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District map of Sheopur

Sheopur (श्योपुर) is a city and district in Madhya Pradesh.

Jat Gotras


The Sheopur tehsil of Sheopur district adjoining Rajasthan is rich in Jat population. There are many villages inhabited by Jats. About 40-45 villages around Sheopur are having Jats in majority. According to the records of Jagas and Bhats they had come to this area long back from Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana. It is believed that when Khilji was the ruler on Delhi, the Barauda area of Sheopur was ruled by Gond Rajas and the Jats of this area defeated Khilji. The oldest village of Jats here is Radep. This is inhabited by Kuradia and Mogar gotra Jats.[1]

There were minor Jagirs of Jats in the area. Akodia gotra Jats were in the army of Maharaja Suraj Mal. After the death of Maharaja Jawahar Singh sardar Charandas Akodia came to Sheopur and settled here. He originally belonged to Ballabhgarh. He constructed a grand Laxman temple in Hansalpur, which is a unique example of architecture. He established his Jagir here. There are 8-9 villages of Akodia Jats at present out of these Talawda village is main.[2]

Akodia Jats are influential in the area. There are 8-9 villages of Akodia clan in Sheopur tahsil. Talabada is major village of Akodia Jats. [3]

There was Jat Sikh Jagir in village Kelor, its last Jagirdar was Sardar Hajari Singh, who was married in the family of Raja Mahendra Pratap of Mursan state. [4]

Apart from these Gotras Beniwal, Rana, Dagar, Sinsinwar, Brahmanya and Dron Gotra Jats also live in Sheopur District. [5]

Sheopur Chhatravas Jat Samaj

श्योपुर छात्रावास जाट समाज: श्योपुर शहर में जाट छात्रावास भवन बनाया गया है। लगभग 4 बीघा जमीन है जो श्योपुर सवाई माधौपुर मार्ग के समीप शहर में स्थित है । पूरे परिसर की बाउन्ड्री बनी हुई है। अन्दर कमरे बने हुए जिनमें छात्रों के ठहरने की व्यवस्था है। सामूहिक कार्यक्रम के हिसाब से भी एक बड़ा सभा भवन का निर्माण अभी हाल में ही हुआ है , शेष कार्य प्रगति पर है । प्रत्येक वर्ष सामूहिक विवाह मुख्यत : राडेप, तलावड़ा, आवदा और श्योपुर में कराये जाते हैं । श्योपुर छात्रावास कार्यकारिणी जिला श्योपुर अध्यक्ष - ओउम प्रकाशसिंह (राडेप), उपाध्यक्ष - शम्भूसिंह (ददूनी), लखनसिंह (रतोधन) यदुराजसिंह एडवोकेट (बमोरी हाला) ,सचिव - श्याम सुंदर सिंह जाट (भूरवाड़ा) , कोषाध्यक्ष - हरनारायण सिंह (तलावड़ा) हैं।

महाराजा सूरजमल के 256 वें बलिदान दिवस पर श्रद्धांजलि

दिनांक 25 दिसंबर 2019 को महाराजा सूरजमल जी के 256 वे बलिदान दिवस पर जाट युवा महासभा की ओर से बलिदान दिवस के रूप में श्रद्धांजलि सभा का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें भारी संख्या में समाज के युवा एवं समाज के वरिष्ठ गण सम्मिलित हुए।...विष्णु सिंह जाट, जिलाअध्यक्ष, जाट युवा महासभा श्योपुर

चौधरी चरण सिंह जी का 102 वाँ जन्मदिन मनाया

चौधरी चरण सिंह जी का 102 वाँ जन्मदिन मनाया

23.12.2022 को जाट छात्रावास श्योपुर में पूर्व प्रधान मंत्री श्री चौधरी चरण सिंह जी का 102 वाँ जन्मदिन पर श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित कर मनाया गया जिसमें जाट समाज के अध्यक्ष श्री राम सिंह जाट झिरन्या, बीजेपी अध्यक्ष श्री सुरेंद्र सिंह, कांग्रेस के प्रांतीय सचिव श्री गिर राज सिंह, पूर्व निरीक्षक श्री प्रह्लाद सिंह, नगर संघचालक श्री कुंजबिहारी सिंह द्रोण, जिला पंचायत उपाध्यक्ष श्री नीरज सिंह, पूर्व फूड इंस्पेक्टर श्री ब्रज राज सिंह, गजेन्द्र सिंह, राम सिंह जी, सेठ बलबीर सिंह, शंभू सिंह जाट ret Dysp, देबीराम व अन्य गणमान्य समाज बंधुओं ने पुष्पांजलि अर्पित कर भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि दी।

James Tod on Gaurs of Sheopur

James Tod is a pioneer historian on Jats who thoroughly scrutinized the bardic records of Rajasthan and Gujarat and also brought to light over a dozen inscriptions on the Jats.

