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Ancestry of Rishi Attri

Attri (अत्री)[1] [2] Attri (अत्री)[3] Atre (अत्रे) Atrey (अत्रेय) Atre (आत्रे)/ Atreya (आत्रेय)[4] [5] is a clan or gotra of Jats found in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They are Chandravanshi Kshatriyas. This gotra is found in Brahmans also.


Attri are said to have been originated from Atreya (आत्रेय), who were ancient northwestern primitive tribe mentioned in Mahabharata (I.48.8), (VI.10.67), (III.83.102), (VI.10.67). The Atreya tribe has also been mentioned by by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. Atreya is name of Shiva included in the List of Shiva's thousand names.

Jat Gotras Namesake

Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[6] mentions Arabia....Ampelome57 also, a Milesian colony, the town of Athrida, the Calingii, whose city is called Mariva58, and signifies "the lord of all men;" the towns of Palon and Murannimal, near a river by which it is thought that the Euphrates discharges itself, the nations of the Agrei and the Ammonii, the town of Athenæ, the Caunaravi, a name which signifies "most rich in herds," the Coranitæ, the Œsani, and the Choani59. Here were also formerly the Greek towns of Arethusa, Larisa, and Chalcis, which have been destroyed in various wars.

57 Probably the same place as we find spoken of by Herodotus as Ampe, and at which Darius settled a colony of Miletians after the capture of Miletus, B. C. 494.

58 Hardouin remarks that Mariaba, the name found in former editions, has no such meaning in the modern Arabic.

59 Mentioned by Ovid in the Metamorphoses, B. v. 1. 165, et seq. Sillig, however, reads "Ciani."


Attri Jats had been Satrap of Pothohar.[7][8]. Pothohar is a plateau in north-eastern Pakistan, forming the northern part of Punjab (Pakistan). Henry Walter Bellew[9] writes that Poti is the name of a district in Afghanistan (Tarnak valley), and of a district (Potwar) in the north of Punjab (Pakistan), so called perhaps from a Jat tribe of that name i.e Poti.

B S Dahiya[10] writes that Jat clan called Attri has to be distinguished from the Brahman clan or gotra of the same name because Bhishamparvan (10, 67)a says that they were Mleccha. Brahmanas cannot call their own gotra as Mleccha.

B S Dahiya[11] writes: Satapatha Brahmana mentions Attri as a people. Mahabharata mentions them Indradamana, an Attri king, gave various charities to the Brahmans.[12]

Atri's son was Indradamana, who was an intelligent lord of earth. He gave many kinds of riches to desrving people and obtained worlds in the hereafter.[13][14]

Atris are believed to be descendants of Rishi Atri who was son of Brahma. Markandeya Purana mentions them with Lampākas.[15] They are separate from Brahmanas of this designation, as the Mahabharata says they were Malecchas. Satapatha Brahmana mentions them. Mahabharata Mentions them as a people. Indradamana, an Attri King, gave various charities to the Brahmans. [16] [17] [18]

According to B S Dahiya[19] Markandeya Purana mentions Attris with Lampakas.[20] They are separate from Brahmans of this designation, as the Mahabharat says they were Mlecchas.[21] They have now 60 villages in Khair and Tappal Tehsils of Aligarh (UP).


दलीप सिंह अहलावत[22] लिखते हैं: चन्द्रवंश में अत्री नामक जो वंश प्रचलित है उसके मूलाधार ब्रह्मा जी के पुत्र अत्रि ऋषि माने जाते हैं। अत्री जाट गोत्र, ब्राह्मणों के अत्री गोत्र से अलग है क्योंकि महाभारत भीष्म पर्व 10वां अध्याय श्लोक 67 में अत्री वंश को शूद्र लिखा है। ब्राह्मण अपने गोत्र को शूद्र नहीं कह सकते[23]। एक शिलालेख मिला है जिसके लेख को पढकर कनिंघम ने लिखा है कि “अत्री वंश (कुल) का शिवसेन था, जो पोथोहार का मण्डलेश्वर (Satrap of Pothohar) था[24]।” यह अत्री जाट गोत्र है। अत्रि वंश, शतपथ ब्राह्मण, मार्कण्डेय पुराण और महाभारत में भी इसको जाति (संघ) लिखा है। महाभारत में लिखा है कि अत्री गोत्र का राजा इन्द्रदमन ब्राह्मणों को अनेक प्रकार के दान देता था[25]। मध्यकाल में अलीगढ़ जिले के खडे़हा गांव से यह अत्री जाटवंश लोकप्रसिद्ध हुआ। इसी गांव से चलकर इस वंश के लोग अलीगढ जिले की खैर और टप्पल तहसीलों में जाकर बस गये, जहां पर इनके 60 गांव हैं। इनमें घरबरा और हरजीगढ़ गांवों के जाट अति उन्नतिशील हैं। ये लोग खड़ेहा गांव से आकर इन गांवों में बसे, इसी कारण इनको खड़िया अत्री कहते हैं।

In Mahabharata

The Mahabharata Tribe - Atreya (आत्रेय) has been mentioned as northwestern primitive tribe (VI.10.67), possibly located in Atari, between Lahore and Amritsar. They were later initiated in the Brahmin gotras of Atri and Bharadwaja.

