Karna Parva/Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 4

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Mahabharata - Karna Parva

Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 4:English

Section 5

mentions the warriors who are dead amongst the Kurus and the Pandavas after ten days

Vaishampayana said, "Hearing these words, O monarch, Ambika's son Dhritarashtra, with heart agitated by grief, addressed his driver Sanjaya, saying, 'Though the evil policy, O sire, of my son of little foresight, Vikartana's son hath been slain! This intelligence is cutting the very core of my heart! I am desirous of crossing this sea of grief! Remove my doubts, therefore, by telling me who are still alive and who are dead amongst the Kurus and the Pandavas!'

"Sanjaya said, 'Endued with great prowess and invincible in battle, Bhishma the son of Shantanu, O king, having slain large numbers of Srinjayas and Panchalas, hath been slain after ten days. The mighty and invincible bowman Drona of the golden car, having slaughtered the Panchala divisions in battle, hath been slain. Having slaughtered the half of what remained after the carnage by Bhishma and the illustrious Drona, Vikartana's son Karna hath been slain. Endued with great strength, O monarch, prince Vivingsati, having slain hundreds of Anarta warriors in battle, hath been slain. Thy heroic son Vikarna, deprived of steeds and weapons, stood, facing the foe, remembering the duties of Kshatriyas. Remembering the many foul wrongs inflicted upon him by Duryodhana, and bearing in mind his own vow, Bhimasena hath slain him. Possessed of great might, Vinda and Anuvinda, the two princes of Avanti, after achieving the most difficult feats, have gone to Yama's abode. That hero who had under his sway ten kingdoms, having Sindhu for their chief, him who was ever obedient to thee, Jayadratha of mighty energy, O king, Arjuna hath slain after vanquishing eleven akshauhinis of troops with his keen arrows. Endued with great activity and incapable of being easily defeated in battle, the son of Duryodhana, ever obedient to his sire's commands, hath been slain by the son of Subhadra. The brave son of Duhshasana, possessed of mighty arms and fierce in battle, hath been despatched to Yama's abode by Draupadi's son exerting himself with great prowess! The ruler of the Kiratas and other dwellers of the lowlands on the seacoast, the much respected and dear friend of the chief of the celestials himself, the virtuous king Bhagadatta, who was ever devoted to Kshatriya duties, hath been despatched to Yama's abode by Dhananjaya exerting himself great with prowess. The kinsman of the Kauravas, the son of Somadatta, the brave and celebrated Bhurishrava, O king, hath been slain by Satyaki in battle. The Ambashtha king Srutayus, that foremost of Kshatriyas, who used to career in battle most fearlessly, hath been slain by Arjuna. Thy son Duhshasana, accomplished in arms and invincible in battle, and who was always wrathful, hath, O monarch, been slain by Bhimasena. Sudakshina, O king, who had many thousands of wonderful elephants, hath been slain in battle by Arjuna. The ruler of the Kosolas, having slain many hundreds of foes, hath himself been despatched to Yama's abode by Subhadra's son exerting himself with prowess. Having fought with many thousands of foes and with the mighty car-warrior Bhimasena himself, thy son Chitrasena hath been slain by Bhimasena. The brave younger brother of the ruler of the Madras, that enhancer of the fears of foes, that handsome warrior armed with sword and shield, hath been slain by Subhadra's son. He who was equal to Karna himself in battle, Karna's son Vrishasena, accomplished in arms, of mighty energy and steady prowess, hath, in the very sight of Karna, been despatched to Yama's abode by Dhananjaya who put forth his prowess remembering the slaughter of his own son Abhimanyu