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(Garewal, Greyval, Gre-wal, Grewal, Grahwal, Grahwar, Gaharawar, Gahrawar, Ghurwal, Grihwal, Garewal, Girahwar)

Location : Punjab and Rajasthan

Country : India, Pakistan

Languages : Punjabi, Rajasthani

Religion : Hinduism, Sikhism

Garewal (गरेवाल) Greyval (ग्रेवाल)[1] Gre-wal (गरेवाल) Grewal (ग्रेवाल)[2] Grahwal (ग्रहवाल)[3] Grahwar (ग्रहवार)[4] Gaharawar (गहरवार) Gahrawar (गहरवार)[5] Ghurwal (घुरवाल) Gerwal (गेरवाल)[6] [7] Grihwal (ग्रिहवाल) Garewal (गारेवाल)[8] Gerwal (गेरवाल)[9] Girahwar (ग्रिहवार)[10] is a gotra of Jats and Rajputs found in Punjab and Rajasthan in India and in Pakistan.


Ram Swarup Joon[11] writes...Gaharwal, Grewal gotra is from the Chandela dynasty. Some writers have associated them with the Rathores, but other historians have proved that Rathore gotra is from Gaherwal gotra, and is also called Grewal. Sikhs of this gotra are called Grewals. They have 52 villages in district Ludhiana. In Dholpur they are called Ghurwal and in the Punjab, Gharwar. The Gahrawar gotra is found amongst Rajputs also, but there is more Gahrawar Jats than Rajputs.

Ram Sarup Joon[12] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. Gaherwal is one of them.

Garewal (गरेवाल ), an important Jat tribe in Ludhiana, which claims to be of sau or gentle status. Hindu Garewal are also found in Montgomery. [13].

There is no unanimity on the issue of the origin of this gotra. Some believe that this gotra originated from the Chandelas. Some authors have associated it with the Rathores while still others prove that Rathore gotra originated from Gaherwal gotra which is also called Grewal.

Sikhs belonging to this gotra are known as Grewals. They have 52 villages in district Ludhiana. In Dholpur they are called Ghurwal and in the Punjab, Gharwar. The Gaharawar gotra is found amongst Rajputs also, but there are more Gahrawar Jats than Rajputs.

Bishanpura Estate

Sardar Manjeetinder Singh Sidhu (Phoolka) of Bhadaur

Sardar Manjeetinder Singh Sidhu (Phoolka) of Bhadaur at a routine partridge hunt. With Sardar Amar Singh Grewal of Bishanpura his best friend and brother in law (in black). State:- Bhadaur, Dynasty:- Sidhu Jats. Estate:- Bishanpura, Dynasty:- Grewal Jats. Pic Credit: Hapie Phoolkia

Kunwar Inder Singh Grewal of Bishanpura

Kunwar Inder Singh Grewal of Bishanpura great grandson of Sardar Bahadur Dungul Singh Grewal of Bishanpura. Sardar Bahadur Dungul Singh Grewal was a lieutenant and Jagirdar in the state of Patiala while H.H. Maharaja Yadavindra Singh ruled the Royal state of Patiala.

Estate:- Bishanpura Dynasty:- Grewal Jats.

Source -Jat Kshatriya Culture

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani District

Bamla, Barwas, Chandeni, Ghasola, Jatai Bhiwani, Naurangabad,

Villages in Rohtak District

Samchana (समचाना),Meham (महम) ,Marodhi (माड़ौधी),Ronakpura (रोनकपुरा])

Villages in Mahendragarh District

Baproli (Narnaul)

Villages in Hisar District

Kumbha, Pabra[14], Rajli, Satrod Khas, Sundawas

Villages in SonipatDistrict

Machhri (माछरी) ,

Villages in Jhajjar District

Sasrauli ,

Villages in Kaithal District

Chanchak ,

Villages in Delhi

  • Brijwasan (They are known as chauthaiya as they owned 1/4th the land while the villages while they were a small group),
  • Nangli Jalib
  • Tihar