आत्रेयाः स भरद्वाजास तदैव सतनयॊषिकाः
औपकाश च कलिङ्गाश च किरातानां च जातयः (VI.10.67)

The Mahabharata Tribe - Atreya (आत्रेय) may be identified with Jat Gotra - Attri (अत्री).

Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 9 mentions Rivers Langali, the Karatoya and Atreyi.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Attri and Nohwar gotras are considered brotherly gotras and do not marry within each other.

Villages in Aligarh district

Atari Aligarh, Bajauta Aligarh, Fazilpur Kalan, Ghanghauli , Gharbara, Harji Ki Garhi, Hetalpur, Jattari, Jikarpur/Zikarpur, Khadeha, Khera Kishan, Malav, Marhala, Maur Aligarh, Marorgarhi, Nagala Khurd, Palar, Pipli Tappal, Shadipur Khair, Simrauthi, Sotipura, Syaraul, Tappal, Usarah Rasulpur,

There are 80 villages of Attri Jats in Khair and Tappal tehsils of Aligarh. Adjoining them are Nohwars who have 100 villages. Presently Attri Jats inhabit village Khadeha in Uttar Pradesh. At times they are also known as "Khaderia". Attri Jats have migrated from this village and founded 60 villages in Aligarh district, Bulandshahr District, Gautam Budda Nagar district(Noida) and Delhi-NCR Region.Gharbara is the most famous village. [26]

Villages in Gautam Budh Nagar district

Bhabokara, Deorar, Kalakhuri, Khwajpur, Neemka Shahjahanpur, Udaipur, Manchad Thora,

Villages in Etah district


Villages in Bulandshahr district

Bhootgarhi, Dasoli, Manchad,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Palwal district

Jalhaka, Nagla Sahdev,

Distribution in Delhi

Badarpur south delhi[27]

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal District


Villages in Mandsaur District


Villages in Shivpuri District


Villages in Raisen district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Churu district

Sujangarh (1),

Locations in Jaipur city


Villages in Jodhpur district


Villages in Chittorgarh district


Villages in Udaipur district

Udaipur, Goverdhan Vilas,

Villages in Dungarpur district

Dungarpur, Punali,

Notable persons from this clan

  • Herodotus, a famous Greek historian, has described himself as a descendant of Atre (Atreya).
  • Kr. Sudhir Singh Attri - Engineer in HHML Group Dharuhera, Ravi Kumar Attri, Kuldeep Singh Attri S/o Ch. Tejpal Singh Babuji, Ch. Harpal Singh Gharbara. Mob:9466816388
Virendra Singh Atri.jpg
  • Manvir Singh Attri - RAS Rajasthan
  • Subhash Attri -Inspector UP Police, Meerut. He is from Jikarpur Aligarh.
  • Hukum Veer Attri- Inspector CBI, Presently posted in CBI-HQ Delhi. He is from Neemka, Jewar GB Nagar(Noida).
  • Chandra Jeet Singh Attri - He is the Asst. Professor in Electrical Deptt. of HMRITM Delhi . He is from Jikarpur Aligarh].
  • Pradyumn Kumar Attri - Sub Inspector UP Police. He belongs to Ghanghauli (Aligarh).
  • Nagendra Singh Attri - Sub Inspector UP Police, currently posted in Meerut. He belongs from Ghangauli Aligarh.
  • Vir Bhoopendra (Attri) - Addl.CE (Retd.) PWD , Date of Birth : 10-May-1948, Permanent Address : Vir Bhawan, Dholpur, Raj. Present Address : 10/913, Malviyanagar, Jaipur, Phone: 0141-2547739, Mob: 9414071691, Email:
  • Mahesh chandra Attri: He is in U.P police and currently posted in Meerut. He is from the village udaipur, Gautambudh Nagar
  • Savi Attri: Chief Metropolitan Magistrate at Karkardooma Court, Delhi, From: Mathura, UP, M: 9910384862
  • Captain Anupam atri : He is presently posted with Bhartiya thal sena. He is from Neemka, jewar.
  • Mukesh Singh Attri - Sub Inspector UP Police, currently posted in Moradabad. He belongs from Bhabokara, Jewar Gautam budha nagar UP.

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