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Chhonkar (छोंकर)[1] [2] Chhonker (छोंकर) [3] Chhaunkar (छौंकर) Chhinkar (छींकर)[4] Chhaunkare (छौंकरे) Chhonkare (छौंकरे) Chhonkare (छोंकरे)[5] [6] Chonkar (चोंकर)[7] Chhenkure (छेंकुरे) gotra Jats are found in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.


Nagavanshi Raja Sahajpal after becoming angry (Chhoh in Hindi) left and came to Pichhor and ruled here. After Chhoh they were known as Chhonkar. They worship tree called Chhonkara (Prosopis cineraria), also known as Sami or Khejri. [8]

यदुवंश के शाखागोत्र - : 1. वृष्णि 2. अन्धक 3. हाला 4. शिवस्कन्दे-सौकन्दे 5. डागुर-डीगराणा 6. खिरवार-खरे 7. बलहारा 8. सारन 9. सिनसिनवाल 10. छोंकर 11. सोगरवार 12. हांगा 13. घनिहार 14. भोज[9]


Ram Swarup Joon[10] writes.......Bhimrolia is the gotra of the Dholpur dynasty. According to their bard, descendants of the Vir Bhadra were called Bhadras for 184 generations. After Tej Sen they were called Sens for 62 generations. For several generations thereafter they were called Muni and later Ghandras after King Vijaya Chand. Their last ruler was Shamsi, whose descendants are the present Dholpur dynasty.

Rajayapal Yadawa made Bayana his Capital in

History of the Jats, End of Page-75

1100 Vikram Samvat. Among the ancestors of Dholpur dynasty there was a king named Palansis Rao who was killed in Kanauj on the occasion of Sanyogita's Swayamwara (the self-selection of the groom by the girl). King Vijayapal who declared her his dharam sister gave his grandson Brahmadev and his mother queens Ghandra Kaumudi. When Shahabuddin Mohammad Ghori drove them out after killing the ruler. King Vijayapal had to face the invasion of Mohammad Ghori. He also had to fight against Abubakar Kandhari, Dharampal, and grandson of King. Sohan Pal founded the dynasty of Bichor. Their descendants are found both among the Jats and Rajputs. According to Colonel Todd, Chonkars, inspite of being Jats, are called Rajputs. in Mugal period some chhonkar jats accepted islam after shudhi andolan they joined chhonkar jadaun caste.they are now calling rajput chhodkar but original rajput donot marry them

Madanpal had a son called Subaipal, who drove out Kriah Raja of Digh and established his rule there. The Chonkar gotra is found in Western and Eastern Punjab. There are ten villages belonging to the Chonkars in Aligarh district, two in Jullundur district and one in Ambala district.

Ram Swarup Joon[11] writes about Chhonkar and Sansanwal: This is the gotra of the Bharatpur ruling dynasty. Their original gotra is Yadu. As they settled down in a village called Sansani, they became known as Sansanwal. They raised their voice against the atrocities of Aurangzeb, protected the Hindu Dharma and established a new capital. One Yaduvanshi ancestor belonging to this gotra, named Brij Raj ruled over the territory called Brij after his name. These people had returned home from Dwarka and their capital was Mathura, in the 64th generation of King Brij Raj.

Ram Sarup Joon[12] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. Chhonker is one of them.

Ram Sarup Joon[13] writes that...The Gondal, Tiwana, Janjeha, Dahiya, Chhonkar, Khokhar Rajputs converted from Jats in comparatively recent times.

Chokar (चोकर), Chhokar (छोकर) is also a Gujar tribe, found in Karnal, where they have long been settled. Immigrating from beyond Muttra they once held a chaubisi, or group of 24 villages, with Namaunda as their head-quarters. [14]

Villages founded by Chhonkar clan

Chhonkar Pal

Chhonkar Khap has 48 villages in Uttar Pradesh in Mathura district, 28 in Aligarh district, 10 in Agra district, . Jat gotra is Chhonkar. The main villages constituting this khap in Agra district are : Achhnera (अछनेरा ), Atus (अटूस), Ardaya (अरदाया). Main villages in Mathura district are: Kanjauli (कंजौली), Akos (अकोस), Mandaura (मंडौरा), and Bhidawali (भिड़ावाली). [15]