Distribution in Punjab

(Scattered Districts given below) -

Koga near Kharar (Mohali District), Sural Kalan (near Rajpura, Patiala District), Lohgarh, Dulay, Thrike, Chupki, Barewal, Grewal, Hawas, Sirha (Chude kuku wala), Majri, Sukhana, Mehmoodpur, Aandlu, Chubki, Kadian, Bamla, and Chandeni

Villages in Ludhiana district

Assi Kalan, Baddowal, Ballowal, Bihla, Burj Pakka, Butahri, Chaminda, Daad, Dhaipai, Dhandra, Dolon Kalan, Dolon Khurd, Gujjarwal, Humanyunpura, Jassowal Sudhan, Jhande, Jodhan, Khanjarwal, Khawajke, Kheri Jhamedi, Qila Raipur, Lalton Kalan, Lalton Khurd, Mansuran, Mehma Singh Wala, Mehmoodpur, Narangwal, Noorwal, Phallewal, Raipur, Sahouli, Sarabha, Thakkerwal,

Gujarwal is a well-known village in the District of Ludhiana, Punjab and almost all of the land owning families of the village are the Grewal or Garewal Jats. Many members (Grewals) of this village held important positions in the British and the independent Indian military, civil and police services, and politics. For example, the Chief Minister of Punjab (probably), Intelligence Chief of the undivided post independent Punjab and Kashmir, College Principals, high ranking military officers, and so on. It appears from the village name that its original name could have been "Grewal", after the land owning Jat families, but over time the name started to be pronounced as "Gujarwal" instead of "Grewal". [15]

In Ludhiana district the Grewal population is 45,336. This clan basically belongs to the Ludhiana district where it has about 75 villages.[16]

Villages in Rupnagar district

Villages in Patiala district

Grewal population is 10,680 in Patiala district.[17]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Imliwala Phatak (Jaipur),

Villages in Dholpur district


Villages in Ganganagar district

21H,Hakmabad,16Z, 17Z, 19z

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Ratlam 1,

Villages in Bhopal district


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in J P Nagar district

Jamanpur Emnipur, Lodhipur Banjara, Aterna,

Villages in Meerut district

Ruhasa, Kalyanpur

Villages in Hapur district

Nawada Kalan, Paoti,

Villages in Gautam Buddha Nagar district


Distribution in Pakistan

Grewal - The Grewal Jat claim Chandel Rajput ancestry. The Muslim branch of the Grewal were concentrated in Ludhiana District. They are now scattered in Faisalabad, Sahiwal and Sargodha districts.

Notable persons

  • Raj Singh s/o Bharat Singh- Village Baproli.
  • Sant Sawan Singh (1858-1923) (संत सावन सिंह ) born in family of Sardar Kabal Singh of Jat Gotra Garewal in village Mahimasinghwala, district Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • Baba Alto (बाबा आल्टो ) - Grewal Gotra.
  • शेरे दिल अवतार सिंह शराबा - ग्रेवाल गोत्री जाट और शहीद भगत सिंह के आदर्श जिनको फांसी की सजा सुनाने के चार महीने बाद जब फांसी हुई तो 8 किलो वजन बढ़ा हुआ मिला ।
  • Ram Kishan Grewal
  • Simi Grewal - Actress.
  • Kartar Singh - From Village Sarabha - Freedom Fighter.
  • Ravjot Grewal - IAS-2014, Rank-109. [18]
  • Prof. Jagtar Singh Grewal: Padma Shri - 2005, Chandigarh, Litt. & Edu.[19]
  • Narender Grewal (born 7 November 1993) is an Indian wushu competitor. He was born in Rohtak, Haryana, India. He won a bronze medal in the men's 60-kg sanda at the 2014 Asian Game
  • Rohit Grewal- Village Samchana Rohtak Haryana- National President of Human Rights Protection Federation
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