and bearing in mind the vow he had made. That lord of Earth, Srutayus, who always displayed a deep-rooted antipathy towards the Pandavas, hath been slain by Partha who reminded him of that antipathy before taking his life. Shalya's son of great prowess, O sire, Rukmaratha, hath, O king, been slain in battle by Sahadeva although the former happened to be the latter's brother, having been the son of the latter's maternal uncle. The old king Bhagiratha, and Vrihatkshatra the ruler of the Kaikeyas both endued with great prowess and might and energy, have been slain. Bhagadatta's son, O king who was possessed of great wisdom and great strength, hath been slain by Nakula who always careers in battle with the activity of the hawk. Thy grandsire Bahlika, possessed of great might and prowess, hath, with all his followers, been slain by Bhimasena. The mighty Jayatsena the son of Jarasandha, the prince of the Magadhas, O king, hath been slain in battle by the high-souled son of Subhadra. Thy son Durmukha, O king, as also thy other son Dussaha, that mighty car-warrior, both of whom were regarded as heroes, have been slain by Bhimasena with his mace. Durmarshana and Durvisaha and the mighty car-warrior Durjaya, having achieved the most difficult feats, have gone to Yama's abode. The two brothers Kalinga and Vrishaka, who were invincible in battle, having achieved very difficult feats have gone to Yama's abode. Thy counsellor Vrishavarman of the Suta caste, endued with great energy, hath been despatched to Yama's abode by Bhimasena exerting himself with prowess. So also king Paurava who was endued with the might of 10,000 elephants, hath, with all his followers, been slain by Pandu's son Arjuna. The Vasatis, O king, numbering 2,000, effectual smiters of all, as also the Surasenas endued with prowess, have all been slain in battle. The Abhishahas, clad in mail, capable of smiting effectually, and fierce in battle, also the Sivis, those foremost of car-warriors, with the Kalingas, have all been slain. Those other heroes also, (the Narayana Gopas) who live and grew in Gokula, who were exceedingly wrathful in battle, and who never retreated from the field have been slain by Savyasachi. Many thousands of Srenis, as also the samsaptakas, approaching Arjuna, have all repaired to the abode of Yama. Thy two brothers-in-law, viz., the princes Vrishaka and Achala, who were endued with great prowess, have for thy sake been slain by Savyasachi. King Shalva of mighty arms and fierce deeds, who was a great bowman both in name and feats, hath been slain by Bhimasena. Oghavat, O king, and Vrishanta, fighting together in battle and exerting themselves with great vigour for the sake of their ally, have both repaired to Yama's abode. So also that foremost of car-warriors, viz., Kshemadhurti, O monarch, hath been slain in battle by Bhimasena with his mace. So also that great bowman, viz., the mighty king Jalasandha, after causing an immense carnage, hath been slain by Satyaki in battle. That prince of Rakshasas, viz., Alayudha, unto whose vehicle were yoked asses (of monstrous shape) (Kharabandhura) hath been despatched to Yama's abode by Ghatotkacha exerting himself with great prowess. Radha's son of the Suta caste, and those mighty car-warriors who were his brothers, and the Kaikeyas, the Malavas, the Madrakas the Dravidas of fierce prowess, the Yaudheyas, the Lalittyas, the Kshudrakas, the Mavellakas, the Usinaras, the Tundikeras, the Savitriputras, the Easterners, the Northerners, the Westerners, and the Southerners, O sire, have all been slain by Savyasachi. Large bands of foot-soldiers, myriads upon myriads of steeds, large number of car-warriors, and many huge elephants, have been slain. Many heroes also, with standards and weapons, and with armour and attire and ornaments, and endued with perseverance and possessed of high birth and good conduct, have been