James Tod[6] The Gaur tribe was once respected in Rajasthan, though it never there attained to any considerable eminence. The ancient kings of Bengal were of this race, and gave their name to the capital, Lakhnauti.

We have every reason to believe that they were possessors of the land afterwards occupied by the Chauhans, as they are styled in all the old chronicles the ' Gaur of Ajmer.' Repeated mention is made of them in the wars of Prithwiraja, as leaders of considerable renown, one of whom formed a small State in the centre of India, which survived through seven centuries of Mogul domination, till it at length fell a prey indirectly to the successes of the British over the Mahrattas, when Sindhia in 1809 annihilated the power of the Gaur and took possession of his capital, Sheopur. In 1807 the author passed through this territory, in a solitary ramble to explore these parts, then little known ; and though but a young Sub., was courteously received and entertained both at Baroda and Sheopur. In 1809 he again entered the country under very different circumstances, in the suite of the British envoy with Sindhia's court, and had the grief to witness the operations against Sheopur, and its fall, unable to aid his friends. The Gaur prince had laid aside the martial virtues. He became a zealot in the worship of Vishnu, left off animal food, was continually dancing before the image of the god, and was far more conversant in the mystical poetry of Krishna and his beloved Radha than in the martial song of the bard. His name was Radhikadas, ' the slave of Radha ' ; and, as far as he is personally concerned, we might cease to lament that he was the last of his race.

[p.139]: A petty district, yielding about £5000 annually, is all this rapacious head of a predatory government has left to the Gaur, out of about twelve lacs of annual revenue. The Gaur has five sakha : Untahar, Silhala, Tur, Dusena, and Budana.

Only two sub-clans are named in Rajputana Census Report, 1911, i. 255. Gaur Rajputs are numerous in the United Provinces, and the Gaur Brahmans of Jaipur represent a foreign tribe merged into Hindu society (IA, xi. 22). They can have no connexion with the Pala or Sena dynasty of Bengal (Smith, EHI, 397 ff.).

Tahsils in Sheopur District

1. Badoda 2. Beerpur 3. Karahal 4. Sheopur 5. Vijaypur

Villages in Sheopur tahsil

1. Abhaypura, 2. Adoosa, 3. Adwad, 4. Ajapura, 5. Amalda, 6. Asida, 7. Awani, 8. Bada Kheda, 9. Badoda Ram, 10. Bagadua, 11. Bagbaj, 12. Bagdari, 13. Bagdiya, 14. Bagwada, 15. Bahrawada, 16. Bamooli Gusai, 17. Bamorihala, 18. Banwada, 19. Bardha Bujurg , 20. Bawnda Kalitalai, 21. Behted, 22. Bheekhapur, 23. Bichpuri Sheopur, 24. Bijarpur, 25. Biloni, 26. Bilwada, 27. Birampura, 28. Bitthalpur, 29. Chak Ichchhapura, 30. Chak Juwad, 31. Chakbamoolya, 32. Chakpadalya, 33. Charond, 34. Cheeta Khedi, 35. Chhota Kheda, 36. Chodpur, 37. Chopna, 38. Daduni, 39. Dalarna Kalan, 40. Dalarna Khurd, 41. Dantarda Kalan, 42. Datarda Khurd, 43. Daulatpura, 44. Dawarsa, 45. Dhengda, 46. Dhiroli, 47. Dhodar , 48. Dhoti , 49. Dobra, 50. Dubdi Utanwad, 51. Dukalya Kheda, 52. Fatahpur, 53. Fatehpur, 54. Fatehpur T Manpur, 55. Gaondi, 56. Godha Adwad, 57. Goheda, 58. Gonda Khedi, 59. Gopalpura, 60. Gothra, 61. Gudhata, 62. Gurnawda, 63. Gurunawada Utanwad, 64. Guwadi , 65. Halgaoda Bujurg , 66. Hansalpur, 67. Hansapura, 68. Harpura, 69. Hasanpur Habeli, 70. Ichchhapura, 71. Ichhana Khedi, 72. Jaida, 73. Jaini , 74. Jalalpura Sheopur, 75. Jalera, 76. Jamoordi, 77. Janpura, 78. Jat Kheda, 79. Jawasa, 80. Jawdeshwar, 81. Juwad, 82. Jwalapur, 83. Kacharmooli, 84. Kalarna, 85. Kanapur, 86. Kanwar Sali, 87. Kanwarpura, 88. Kaririya Sheopur, 89. Karman Ka Pada , 90. Kashipur, 91. Kathodi, 92. Khirkhiri, 93. Khirni, 94. Khojipura, 95. Kilgaodi, 96. Kilorach, 97. Kishorpura, 98. Kokad, 99. Kotra, 100. Kund Habeli, 101. Kyarpura, 102. Ladpura, 103. Lechoda, 104. Madhorajpura, 105. Makhana Khedi, 106. Makrod, 107. Malarna, 108. Malpura, 109. Manpur, 110. Matasoola, 111. Mau Sheopur, 112. Mawda, 113. Mayapur, 14. Mewada, 115. Mithepura, 116. Mohammadpur, 117. Moondla, 118. Mudalapada, 119. Mukandpura, 120. Nagargawoda, 121. Nagda, 122. Nagdi, 123. Nanawad, 124. Nandapur, 125. Napa Khedli, 126. Nasirpur, 127. Nayagaon Gujaran, 128. Nimodapeer, 129. Pachipura, 130. Padampura , 131. Padsalya, 132. Pahadlya, 133. Pandli, 134. Patpada, 135. Phoolda, 136. Pipaldi, 137. Pithana Khedli, 138. Prempura Habeli, 139. Premsar, 140. Raipura, 141. Rajalai, 142. Rajpura, 143. Ramgawdi, 144. Rampura Dang , 145. Rannod, 146. Rigni, 147. Roopnagar, 148. Sada Ka Pada, 149. Salapur Khedi, 150. Salapura, 151. Samarsa, 152. Sankarli, 153. Saroda, 154. Seeswali, 155. Semalda, 156. Semalda Haveli, 157. Sewapur, 158. Shahpura, 159. Shankarpur, 160. Sheopur, 161. Sirsod, 162. Sohi Khurd, 163. Soi Kalan, 164. Soondi, 165. Southwa , 166. Takna Chak, 167. Talawda, 168. Tarra Mafi, 169. Tehla, 170. Tekna, 171. Tillipur, 172. Tongni, 173. Tulsef, 174. Unchakheda,

