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Saai (साई),[1] Sai (साई), Sani (सांई), Sanyee (सांई),[2] Sani (सांई), Sain (साईं), Saain (सांई), Gotra Jats[3] are found in Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, Sai/Sani clan is found in Afghanistan also.[4]

Origin of Saain clan

They are said to have been originated from Saainnath (सांईनाथ), a son of the King Uplasee Panwar in Panwar dynasty.


Some information is available in the records of Rao's (bahi bhats) of Melana village which is situated about 40 km from Osian town in Jodhpur district.

As per records in Panwar dynasty there was a Chakarwarti Samrat named Pop Panwar. In the descendants of Pop Panwar there was a king named Uplasee Panwar who ruled over Dharanagari (Dhar Madhya Pradesh) in sanwat 1010 (953 AD). The wife of the king Uplasee Panwar was a Sinsinwar Jat from the Rajgharana of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. There were twelve sons of the King Uplasee Panwar. The name of one of them was Saainnath.

Saainnath in (Samvat 1105 = 1048 AD) established a village called Saainsar which was situated at a distance of 55 km from Nokha Mandi (Bikaner Dist in Rajasthan) in western direction. Saainsar village still exists in Bikaner district in Rajasthan though no Saain gotra Jats live there. The descendents of Saainnath were called Saain gotra Jats. Saain gotra started from Saainnath.


The kuldevi of Panwar dynasty was Mahakali. One daughter of king Uplasee Panwar become famous in the name of Sachyee Mata. She was considered as incarnation of Mahakali. The temple of Sachyee Mata is located in Osian town of Jodhpur. Kuldevi of Saain Jats is Sachyee Mata.Historical records also states that the temple of Sachyee Mata was constructed by the rulers of panwar dynasty.

Villages founded by Saain clan

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Fatehabad district

Bhattu Kalan,

Villages in Hisar district

Jakhod Khera‎‎, Saharwa,

Villages in Sirsa district

Nezia Khera,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Tonk district

Kookad (12),

Villages in Ganganagar district

Purani Abadi,

Villages in Jodhpur district

Janadesar Bambore Darjiyan, Chamu, Chandrakh, Godelai, Jodhpur, Mehramnagar, Raikoriya, Raimalwara, Khejdanada

Villages in Barmer district

Aadel, Adel Panji, Barmer, Baytoo, Chandesara, Dakhan (2), Gudha Malani, Harkhali, Kumpaliya, Loonara, Nokhra (5), Rangwali, Ratasar, Sahar, Rateu, Saiyon Ka Goliya, Saiyon Ka Tala, Saiyon Ki Basti,

Villages in Jaisalmer district

Bhaniyana, Fatehgarh, Lordisar,

Villages in Bikaner district

Bajju Tejpura, Kolayat, Khajuwala, Nakodesar,

Villages in Sikar district

Kalyanpura, Kotri, Purana Bas (25),

Villages in Jhunjhunu district


Villages in Hanumangarh district


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Dewas district


Villages in Harda district


Notable persons

  • Mangana Ram Sanee - डकैत किसनसिंह को पुलिस के हाथों मारे जाने के संघर्ष में पनावडा, बाड़मेर के वीर सिपाही मंगनाराम सांई 8 जून 1966 को वीर गति को प्राप्त हुए.
  • Khimraj Saain - Martyr of 1965 Indo-Pak War from Barmer
  • Devendra Singh IPS (Saain) - Retd. DIG, House no. 527, Purani Abadi Ganganagar, Present Address : Plot NO. 21-22(B) Govindnagar, Kalwad Road to Kanakpura Raiway Station Road, Jaipur, Mob: 9413333793
  • Sūrā Sāi - Mān is a village of Hindol gotra Jats in tehsil Igalās of Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh. The village has a population of about 1000 people with about 250 families. Majority is of Jats in the village of Hindol gotra. Most of the people in village are of ‘Sādons’, who are engaged in the work of dispossessing evil spirits. On every full moon there is established a chauki and people come from far off villages to get rid of evil spirits. It is said that this chauki ranks third in India. About three centuries back one saint named Sūrā Sāi performed penance for six days and was blessed with this super natural power. The present chauki is built at that site. Saint Sūrā was a Jāt of Sāi clan.[5]



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