slain in battle by Partha who is never fatigued with exertion. Others, endued with immeasurable might, and desirous of slaying their foes, (have met with a similar fate). These and many other kings, numbering thousands, with their followers, have, O monarch, been slain in battle. That which thou askest me I am answering now. Even thus did the destruction take place when Arjuna and Karna fought. Even as Mahendra slew Vritra, and Rama slew Ravana; even as Krishna slew Naraka or Mura in battle; even as the mighty Rama of Bhrigu's race slew the heroic Kartavirya, invincible in battle, with all his kinsmen and friends, after fighting a terrible battle celebrated through the three worlds; even as Skanda slew (the Asura) Mahisha, and Rudra slew (the Asura) Andhaka, even so hath Arjuna, O king, in single combat, slain, with all his kinsmen, that foremost of smiters, viz., Karna, who was invincible in battle and upon whom the Dhartarashtras had placed their hopes of victory, and who was the great cause of the hostility with the Pandavas! Pandu's son hath now accomplished that which at one time thou couldst not believe him capable of accomplishing, although, O monarch, well-meaning friends failed not to apprise thee of it. That calamity, fraught with great destruction, hath now come! Thou, O king wishing them well, hast heaped those evils on the heads of thy covetous sons! The fruit of those evils is now manifesting itself!'"

Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 4:Sanskrit

 1  [वै]
     एतच छरुत्वा महाराज धृतराष्ट्रॊ ऽमबिका सुतः
     अब्रवीत संजयं सूतं शॊकव्याकुल चेतनः
 2 थुष्प्रणीतेन मे तात मनसाभिप्लुतात्मनः
     हतं वैकर्तनं शरुत्वा शॊकॊ मर्माणि कृन्तति
 3 कृतास्त्र परमाः शल्ये थुःखपारं तितीर्षवः
     कुरूणां सृञ्जयानां च के नु जीवन्ति के मृताः
 4 [स]
     हतः शांतनवॊ राजन थुराधर्षः परतापवान
     हत्वा पाण्डव यॊधानाम अर्बुथं थशभिर थिनैः
 5 ततॊ थरॊणॊ महेष्वासः पाञ्चालानां रदव्रजान
     निहत्य युधि थुर्धर्षः पश्चाथ रुक्मरदॊ हतः
 6 हतशिष्टस्य भीष्मेण थरॊणेन च महात्मना
     अर्धं निहत्य सैन्यस्य कर्णॊ वैकर्तनॊ हतः
 7 विविंशतिर महाराज राजपुत्रॊ महाबलः
     आनर्तयॊधाञ शतशॊ निहत्य निहतॊ रणे
 8 अद पुत्रॊ विकर्णस ते कषत्रव्रतम अनुस्मरन
     कषीणवाहायुधः शूरः सदितॊ ऽभिमुखतः परान
 9 घॊररूपान परिक्लेशान थुर्यॊधनकृतान बहून
     परतिज्ञां समरता चैव भीमसेनेन पातितः
 10 विन्थानुविन्थाव आवन्त्यौ राजपुत्रौ महाबलौ
    कृत्वा न सुकरं कर्म गतौ वैवस्वतक्षयम
11 सिन्धुराष्ट्रमुखानीह थश राष्ट्राणि यस्य वै
    वशे तिष्ठन्ति वीरस्य यः सदितस तव शासने
12 अक्षौहिणीर थशैकां च निर्जित्य निशितैः शरैः
    अर्जुनेन हतॊ राजन महावीर्यॊ जयथ्रदः
13 तदा थुर्यॊधन सुतस तरस्वी युथ्धथुर्मथः
    वर्तमानः पितुः शास्त्रे सौभथ्रेण निपातितः
14 तदा थौःशासनिर वीरॊ बाहुशाली रणॊत्कटः
    थरौपथेयेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
15 किरातानाम अधिपतिः सागरानूपवासिनाम
    थेवराजस्य धर्मात्मा परियॊ बहुमतः सखा
16 भगथत्तॊ महीपालः कषत्रधर्मरतः सथा
    धनंजयेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
17 तदा कौरव थायाथः सौमथत्तिर महायशाः
    हतॊ भूरिश्रवा राजञ शूरः सात्यकिना युधि
18 शरुतायुर अपि चाम्बष्ठः कषत्रियाणां धनुर्धरः
    चरन्न अभीतवत संख्ये निहतः सव्यसाचिना
19 तव पुत्रः सथा संख्ये कृतास्त्रॊ युथ्धथुर्मथः|
    थुःशासनॊ महाराज भीमसेनेन पातितः
20 यस्य राजन गजानीकं बहुसाहस्रम अथ्भुतम
    सुथक्षिणः स संग्रामे निहतः सव्यसाचिना
21 कॊसलानाम अधिपतिर हत्वा बहुशतान परान
    सौभथ्रेण हि विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
22 बहुशॊ यॊधयित्वा च भीमसेनं महारदः
    चित्रसेनस तव सुतॊ भीमसेनेन पातितः
23 मथ्रराजात्मजः शूरः परेषां भयवर्धनः
    असि चर्म धरः शरीमान सौभथ्रेण निपातितः
24 समः कर्णस्य समरे यः स कर्णस्य पश्यतः
    वृषसेनॊ महातेजाः शीघ्रास्त्रः कृतनिश्चयः
25 अभिमन्यॊर वधं समृत्वा परतिज्ञाम अपि चात्मनः
    धनंजयेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
26 नित्यप्रसक्तवैरॊ यः पाण्डवैः पृदिवीपतिः
    विश्राव्य वैरं पार्देन शरुतायुः स निपातितः
27 शल्य पुत्रस तु विक्रान्तः सहथेवेन मारिष
    हतॊ रुक्मरदॊ राजन भराता मातुलजॊ युधि
