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Singhroha (सिंहरोहा) Sigroha (सिगरोहा) Sigroa (सिगरॊआ) Singhrowa (सिंघड़ोवा)[1] Sangroha (संगरोहा)[2] (Singroha, Sangroya‎, Singroya) Jat gotra is found in Haryana.


They have originated from Shigru of Rigvedic tribe.[3]


Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria) writes:[4] The Jat tribes[5] Sigroa or Sigroha bear unmistakable identity With the so-called Rigvedic non-Aryan people named Sigru of the east. other Jat tribes[6] closely resemble several other Rigedic Aryan tribes. Among such Jat tribes are Singala or Singla or Singar or Sangar;

H.A. Rose [7] while describing Kumhars writes that According to a tradition current in Lahore the forebear of the Mahar Kumhars had four sons ; to the eldest of whom he assigned the task of sifting the brick dust, whence he was called Sangroha ('sifter'). But this seems to be a bardic explanation and not historically correct.

Distribution In Haryana

Villages In Kurukshetra District

Barwa, Dhola Majra, Hathira, Rattan Dera, Sonti

Villages in Jind district

Amravali Khera, Bhairavkhera (Bhairokhera), Budha Khera, Dighana, Hathwala, Jamni, Kakrod,

Villages in Rohtak District


Villages in Kaithal District

Geong Sangatpura

Villages in Panipat District

Dharamgarh, Ballah

Villages in Karnal District

Dabkoli, Risalva

Villages in Ambala District

Manumajra, Shergarh

Villages in Sonipat District


Notable Persons

  • Late CH.Maha singh retd B.E.O social worker-The famous person in Haryana .Late Ch Maha Singh belongs to the village Dharamgarh.
  • CH. Ruli Ram Singroha EX MLA Sangrur
  • Late Ramkala Singroha - The famous person in Haryana
  • Satinder Singh Singroha - Ex. President district bar association Panipat, member bar council of Punjab & Haryana High Court, 4 times president of district bar association Panipat.
  • Sailender Singh Singroha - Former deputy advocate general Haryana
  • Pinki Sigroha wrestler - Gold medlist in Asian Game
  • Sanjeet Sigroha - Boxer
  • Rakesh Singroha Geong - Gold medlist in National style Kabaddi
  • Advt. Ajay Sangroha - Social Worker for Singroha Khaap

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