Villages in Sheopur district

Abada, Adotpura Alis_e Rajpu, Adwad, Agara, Ajapura, Alapura, Aroda, Arrod, Arrodari, Asida, Awda, Badagaon, Badoda, Badodiya Bindi, Bagadua, Bagalda, Bagdiya, Bagrod, Bahrawada, Balawani, Bandhaly, Banwada, Bara Kalan, Bardha Bujurg, Bardha Khurd, Bargawan, Baroda Kalan, Baroli, Benipura, Bheekhapur, Bhela, Bichpuri, Bijarpur, Birpur, Borda Dev, Budhera, Budhera, Bukharee, Chentikheda, Chimalwani, Daduni, Dantarda Kalan, Danteti, Daudpur, Dawarsa, Dhamini, Dhengda, Dhiroli, Dhodar, Dhori Bawadi, Dord, Dubdi Utanwad, Filojpura, Gadhla, Galmanya, Ganwdi, Garhi, Gaswani, Ghughas, Gobar, Gohar, Gohara, Goheda, Gopalpura, Goras, Gota, Gothra, Gurnawda, Halgaoda Bujurg, Hansalpur, Heerapur, Hirapura, Hullpur, Iklaud, Indarpura, Jaida, Jaini, Jakhda, Jalalpura, Janpura, Jat Kheda, Jawdeshwar, Jhiranya, Jimarchha, Jwalapur, Kalarna, Kalmee Kakarda, Kanapur, Kanwar Sali, Karahal, Kathon, Kelor, Khirkhiri, Khirkhiri, Khitarpal, Khojipura, Kudaytha, Kuhanjapur, Kund Habeli, Lalitpura, Lath, Luhad, Madha, Makraoda Kalan, Makrod, Malipura, Malmanika, Manpur, Masavny, Mau, Mayapur, Medawali, Mewada, Mewra, Moravan, Moreka, Nadigaon, Nagda, Nanawad, Nayagaon Tehkhand, Nayagoan, Nimach, Nitanwas, Ochha, Pachnaya, Pancho, Pandola, Panwada, Panwada, Parwati Baroda, Pehla, Phoolda, Premsar, Pura, Radep, Raghunathpur, Raipura, Ratodan, Reechee, Sahsram, Salmanya, Sarangpur, Semalda Haveli, Sesaipura, Shankarpur, Sheopur, Shyampur, Silpuri, Sirsod, Soi Kalan, Southwa, Subkara, Sudhara, Sukhwas, Sumrera, Sunwai, Syarda, Talawda, Tarra Kalan, Tulsef, Umari Kalan, Upcha, Utanbad, Vijaypur,

Notable persons

  • Kunj Bihari (Dron) - Teacher from Sheopur.[7]
  • Bhawar Singh Choudhari Bijoriya 9425196812/7566448333
  • Ram Singh Jat, president jat Sabha Sheopur.


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