28 राजा भगीरदॊ वृथ्धॊ बृहत कषत्रशकेकयः
    पराक्रमन्तौ विक्रान्तौ निहतौ वीर्यवत्तरौ
29 भगथत्तसुतॊ राजन कृतप्रज्ञॊ महाबलः
    शयेनवच चरता संख्ये नकुलेन निपातितः
30 पितामहस तव तदा बाह्लिकः सह बाह्लिकैः
    भीमसेनेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
31 जयत्सेनस तदा राजञ जारासंधिर महाबलः
    मागधॊ निहतः संख्ये सौभथ्रेण महात्मना
32 पुत्रस ते दुर्मुखॊ राजन थुःसहश च महारदः
    गथया भीमसेनेन निहतौ शूरमानिनौ
33 दुर्मर्षणॊ दुर्विषहॊ दुर्जयश च महारदः
    कृत्वा न सुकरं कर्म गता वैवस्वतक्षयम
34 सचिवॊ वृषवर्मा ते सूतः परमवीर्यवान
    भीमसेनेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
35 नागायुत बलॊ राजा नागायुत बलॊ महान
    सगणः पाण्डुपुत्रेण निहतः सव्यसाचिना
36 वसातयॊ महाराज थविसाहस्राः परहारिणः
    शूरसेनाशविक्रान्ताः सर्वे युधि निपातिताः
37 अभीषाहाः कवचिनः परहरन्तॊ महॊत्कटाः
    शिबयश च रदॊथाराः कलिङ्ग सहिता हताः
38 गॊकुले नित्यसंवृथ्धा युथ्धे परमकॊविथाः
    शरेणयॊ बहुसाहस्राः संशप्तक गणाश च ये
    ते सर्वे पार्दम आसाथ्य गता वैवस्वतक्षयम
39 सयालौ तव महाराज राजानौ वृषकाचलौ
    तवथर्दे संपराक्रान्तौ निहतौ सव्यसाचिना
40 उग्रकर्मा महेष्वासॊ नामतः कर्मतस तदा
    शाल्वराजॊ महाराज भीमसेनेन पातितः
41 ओघवांश च महाराज बृहन्तः सहितॊ रणे
    पराक्रमन्तौ मित्रार्दे गतौ वैवस्वतक्षयम
42 तदैव रदिनां शरेष्ठः क्षेमधूर्तिर विशां पते
    निहतॊ गथया राजन भीमसेनेन संयुगे
43 तदा राजा महेष्वासॊ जलसंधॊ महाबलः
    सुमहत कथनं कृत्त्वा हतः सात्यकिना रणे
44 अलायुधॊ राक्षसेन्थ्रः खरबन्धुर यानगः
    घटॊत्कचेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
45 राधेयाः सूतपुत्राश च भरातरश च महारदाः
    केकयाः सर्वशश चापि निहताः सव्यसाचिना
46 मालवा मद्रकाश चैव द्रविडाश चॊग्रविक्रमाः
    यौधेयाशललित्दाशक्षुद्रकाश चाप्य उशीनराः
47 मावेल्लकास तुण्डिकेराः सावित्री पुत्र काञ्चलाह
    पराच्यॊथीच्याः परतीच्याश च थाक्षिणात्याश च मारिष
48 पत्तीनां निहताः संघा हयानाम अयुतानि च
    रदव्रजाश च निहता हताश च वरवारणाः
49 स धवजाः सायुधाः शूराः स वर्माम्बर भूषणाः
    कालेन महता यत्ताः कुले ये च विवर्धिताः
50 ते हताः समरे राजन पार्देनाक्लिष्ट कर्मणा
    अन्ये तदामित बलाः परस्परवधैषिणः
51 एते चान्ये च बहवॊ राजानः सगणा रणे
    हताः सहस्रशॊ राजन यन मां तवं परिपृच्छसि
    एवम एष कषयॊ वृत्तः कर्णार्जुन समागमे
52 महेन्थ्रेण यदा वृत्रॊ यदा रामेण रावणः
    यदा कृष्णेन निहतॊ मुरॊ रणनिपातितः
    कार्तवीर्यश च रामेण भार्गवेण हतॊ यदा
53 स जञातिबान्धवः शूरः समरे युथ्धथुर्मथः
    रणे कृत्वा महायुथ्धं घॊरं तरैलॊक्यविश्रुतम
54 तदार्जुनेन निहतॊ थवैरदे युथ्धथुर्मथः
    सामात्यबान्धवॊ राजन कर्णः परहरतां वरः
55 जयाशा धार्तराष्ट्राणां वैरस्य च मुखं यतः
    तीर्णं तत पाण्डवै राजन यत पुरा नावबुध्यसे
56 उच्यमानॊ महाराज बन्धुभिर हितकाङ्क्षिभिः
    तथ इथं समनुप्राप्तं वयसनं तवां महात्ययम
57 पुत्राणां राज्यकामानां तवया राजन हितैषिणा
    अहितानीव चीर्णानि तेषां ते फलम आगतम
58 [धृ]
    आख्याता मामकास तात निहता युधि पाण्डवैः
    निहतान पाण्डवेयानां मामकैर बरूहि संजय
59 [स]
    कुन्तयॊ युधि विक्रान्ता महासत्त्वा महाबलाः
    सानुबन्धाः सहामात्या भीष्मेण युधि पातिताः
60 समः किरीटिना संख्ये वीर्येण च बलेन च
    सत्यजित सत्यसंधेन थरॊणेन निहतॊ रणे
61 तदा विराटथ्रुपथौ वृथ्धौ सह सुतौ नृपौ
    पराक्रमन्तौ मित्रार्दे थरॊणेन निहतौ रणे
62 यॊ बाल एव समरे संमितः सव्यसाचिना
    केशवेन च थुर्धर्षॊ बलथेवेन चाभिभूः
63 स एष कथनं कृत्वा महथ रणविशारथः
    परिवार्य महामात्रैः षड्भिः परमकै रदैः
    अशक्नुवथ्भिर बीभत्सुम अभिमन्युर निपातितः
64 तं कृतं विरदं वीरं कषत्रधर्मे वयवस्दितम
    थौःशासनिर महाराज सौभथ्रं हतवान रणे
65 बृहन्तस तु महेष्वासः कृतास्त्रॊ युथ्धथुर्मथः
    थुःशासनेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
66 मणिमान थण्डधारश च राजानौ युथ्धथुर्मथौ
    पराक्रमन्तौ मित्रार्दे थरॊणेन विनिपातितौ
67 अंशुमान भॊजराजस तु सह सैन्यॊ महारदः
    भारथ्वाजेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
68 चित्रायुधश चित्रयॊधी कृत्वा तौ कथनं महत
    चित्रमार्गेण विक्रम्य कर्णेन निहतौ युधि
69 वृकॊदर समॊ युथ्धे थृढः केकयजॊ युधि
    केकयेनैव विक्रम्य भरात्रा भराता निपातितः
70 जनमेजयॊ गथायुधी पार्वतीयः परतापवान
    दुर्मुखेन महाराज तव पुत्रेण पातितः
71 रॊचमानौ नरव्याघ्रौ रॊचमानौ गरहाव इव