छोंकर जाटों का विस्तार

छोंकर जाट राजस्थान में 27 ग्राम है । जिनमे 12 भरतपुर जिले में, 1 करौली जिले में,2 धौलपुर जिले में,6 सवाईमाधोपुर जिले में,2 टोंक जिले में ,2 जयपुर जिले में है।

उत्तरप्रदेश में 110 से ज्यादा ग्रामो में छोंकर जाट है।पंजाब में 45 ग्राम और हरियाणा में 12 ग्राम है।मध्यप्रदेश में 3 ग्राम महाराष्ट्र में जाट बाईसी में 1 ग्राम में छोंकर जाट है। उत्तरप्रदेश में मथुरा जिले में 38 ग्राम अलीगढ़ में 56 ग्राम हाथरस में 7 ग्राम आगरा में 18 ग्राम ,फ़िरोज़ाबाद में 1 बदायूँ जिले में 1 ग्राम में छोंकर जाट है। हरियाणा के पलवल और गुडगांव जिले में 12 ग्राम छोंकर जाट निवास करते हैं।

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Morena district

Ambah, Porsa,

Villages in Gwalior district

Bhelakalan, Akbai Badi, Sekra,

Villages in Bhopal district


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Agra (Chhonkar Wada), Border of Agra(U.P.) and Bharatpur(Rajasthan) --The Purest Jat Belt near Kagarol vill.,Akola , Chahar Wati etc,

Villages in Agra district

Ardaya (अरदाया), Atus (अटूस), Mohmadpur (मौहमदपुर), Lakhanpur (लखनपुर),

Villages in Mathura district

Akos, Bidawali, Kamora, Pakki Garhi, Nauha, Talki Garhi, Nagala Radhe, Nagla Sanjha, Nagla Beri, Sihora,

Villages in Aligarh district

Daupur, Baina, Gorai, Amarpur Dhana, Sudama ka Vas, Fatehli Vas,

Villages in Hathras district

Chitawar Hathras,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Madhuvan Colony,

Villages in Bharatpur district

Chhonkar (छोंकर) Jat gotra people live in Bharatpur district in Rajasthan.

Villages are: Chhokarwara Kalan, Chhokarwara Khurd, Bharatpur, Raysees, Dahra, Gudawali,

Villages in Chittorgarh district


Villages in Tonk district

Niwai Rural,

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Sangrur district

Villages in Jalandhar district

Bhogpur, Chhonkaran, Bir Jaitowal, Jaitowal, Mehsampur, Palsa, Turan,

Villages in Ropar district


Villages in Nawashahar (Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar) district

Chhokaran, Garhi Ajit Singh, Gulpur, Manderan, Majari, Munder, Poonian,

Villages in Ludhiana district

Chhokar, Pamol,

Distribution in Haryana

Village in Yamunanagar district

Katarwali, Kathwala, Salempur Khadar, Shahpur Jagadhri,

Distribution in Uttrakhand

Villages in Udham Singh Nagar


Distribution in Himachal

Village in Una district


Distribution in Maharashtra

Chhonkare (छौंकरे) Jats live in Nagpur.

Villages in Nagpur district


Villages in Jalgaon district


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Notable persons from this clan

  • Col. Pratap Singh - Born at village Atus in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh on 7 July 1912. He joined Army in 1932. He retired as Lt. Colonel in 1968 but due to his excellent service records he was called in the Army for more two years. He was awarded member of British Empire by the Queen of England. He was also awarded with keshar-i-hind. After retirement he was settled at his village Atus. He died on Saturday 27 June 2009.
  • Ram Singh Chhonkar - Social worker, Govt Servant in U P. , Born on 15-2-1949 at village Atoos in Agra district. [16]
  • Mahipal Dharmpal Chhonkare - Engineer. Presently X.En. in Maharashtra Vidyut Vitran Nigam, Bhusawal, Maharashtra. Social worker. Ex. President Akhil Bharatiy Jat Mahasabha Chandrapur. Phone Nagpur:440022, Mob - 9423416554, 989073211. Email:
  • Rakesh Kumar Chhonkar - From village Sihora, district Mathura is winner of Gold Medal in National Sansu Cup held in Assam from 1-4 October 2013. He also won Gold Medal three times in National level Boxing. (Jat Samaj, October,2013,p.32)


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