dilouri, Futaundhi, Futoundha, Goraiya, Guluwa, Hadhkhar, Hati, Hatiya, Itama, Jamori, Jhalli, Kaima.unmulan, Kalhari, Kanchanpur, Karhi.kothar, Karsara, Khamariya, Khamriya, Khangarh, Kharaura, Kothra, Kuan, Kudiya, Kusiyara, Lalpur, Madhougarh, Madni, Majhgawan, Mand, Mankahari, Masanha, Matahena, Mauhar, Medanipur, Murahakala, Nachnaura, Nadna, Naina Sagma, Naina(kothi), Naktie, Narayanpur, Nayagaon, Niemi, Padraut, Pakori, Pasi, Pataura, Pawaiya, Podi, Poindha Kala, Purawa, Raigaon, Raipur, Rampur.chaurasi, Ramsthan, Ranehi, Rangauli, Sagma, Sakariya, Sejahata, Semarikala, Semariya, Shivpur, Sohas, Sohaula, Sohawal, Teekar, Udaysagar, Ujaraundha,

Notable persons

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