    थरॊणेन युगपथ राजन थिवं संप्रेषितौ शरैः
72 नृपाश च परतियुध्यन्तः पराक्रान्ता विशां पते
    कृत्वा न सुकरं कर्म गता वैवस्वतक्षयम
73 पुरुजित कुन्तिभॊजश च मातुलः सव्यसाचिनः
    संग्रामनिर्जिताँल लॊकान गमितॊ थरॊण सायकैः
74 अभिभूः काशिराजश च काशिकैर बहुभिर वृतः
    वसु थानस्य पुत्रेण नयासितॊ थेहम आहवे
75 अमितौजा युधामन्युर उत्तमौजाश च वीर्यवान
    निहत्य शतशः शूरान परैर विनिहतौ रणे
76 कषत्रधर्मा च पाञ्चाल्यः कषत्रवर्मा च मारिष
    थरॊणेन परमेष्वासौ गमितौ यमसाथनम
77 शिखण्डितनयॊ युथ्धे कषत्रथेवॊ युधां पतिः
    लक्ष्मणेन हतॊ राजंस तव पौत्रेण भारत
78 सुचित्रश चित्रधर्मा च पिता पुत्रौ महारदौ
    परचरन्तौ महावीर्यौ थरॊणेन निहतौ रणे
79 वार्धक्षेमिर महाराज कृत्वा कथनम आहवे
    बाह्लिकेन महाराज कौरवेण निपातितः
80 धृष्टकेतुर महाराज चेदीनां परवरॊ रदः
    कृत्वा न सुकरं कर्म गतॊ वैवस्वतक्षयम
81 तदा सत्यधृतिस तात कृत्वा कथनम आहवे
    पाण्डवार्दे पराक्रान्तॊ गमितॊ यमसाथनम
82 पुत्रस तु शिशुपालस्य सुकेतुः पृदिवीपते
    निहत्य शात्रवान संख्ये थरॊणेन निहतॊ युधि
83 तदा सत्यधृतिर वीरॊ मथिराश्वश च वीर्यवान
    सूर्यथत्तश च विक्रान्तॊ निहतॊ थरॊण सायकैः
84 शरेणिमांश च महाराज युध्यमानः पराक्रमी
    कृत्वा न सुकरं कर्म गतॊ वैवस्वतक्षयम
85 तदैव युधि विक्रान्तॊ मागधः परवीरहा
    भीष्मेण निहतॊ राजन्युध्यमानः पराक्रमी
86 वसु थानश च कथनं कुर्वाणॊ ऽतीव संयुगे
    भारथ्वाजेन विक्रम्य गमितॊ यमसाथनम
87 एते चान्ये च बहवः पाण्डवानां महारदाः
    हता थरॊणेन विक्रम्य यन मां तवं परिपृच्छसि
88 [धृ]
    हतप्रवीरे सैन्ये ऽसमिन मामके वथतां वर
    अहताञ शंस मे सूत ये ऽतर जीवन्ति के चन
89 एतेषु निहतेष्व अथ्य ये तवया परिकीर्तिताः
    अहतान मन्यसे यांस तवं ते ऽपि सवर्गजितॊ मताः
90 [स]
    यस्मिन महास्त्राणि समर्पितानि; चित्राणि शुभ्राणि चतुर्विधानि
    थिव्यानि राजन निहितानि चैव; थरॊणेन वीर थविजसत्तमेन
91 महारदः कृतिमान कषिप्रहस्तॊ; थृढायुधॊ थृढमुष्टिर थृढेषुः
    स वीर्यवान थरॊणपुत्रस तरस्वी; वयवस्दितॊ यॊथ्धुकामस तवथर्दे
92 आनर्तवासी हृथिकात्मजॊ ऽसौ; महारदः सात्वतानां वरिष्ठः
    सवयं भॊजः कृतवर्मा कृतास्त्रॊ; वयवस्दितॊ यॊथ्धुकामस तवथर्दे
93 शारथ्वतॊ गौतमश चापि राजन; महाबलॊ बहु चित्रास्त्र यॊधी
    धनुश चित्रं सुमहथ भारसाहं; वयवस्दितॊ यॊत्स्यमानः परगृह्य
94 आर्तायनिः समरे थुष्प्रकम्प्यः; सेनाग्रणीः परदमस तावकानाम
    सवस्रेयांस तान पाण्डवेयान विसृज्य; सत्यां वाचं तां चिकीर्षुस तरस्वी
95 तेजॊवधं सूतपुत्रस्य संख्ये; परतिश्रुत्वाजात शत्रॊः पुरस्तात
    थुराधर्षः शक्रसमानवीर्यः; शल्यः सदितॊ युथ्थु कामस तवथर्दे
96 आजानेयैः सैन्धवैः पार्वतीयैर; नथीज काम्बॊजवनायु बाह्लिकैः
    गान्धारराजः सवबलेन युक्तॊ; वयवस्दितॊ यॊथ्धुकामस तवथर्दे
97 तदा सुतस ते जवलनार्कवर्णं; रदं समास्दाय कुरुप्रवीर
    वयवस्दितः कुरु मित्रॊ नरेन्थ्र; वयभ्रे सूर्यॊ भराजमानॊ यदा वै
98 थुर्यॊधनॊ नागकुलस्य मध्ये; महावीर्यः सह सैन्यप्रवीरैः
    रदेन जाम्बूनथभूषणेन; वयवस्दितः समरे यॊथ्धुकामः
99 स राजमध्ये पुरुषप्रवीरॊ; रराज जाम्बूनथचित्रवर्मा
    पथ्मप्रभॊ वह्निर इवाल्पधूमॊ; मेघान्तरे सूर्य इव परकाशः
100 तदा सुषेणॊ ऽपय असि चर्म पाणिस; तवात्मजः सत्यसेनश च वीरः
   वयवस्दितौ चित्रसेनेन सार्धं; हृष्टात्मानौ समरे यॊथ्धुकामौ
101 हरीनिषेधा भरता राजपुत्राश; चित्रायुधः शरुतकर्मा जयश च
   शलश च सत्यव्रतथुःशलौ च; वयवस्दिता बलिनॊ यॊथ्धुकामाः
102 कैतव्यानाम अधिपः शूरमानी; रणे रणे शत्रुहा राजपुत्रः
   पत्री हयी नागरदप्रयायी; वयवस्दितॊ यॊथ्धुकामस तवथर्दे
103 वीरः शरुतायुश च शरुतायुधश च; चित्राङ्गथश चित्रवर्मा स वीरः
   वयवस्दिता ये तु सैन्ये नराग्र्याः; परहारिणॊ मानिनः सत्यसंधाः
104 कर्णात्मजः सत्यसेनॊ महात्मा; वयवस्दितः समरे यॊथ्धुकामः
   अदापरौ कर्णसुतौ वरार्हौ; वयवस्दितौ लघुहस्तौ नरेन्थ्र
   बलं महथ थुर्भिथम अल्पधैर्यैः; समाश्रितौ यॊत्स्यमानौ तवथर्दे
105 एतैश च मुख्यैर अपरैश च राजन; यॊधप्रवीरैर अमितप्रभावैः
   वयवस्दितॊ नागकुलस्य मध्ये; यदा महेन्थ्रः कुरुराजॊ जयाय
106 [धृ]
   आख्याता जीवमाना ये परेभ्यॊ ऽनये यदातदम
   इतीथम अभिगच्छामि वयक्तम अर्दाभिपत्तितः
107 [वै]
   एवं बरुवन्न एव तथा धृतराष्ट्रॊ ऽबमिका सुतः
   हतप्रवीरं विध्वस्तं किं चिच छेषं सवकं बलम
   शरुत्वा वयामॊहम अगमच छॊकव्याकुलितेन्थ्रियः
108 मुह्यमानॊ ऽबरवीच चापि मुहूर्तं तिष्ठ संजय
   वयाकुलं मे मनस तात शरुत्वा सुमहथ अप्रियम
   नष्टचित्तस ततः सॊ ऽद बभूव जगतीपतिः

Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 4:Transliteration

  1 [vai]
     etac chrutvā mahārāja dhṛtarāṣṭro 'mbikā sutaḥ
     abravīt saṃjayaṃ sūtaṃ śokavyākula cetanaḥ
 2 duṣpraṇītena me tāta manasābhiplutātmanaḥ
     hataṃ vaikartanaṃ śrutvā śoko marmāṇi kṛntati
 3 kṛtāstra paramāḥ śalye duḥkhapāraṃ titīrṣavaḥ
     kurūṇāṃ sṛñjayānāṃ ca ke nu jīvanti ke mṛtāḥ
 4 [s]
     hataḥ śāṃtanavo rājan durādharṣaḥ pratāpavān
     hatvā pāṇḍava yodhānām arbudaṃ daśabhir dinaiḥ
 5 tato droṇo maheṣvāsaḥ pāñcālānāṃ rathavrajān
     nihatya yudhi durdharṣaḥ paścād rukmaratho hataḥ
 6 hataśiṣṭasya bhīṣmeṇa droṇena ca mahātmanā
     ardhaṃ nihatya sainyasya karṇo vaikartano hataḥ
 7 viviṃśatir mahārāja rājaputro mahābalaḥ
     ānartayodhāñ śataśo nihatya nihato raṇe
 8 atha putro vikarṇas te kṣatravratam anusmaran
     kṣīṇavāhāyudhaḥ śūraḥ sthito 'bhimukhataḥ parān
 9 ghorarūpān parikleśān duryodhanakṛtān bahūn
     pratijñāṃ smaratā caiva bhīmasenena pātitaḥ
 10 vindānuvindāv āvantyau rājaputrau mahābalau
    kṛtvā na sukaraṃ karma gatau vaivasvatakṣayam
11 sindhurāṣṭramukhānīha daśa rāṣṭrāṇi yasya vai
    vaśe tiṣṭhanti vīrasya yaḥ sthitas tava śāsane
12 akṣauhiṇīr daśaikāṃ ca nirjitya niśitaiḥ śaraiḥ
    arjunena hato rājan mahāvīryo jayadrathaḥ
13 tathā duryodhana sutas tarasvī yuddhadurmadaḥ
    vartamānaḥ pituḥ śāstre saubhadreṇa nipātitaḥ
14 tathā dauḥśāsanir vīro bāhuśālī raṇotkaṭaḥ
    draupadeyena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
15 kirātānām adhipatiḥ sāgarānūpavāsinām
    devarājasya dharmātmā priyo bahumataḥ sakhā
16 bhagadatto mahīpālaḥ kṣatradharmarataḥ sadā
    dhanaṃjayena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
17 tathā kaurava dāyādaḥ saumadattir mahāyaśāḥ
    hato bhūriśravā rājañ śūraḥ sātyakinā yudhi
18 śrutāyur api cāmbaṣṭhaḥ kṣatriyāṇāṃ dhanurdharaḥ
    carann abhītavat saṃkhye nihataḥ savyasācinā
19 tava putraḥ sadā saṃkhye kṛtāstro yuddhadurmadaḥ
    duḥśāsano mahārāja bhīmasenena pātitaḥ
20 yasya rājan gajānīkaṃ bahusāhasram adbhutam
    sudakṣiṇaḥ sa saṃgrāme nihataḥ savyasācinā
21 kosalānām adhipatir hatvā bahuśatān parān
    saubhadreṇa hi vikramya gamito yamasādanam
22 bahuśo yodhayitvā ca bhīmasenaṃ mahārathaḥ
    citrasenas tava suto bhīmasenena pātitaḥ
23 madrarājātmajaḥ śūraḥ pareṣāṃ bhayavardhanaḥ
    asi carma dharaḥ śrīmān saubhadreṇa nipātitaḥ
24 samaḥ karṇasya samare yaḥ sa karṇasya paśyataḥ
    vṛṣaseno mahātejāḥ śīghrāstraḥ kṛtaniścayaḥ
25 abhimanyor vadhaṃ smṛtvā pratijñām api cātmanaḥ
    dhanaṃjayena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
26 nityaprasaktavairo yaḥ pāṇḍavaiḥ pṛthivīpatiḥ
    viśrāvya vairaṃ pārthena śrutāyuḥ sa nipātitaḥ
27 śalya putras tu vikrāntaḥ sahadevena māriṣa
    hato rukmaratho rājan bhrātā mātulajo yudhi
28 rājā bhagīratho vṛddho bṛhat kṣatraś ca kekayaḥ
    parākramantau vikrāntau nihatau vīryavattarau
29 bhagadattasuto rājan kṛtaprajño mahābalaḥ
    śyenavac caratā saṃkhye nakulena nipātitaḥ
30 pitāmahas tava tathā bāhlikaḥ saha bāhlikaiḥ
    bhīmasenena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
31 jayatsenas tathā rājañ jārāsaṃdhir mahābalaḥ
    māgadho nihataḥ saṃkhye saubhadreṇa mahātmanā
32 putras te durmukho rājan duḥsahaś ca mahārathaḥ
    gadayā bhīmasenena nihatau śūramāninau
33 durmarṣaṇo durviṣaho durjayaś ca mahārathaḥ
    kṛtvā na sukaraṃ karma gatā vaivasvatakṣayam
34 sacivo vṛṣavarmā te sūtaḥ paramavīryavān
    bhīmasenena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
35 nāgāyuta balo rājā nāgāyuta balo mahān
    sagaṇaḥ pāṇḍuputreṇa nihataḥ savyasācinā
36 vasātayo mahārāja dvisāhasrāḥ prahāriṇaḥ
    śūrasenāś ca vikrāntāḥ sarve yudhi nipātitāḥ
37 abhīṣāhāḥ kavacinaḥ praharanto mahotkaṭāḥ
    śibayaś ca rathodārāḥ kaliṅga sahitā hatāḥ
38 gokule nityasaṃvṛddhā yuddhe paramakovidāḥ
    śreṇayo bahusāhasrāḥ saṃśaptaka gaṇāś ca ye
    te sarve pārtham āsādya gatā vaivasvatakṣayam
39 syālau tava mahārāja rājānau vṛṣakācalau
    tvadarthe saṃparākrāntau nihatau savyasācinā
40 ugrakarmā maheṣvāso nāmataḥ karmatas tathā
    śālvarājo mahārāja bhīmasenena pātitaḥ
41 oghavāṃś ca mahārāja bṛhantaḥ sahito raṇe
    parākramantau mitrārthe gatau vaivasvatakṣayam
42 tathaiva rathināṃ śreṣṭhaḥ kṣemadhūrtir viśāṃ pate
    nihato gadayā rājan bhīmasenena saṃyuge
43 tathā rājā maheṣvāso jalasaṃdho mahābalaḥ
    sumahat kadanaṃ kṛttvā hataḥ sātyakinā raṇe
44 alāyudho rākṣasendraḥ kharabandhura yānagaḥ
    ghaṭotkacena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
45 rādheyāḥ sūtaputrāś ca bhrātaraś ca mahārathāḥ
    kekayāḥ sarvaśaś cāpi nihatāḥ savyasācinā
46 mālavā madrakāś caiva draviḍāś cogravikramāḥ
    yaudheyāś ca lalitthāś ca kṣudrakāś cāpy uśīnarāḥ
47 māvellakās tuṇḍikerāḥ sāvitrī putra kāñcalāh
    prācyodīcyāḥ pratīcyāś ca dākṣiṇātyāś ca māriṣa
48 pattīnāṃ nihatāḥ saṃghā hayānām ayutāni ca
    rathavrajāś ca nihatā hatāś ca varavāraṇāḥ
49 sa dhvajāḥ sāyudhāḥ śūrāḥ sa varmāmbara bhūṣaṇāḥ
    kālena mahatā yattāḥ kule ye ca vivardhitāḥ
50 te hatāḥ samare rājan pārthenākliṣṭa karmaṇā
    anye tathāmita balāḥ parasparavadhaiṣiṇaḥ
51 ete cānye ca bahavo rājānaḥ sagaṇā raṇe
    hatāḥ sahasraśo rājan yan māṃ tvaṃ paripṛcchasi
    evam eṣa kṣayo vṛttaḥ karṇārjuna samāgame
52 mahendreṇa yathā vṛtro yathā rāmeṇa rāvaṇaḥ
    yathā kṛṣṇena nihato muro raṇanipātitaḥ
    kārtavīryaś ca rāmeṇa bhārgaveṇa hato yathā
53 sa jñātibāndhavaḥ śūraḥ samare yuddhadurmadaḥ
    raṇe kṛtvā mahāyuddhaṃ ghoraṃ trailokyaviśrutam
54 tathārjunena nihato dvairathe yuddhadurmadaḥ
    sāmātyabāndhavo rājan karṇaḥ praharatāṃ varaḥ
55 jayāśā dhārtarāṣṭrāṇāṃ vairasya ca mukhaṃ yataḥ
    tīrṇaṃ tat pāṇḍavai rājan yat purā nāvabudhyase
56 ucyamāno mahārāja bandhubhir hitakāṅkṣibhiḥ
    tad idaṃ samanuprāptaṃ vyasanaṃ tvāṃ mahātyayam
57 putrāṇāṃ rājyakāmānāṃ tvayā rājan hitaiṣiṇā
    ahitānīva cīrṇāni teṣāṃ te phalam āgatam
58 [dhṛ]
    ākhyātā māmakās tāta nihatā yudhi pāṇḍavaiḥ
    nihatān pāṇḍaveyānāṃ māmakair brūhi saṃjaya
59 [s]
    kuntayo yudhi vikrāntā mahāsattvā mahābalāḥ
    sānubandhāḥ sahāmātyā bhīṣmeṇa yudhi pātitāḥ
60 samaḥ kirīṭinā saṃkhye vīryeṇa ca balena ca
    satyajit satyasaṃdhena droṇena nihato raṇe
61 tathā virāṭadrupadau vṛddhau saha sutau nṛpau
    parākramantau mitrārthe droṇena nihatau raṇe
62 yo bāla eva samare saṃmitaḥ savyasācinā
    keśavena ca durdharṣo baladevena cābhibhūḥ
63 sa eṣa kadanaṃ kṛtvā mahad raṇaviśāradaḥ
    parivārya mahāmātraiḥ ṣaḍbhiḥ paramakai rathaiḥ
    aśaknuvadbhir bībhatsum abhimanyur nipātitaḥ
64 taṃ kṛtaṃ virathaṃ vīraṃ kṣatradharme vyavasthitam
    dauḥśāsanir mahārāja saubhadraṃ hatavān raṇe
65 bṛhantas tu maheṣvāsaḥ kṛtāstro yuddhadurmadaḥ
    duḥśāsanena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
66 maṇimān daṇḍadhāraś ca rājānau yuddhadurmadau
    parākramantau mitrārthe droṇena vinipātitau
67 aṃśumān bhojarājas tu saha sainyo mahārathaḥ
    bhāradvājena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
68 citrāyudhaś citrayodhī kṛtvā tau kadanaṃ mahat
    citramārgeṇa vikramya karṇena nihatau yudhi
69 vṛkodara samo yuddhe dṛḍhaḥ kekayajo yudhi
    kekayenaiva vikramya bhrātrā bhrātā nipātitaḥ
70 janamejayo gadāyudhī pārvatīyaḥ pratāpavān
    durmukhena mahārāja tava putreṇa pātitaḥ
71 rocamānau naravyāghrau rocamānau grahāv iva
    droṇena yugapad rājan divaṃ saṃpreṣitau śaraiḥ
72 nṛpāś ca pratiyudhyantaḥ parākrāntā viśāṃ pate
    kṛtvā na sukaraṃ karma gatā vaivasvatakṣayam
73 purujit kuntibhojaś ca mātulaḥ savyasācinaḥ
    saṃgrāmanirjitāṁl lokān gamito droṇa sāyakaiḥ
74 abhibhūḥ kāśirājaś ca kāśikair bahubhir vṛtaḥ
    vasu dānasya putreṇa nyāsito deham āhave
75 amitaujā yudhāmanyur uttamaujāś ca vīryavān
    nihatya śataśaḥ śūrān parair vinihatau raṇe
76 kṣatradharmā ca pāñcālyaḥ kṣatravarmā ca māriṣa
    droṇena parameṣvāsau gamitau yamasādanam
77 śikhaṇḍitanayo yuddhe kṣatradevo yudhāṃ patiḥ
    lakṣmaṇena hato rājaṃs tava pautreṇa bhārata
78 sucitraś citradharmā ca pitā putrau mahārathau
    pracarantau mahāvīryau droṇena nihatau raṇe
79 vārdhakṣemir mahārāja kṛtvā kadanam āhave
    bāhlikena mahārāja kauraveṇa nipātitaḥ
80 dhṛṣṭaketur mahārāja cedīnāṃ pravaro rathaḥ
    kṛtvā na sukaraṃ karma gato vaivasvatakṣayam
81 tathā satyadhṛtis tāta kṛtvā kadanam āhave
    pāṇḍavārthe parākrānto gamito yamasādanam
82 putras tu śiśupālasya suketuḥ pṛthivīpate
    nihatya śātravān saṃkhye droṇena nihato yudhi
83 tathā satyadhṛtir vīro madirāśvaś ca vīryavān
    sūryadattaś ca vikrānto nihato droṇa sāyakaiḥ
84 śreṇimāṃś ca mahārāja yudhyamānaḥ parākramī
    kṛtvā na sukaraṃ karma gato vaivasvatakṣayam
85 tathaiva yudhi vikrānto māgadhaḥ paravīrahā
    bhīṣmeṇa nihato rājanyudhyamānaḥ parākramī
86 vasu dānaś ca kadanaṃ kurvāṇo 'tīva saṃyuge
    bhāradvājena vikramya gamito yamasādanam
87 ete cānye ca bahavaḥ pāṇḍavānāṃ mahārathāḥ
    hatā droṇena vikramya yan māṃ tvaṃ paripṛcchasi
88 [dhṛ]
    hatapravīre sainye 'smin māmake vadatāṃ vara
    ahatāñ śaṃsa me sūta ye 'tra jīvanti ke cana
89 eteṣu nihateṣv adya ye tvayā parikīrtitāḥ
    ahatān manyase yāṃs tvaṃ te 'pi svargajito matāḥ
90 [s]
    yasmin mahāstrāṇi samarpitāni; citrāṇi śubhrāṇi caturvidhāni
    divyāni rājan nihitāni caiva; droṇena vīra dvijasattamena
91 mahārathaḥ kṛtimān kṣiprahasto; dṛḍhāyudho dṛḍhamuṣṭir dṛḍheṣuḥ
    sa vīryavān droṇaputras tarasvī; vyavasthito yoddhukāmas tvadarthe
92 ānartavāsī hṛdikātmajo 'sau; mahārathaḥ sātvatānāṃ variṣṭhaḥ
    svayaṃ bhojaḥ kṛtavarmā kṛtāstro; vyavasthito yoddhukāmas tvadarthe
93 śāradvato gautamaś cāpi rājan; mahābalo bahu citrāstra yodhī
    dhanuś citraṃ sumahad bhārasāhaṃ; vyavasthito yotsyamānaḥ pragṛhya
94 ārtāyaniḥ samare duṣprakampyaḥ; senāgraṇīḥ prathamas tāvakānām
    svasreyāṃs tān pāṇḍaveyān visṛjya; satyāṃ vācaṃ tāṃ cikīrṣus tarasvī
95 tejovadhaṃ sūtaputrasya saṃkhye; pratiśrutvājāta śatroḥ purastāt
    durādharṣaḥ śakrasamānavīryaḥ; śalyaḥ sthito yuddu kāmas tvadarthe
96 ājāneyaiḥ saindhavaiḥ pārvatīyair; nadīja kāmbojavanāyu bāhlikaiḥ
    gāndhārarājaḥ svabalena yukto; vyavasthito yoddhukāmas tvadarthe
97 tathā sutas te jvalanārkavarṇaṃ; rathaṃ samāsthāya kurupravīra
    vyavasthitaḥ kuru mitro narendra; vyabhre sūryo bhrājamāno yathā vai
98 duryodhano nāgakulasya madhye; mahāvīryaḥ saha sainyapravīraiḥ
    rathena jāmbūnadabhūṣaṇena; vyavasthitaḥ samare yoddhukāmaḥ
99 sa rājamadhye puruṣapravīro; rarāja jāmbūnadacitravarmā
    padmaprabho vahnir ivālpadhūmo; meghāntare sūrya iva prakāśaḥ
100 tathā suṣeṇo 'py asi carma pāṇis; tavātmajaḥ satyasenaś ca vīraḥ
   vyavasthitau citrasenena sārdhaṃ; hṛṣṭātmānau samare yoddhukāmau
101 hrīniṣedhā bharatā rājaputrāś; citrāyudhaḥ śrutakarmā jayaś ca
   śalaś ca satyavrataduḥśalau ca; vyavasthitā balino yoddhukāmāḥ
102 kaitavyānām adhipaḥ śūramānī; raṇe raṇe śatruhā rājaputraḥ
   patrī hayī nāgarathaprayāyī; vyavasthito yoddhukāmas tvadarthe
103 vīraḥ śrutāyuś ca śrutāyudhaś ca; citrāṅgadaś citravarmā sa vīraḥ
   vyavasthitā ye tu sainye narāgryāḥ; prahāriṇo māninaḥ satyasaṃdhāḥ
104 karṇātmajaḥ satyaseno mahātmā; vyavasthitaḥ samare yoddhukāmaḥ
   athāparau karṇasutau varārhau; vyavasthitau laghuhastau narendra
   balaṃ mahad durbhidam alpadhairyaiḥ; samāśritau yotsyamānau tvadarthe
105 etaiś ca mukhyair aparaiś ca rājan; yodhapravīrair amitaprabhāvaiḥ
   vyavasthito nāgakulasya madhye; yathā mahendraḥ kururājo jayāya
106 [dhṛ]
   ākhyātā jīvamānā ye parebhyo 'nye yathātatham
   itīdam abhigacchāmi vyaktam arthābhipattitaḥ
107 [vai]
   evaṃ bruvann eva tadā dhṛtarāṣṭro 'bmikā sutaḥ
   hatapravīraṃ vidhvastaṃ kiṃ cic cheṣaṃ svakaṃ balam
   śrutvā vyāmoham agamac chokavyākulitendriyaḥ
108 muhyamāno 'bravīc cāpi muhūrtaṃ tiṣṭha saṃjaya
   vyākulaṃ me manas tāta śrutvā sumahad apriyam
   naṣṭacittas tataḥ so 'tha babhūva jagatīpatiḥ


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